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VOL. 23  NO. 10                                                                          OCTOBER 2021

      First Time And Surprise Military Performers

      Soar The Skies At The Stuart Air Show Nov. 12 To 14

      The Stuart Air Show Is
      Back In 2021 To Highlight

      Performances From More

      Elite Aerial Performers Than
      Ever Before

         The show features two
      United States Air Force
      military fighter jets, for
         Confirmed to attend                               In addition, for the first time in North America, Red
      are the F-16 Demo  Team                           Bull Pilot Aaron Fitzgerald will do barrel loops and fly   incredible flight line race between the Shockwave Jet
      (“Viper”), and the A-10C                          inverted in a BO105 C helicopter.                  Truck and an aircraft. The jet truck holds the record for
      Thunderbolt II (“The Warhog”). Curious patrons will have      Back by popular demand is the opening evening   fastest in the world; title set at 376 mph!
      to “taxi into position and hold” until the airshow has final   twilight air show and Dirty Flight Suit Party on Nov. 12.      The  “Race  the  Runway  5K”  also  returns,  allowing
      confirmation of other military assets scheduled to attend.   Guests will be able to experience an amazing pyrotechnic   runners the chance to race through Martin County Airport
         For the first time ever at the show, the East Coast C-17   show, and live entertainment provided by the best cover   in the hours before the show on Sunday, Nov. 14. Runners
      Demo Team will perform in front of the crowd! A high-  band in South Florida – The Chase Band. They will close   will watch the sunrise over the show’s aircraft in this
      wing, four-engine, T-tailed military transport aircraft, the   out the evening on the Yuengling Flight Deck stage,   special experience.
      multi-service C-17 can carry large equipment, supplies   powered by Florida Power & Light!
      and troops directly to small airfields in harsh terrain      Not all the excitement will be exclusively in the   First Time And Surprise Military Performers on page 4
      anywhere in the world.                            air! Stuart Air Show patrons will get to experience an
      2021 Hope Awards Honor                                                                                Breast Cancer

      Friends Of House Of Hope                                                                              Survivors Living

      At Annual Recognition Breakfast                                                                       Their Best Life

                                                                                    House of Hope           On The Water
                                                                                 businesses, and
                                                                                 organizations from across      Have you noticed anything new and unusual on our
                                                                                 Martin County—never        Palm City waterways this past year?
                                                                                 expect thanks for all they      That 29-foot vessel you see running alongside the
                                                                                 do to help the organization   rowing crews on Saturday morning and Wednesday
                                                                                 empower residents to       evening is a dragon boat. Martin County has its very first
                                                                                 overcome hunger and        dragon boat team launching right out of Leighton Park!
                                                                                 hardship.  Once  a  year,
                                                                                 though, House of Hope
                                                                                 friends and sponsors gather
                                                                                 to show gratitude and
                                                                                 celebrate their efforts with
                                                                                 the Hope Awards.
                                                                                   “Our  award recipients
      The Abate family: David Abate and his late wife Marni received the prestigious Barbara   this year and every year
      Trimble Legacy Award.                                                      make a huge impact on
                                                                                 our community,” says Rob
                                                                                 Ranieri, CEO of House of
                                                                                 Hope. “They contribute
                                                                                 their  passion, expertise,
                                                                                 creativity and resources
                                                                                 to help us carry out our

                                                                                 2021 Hope Awards Honor     Breast Cancer Survivors Living on page 4
                                                                                 Friends on page 3
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