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VOL. 29 NO. 11                                                                         NOVEMBER 2021

      Chairman’s Corner                                                           Budget Report

       How Great It Is                                                            From BPCA Treasurer

       By Barry J. Haberman, BPCA Chair and President
                                                                                  By Harvey Kaplan, BPCA Treasurer
          Thank you to all of the Village Association Boards, the
       Master Association Board, Staff and Allied Universal for                      Several months ago I noted that we would be paying off
       helping Boca Pointe remain a safe environment so that                      the $6M renaissance loan two years ahead of schedule. This
       you may enjoy your family and friends and lifestyle.                       was achieved by steadfast commitment to fiscal responsibility
          Please be safe and healthy. Wear your masks and stay                    on the part of our General Manager, Kathleen O’Donovan,
       socially distanced.                                                        and your Board of Directors.
          On behalf of my wife Gail, myself, your Boca Pointe                        This landmark achievement is saving us nearly $65K
       Community Association Board of Directors, and Staff, we                    monthly in debt servicing fees and allowing us greater
       wish all of our Great Residents a Happy and Bountiful                      flexibility in preparing the recently approved Fiscal Year
       Thanksgiving and a Happy Chanukah.                                         2022 budget. The good news is the vast majority of villages
          Remember - Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday November 7th.              in Boca Pointe will realize an average 5% reduction in their
          Thursday November 11th is Veterans Day - We wholeheartedly thank ALL of the   monthly maintenance fees paid to the master association. In
       Women and Men who gave of themselves to serve OUR Country.                the hectic world we find ourselves it is rare indeed to find any costs that are going down and
                                                                                  your Board is pleased to pass on these significant savings to our residents. 
       From The Desk Of

       Vice Mayor Weinroth

      Building update                                                                 Our next community Shred Event will take place on Wednesday, November 17th from
         With the structural failure of Champlain Towers South                        For everyone’s safety, this shred event will be contactless. ALL DRIVERS ARE TO
      in mind, the BCC recently received assurances from                           REMAIN INSIDE THEIR VEHICLES. Please place shredding boxes/bags inside your
      county staff that over 100 county building inspectors                        trunk. When you pull up, please pop your trunk and an attendant will remove the items.
      have, and will continue to remain focused on responding                         The event will be held at The Club at Boca Pointe (parking lot). For those residents that
      to unsafe buildings, no matter the age.                                      do not live on the west side, you can enter into the main gate on Powerline Road or through
         With the next legislative session in Tallahassee set to convene           the gate on SW 18th St. and proceed to the guest lane with photo ID. Please state that you are
      in January, Commissioners agreed to defer implementing a                     attending the Shred Event for entry. Follow the signs indicating where the MicroShred truck
      reinspection program for high-rises to determine if a statewide              will be parked.
      system of oversight will be approved.                                           Please note: Paper only, 5 boxes or bags per household. No plastic or metal, no media
         Residents are encouraged to continue to report any perceived              devices (hard drives, USB drives), no x-rays, CD’s, DVD’s or cardboard.
      unsafe condition they observe to facilitate quick remedial action,              Let MicroShred destroy your unwanted personal documents safely and securely! 
      where necessary. If you see something, say something!
         Additionally, the Building Department recently sent letters to property owners encouraging
      them to conduct safety inspections for buildings 25 years or older or waterproofing inspections   Watch Your Speed!

      From The Desk Of on page 5

                                                                                         Speeding fines were suspended due to COVID-19 but
        Please Help                                                                   have resumed. Fine schedule: 6-20 mph over the limit $50
                                                                                      and more than 21 mph over the limit $100. Please obey the
                                                                                      posted speed limit signs and drive safely! 
           Prior to COVID, Boca Pointe residents were donating their unused, extra clothing to the
        homeless. The homeless shelters are now able to accept clothing again. Please bring any
        clean, unused clothing that you would like to donate. The drop off location is at the BPCA
        office located at 6909 SW 18th St., Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping plaza. Due to
        the generosity of Boca Pointe residents, many homeless have been given very much needed
        clothes. Let’s continue helping those less fortunate. Thank you!! 

                                                                                      Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from the Board of Directors and the
                                                                                   staff at the Boca Pointe Community Association!
                                                                                   BPCA Office Will Be Closed
                                                                                     In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, the BPCA Management office will
                                                                                   be closed on Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th. 
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