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       Blood Is Thicker

       By Judith Levy                                    a different take on what you consider to be thoughtful   the window you flew into, so bite the bullet, this is the
                                                         and caring behavior. Forget about their dress code. It runs   hand you’ve been dealt and remember blood is thicker
          You’re  glad  to  have                         from awful to you can’t believe your eyes. Reciprocation   than water. Everyone wishes in spite of all the problems
       a  family. You  love  your                        is something they’ve never heard of either, so invite them   they can clearly innumerate, that they had or are fortunate
       family, but if the truth be                       but don’t hold your breath till you’re invited back. “You   to still have, a family.
       known, many times you                             belong to a club, or you cook and I don’t.” is their lame      So, now disregard all I’ve said and embrace your
       don’t like them.  They’re                         excuse. So, what’s the matter with inviting you to join   family for a happy Thanksgiving. Make that call, write
       not like any of your friends,                     them at a restaurant? That doesn’t seem to occur to them.  that note, share that meal, and generously reach out and
       you know that, because                               So where does that leave you? Dealing with family you   toss away old grievances. Wrap yourself in the holiday
       if  you  were to  choose,                         love but don’t really like or breaking with them? You can   spirit. It’s Thanksgiving my friend and there’s so much
       you would probably never                          list the times they’ve disappointed you, the times they’ve   to be thankful for.
       choose them as friends.                           said the wrong things, the times they’ve embarrassed you
          So many times, they’ve disappointed you. They don’t   and so what! Just wait, nothing will compare with sharing an      Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling author
       come through as you would expect them to in difficult   inheritance with them. Everyone will feel you got too much   of  GRANDMOTHER  REMEMBERS,  which  has  sold
       situations. They show up late or not at all, they say the   and you will probably feel the same about them as well.  over four million copies and has been translated into five
       wrong things or only talk about their ailments and many      Make the best of it. You can’t go to the family store   languages and the mega best-seller  GRANDFATHER
       times they hurt your feelings, but you would never break   and buy another family. When you were born, this was   REMEMBERS, published by HarperCollins. 
       off your relationship with them, after all, they’re family.
          Perhaps, or more than likely they feel the same way
       about  you  as  you  do  about  them. Yes,  you  love  them
       but for the most part you really don’t like them, and the
       spouses they have chosen you like less. Perhaps you
       don’t think their children are being brought up mannerly
       or with respect. Forget ever getting a thank you note or
       a call from a nephew or niece just to ask how you are,
       those for the most part are relics of days gone by.
          Still, you react each time as though you’re surprised
       when they don’t behave as you would. They seem to have


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