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       The Cause Of A Dysfunctional Society

      By William A. Gralnick                             fatal products. Madison Avenue had, and still has, the   today’s political leaders. They are casual, tell jokes and
                                                         whole world in its hands. I had a friend who was a real   use humor. Part of it is being supremely loose with the
         The answer is short                             “Mad Men.” He had a high-ranking position in a high-  facts. Sometimes they flat out lie. We are so used to this
      and  not what  you’re                              ranking ad firm. The wife and I had just finished the series   by now, Democrat and Republican, that we’ve taken a
      thinking.  The answer is                           Mad Men and I was soon to have lunch with him. So, I   ho-hum attitude toward it.
      commercials. Hear me                               asked him, “Is that the way it really was?” “Worse,” was      That ho-hum attitude may be the ruination of American
      out.                                               his reply.                                        Democracy and it started with television commercials-at
         I’ll give you some examples and then show you what      The society has been marinated for so long in this   least from my perspective.
      they’ve done to us.                                witch’s brew it has become inebriated on it. It doesn’t
         Starting with Big Pharma is almost a cheap shot it is   recognize the potion having become so inured to it. Thus, it      Columnist  and  author  Bill  Gralnick  was  born  and
      so obvious. Whoever decided it was alright to promote   is a mindset, a blanket thrown over much else. Let us then   raised in Brooklyn. His latest book, titled “George
      prescription drugs on television is a dolt. The way it is   come to government, fake news, and all that jazz. It really   Washington  Never  Slept Here, The  War  of the  Itchy
      done makes it worse. Do you understand half the words   no longer matters what or how politicians talk to us. If you   Balls and Other Tales from Brooklyn,” offers more
      that are used? I don’t. Aren’t you smart enough not to   were to take the points I’ve made about commercials and   memories.  His writings can be found at  https://www.
      take something if you are allergic to it? I’d hope so but   did an overlay of them politically you would get many of 
      of course would you know that anyway given all the
      ingredients mentioned are in Latin. And do they tell you
      why one drug for something is better than the other? Not                                    Paid Advertisement
      often. They just tell you it is. They do tell you how many
      ways a drug might kill you or otherwise ruin your life,   What’s Better: Life Estate Deed or Revocable Trust
      but at about a third or more speed faster than the promo
      part and not quite as loud. Doctors and pharmacists know
      about drugs—period.                                                                                 Life Estate Deed has very specific legal language in order to be
         How ‘bout we jump to two quick food examples. Taco   By Martin Zevin, Attorney                   effective; therefore, do not attempt to do this on your own.
      Bell. Here we see two sets of folks arguing over whether      There are several ways to avoid          Even with the Enhanced Life Estate Deed, there are risks,
      their new product is a taco or a sandwich. Really? Do   probate on your home when you               particularly if your child has a bankruptcy, outstanding judgment
      we care? “Not I,” said the little duck. Or their latest   die. If you are single, there will        or undergoes divorce. The worst risk, however, is if, God forbid,
                                                          be probate when you die unless
                                                                                                          your child dies before you or with you in a common accident. Your
      where two teens are locked in a romantic embrace at the   you choose one of the following           child’s estate would then become the owner of the property once
      ocean’s edge when a buoy falls over and its bell rings. She   options. If you are married and       you died, which would result in probate being required. Thus, the
      thinks Taco Bell, leaves the guy, the rustling waters, the   own your home together, your           main purpose of the Life Estate Deed is not accomplished.
      darkened beach and walks to a Taco Bell. ‘likely that’s   surviving spouse will not have               The best way to avoid probate on your home is to do a
      something that will never happen, even if the guy’s a   probate; however, there will be             Revocable Living Trust. When you sign the Revocable Living
                                                          probate when the second of you
                                                                                                          Trust Agreement, you also sign a Deed transferring the property to
      lousy kisser.                                       passes away, unless one of these options is done.  you as Trustee of your Trust. You are able to keep your homestead
         One that could have been good is the Subway sandwich      Let us assume that you own your home jointly with your spouse   exemption, maintain complete control of the property during your
      commercial that shows a sandwich being magically    and that you have two children. Both of you desire to have your   lifetime and make amendments to your Trust without changing the
      layered up so you can see how much is stuffed into the   two children inherit your home equally when you both pass away.  Deed. There are no risks involved, since your children’s names do
                                                            The first option would be to add the names of your two children
      bread. So far so good. Then we cut to Tom Brady holding     to the Deed as joint tenants with right of survivorship. This is not a   not appear on the Deed. The only disadvantage of the Revocable
                                                                                                          Living Trust is that it will cost more money in attorney’s fees. When
      one, looking and sounding like he’s non compos mentis   good idea. It would affect your ability to claim your full homestead   you discuss the options with your attorney, you should discuss
      while the commercial cuts away from him. He who looks   exemption. In addition, you lose control of your property and   the difference in fees between the Revocable Living Trust and
      like a jerk.                                        can only sell it if your children both agree and sign all closing   the Enhanced Life Estate Deed. You can then determine whether
         How about insurance? Farmers used to have a good   documents. If you wanted to take one of the children off the   it is worth saving the money and taking the risks involved in the
      set of commercials, based on true incidents. Remember   Deed, you would be unable to do so. If one of your children files   Enhanced Life Estate Deed.
                                                          for bankruptcy, has an adverse judgment or files for divorce, your
                                                                                                             During this current time of “social distancing,” I have been

      the museum that showed various weird accidents that   property could be subject to liens or other legal action. Therefore,   consulting with clients via phone, e-mail and regular mail. In the
      Farmer’s covered? They were true incidents and humorous   I recommend against a Deed with your children as joint tenants   past, my free initial consultation would normally be a personal
      commercials that had a direct message: you drive like a   with right of survivorship.               meeting. Please feel free to call me for a free phone consultation
      dummy; we’ll still cover you. Now we are treated to a      The second option is a Life Estate Deed. There are two types of   regarding any issues pertaining to Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Probate,
      house destroyed by a storm upon which, lickety-split, goes   Life Estate Deed: regular and Enhanced (also referred to as Lady   Power of Attorney or Health Care Surrogate. I am also available for
                                                                                                          a free consultation regarding personal injury claims or to explain
                                                          Bird). The regular Life Estate Deed requires that your children join
      the framing, the windows, the walls, the roof in a matter   in any sale or other changes on the Deed; therefore, you have lost   car insurance coverage. Call me at 954-569-4878. My address is
      of seconds. If you’ve ever had to deal with a disaster and   control and cannot take your child’s name off the Deed if you choose   3275 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 204, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442.
      then had to deal with an insurance company, you like me,   to do so. The Enhanced Life Estate Deed gives you the sole right   My web site is and my e-mail address is
      will want to throw a shoe at the TV.                to sell the property during your lifetime or make any other changes
         Then there’s Liberty Mutual with this gem. An Afghan   to the Deed without the permission of your child. The Enhanced
      Hound is sitting next to a guy on a bench who looks like
      an Afghan Hound. Do I have to go on?
         I’ll finish with Geico. Which makes you want to buy
      their insurance more—A) Flo and her side kick, the two
      of whom could be cast for Dumb and Dumber, B) the
      star of the company the Gecko, or C) in his reprise the
      Gecko asking you if 57 years of making Raspberry Jam
      rings your chimes? I mean come on, folks, what do you
      take us for?!? And there begins my reasoning.
         For decades this country has allowed big business to
      lie to us, to tell us half-truths, to foist off on us mostly bad
      humor about incredibly complex and for some potentially
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