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Page 6, Viewpointe                                                  November 2021

        Dear Boca Pointe                                 Age Better By Giving Back

        Dog Owners:                                      To Your Community

                                                         By Oris Martin, Fitness Director,                 on walking with your shoulders back, chest up and pelvis
           We have had a few recent                      Acts Retirement Life Communities, Inc.            over your ankles.
        complaints from residents                                                                             6. Do balance exercises. Your balance deteriorates with
        who have had uncomfortable                          Ever notice how ageless some people look? I am always   age, and falls are the leading cause of disability in seniors.
        encounters with dogs off leash                   amazed when residents tell me their age. It seems like ninety   While physical activity in general helps balance, you should
        a round t he                                     is the new sixty-five! What is the secret to being youthful   also do balance-specific exercises. Attend one of our group
        property. We                                     at any age? Famous television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz   exercises such as Tai Chi, or strength and balance class.
        are reaching out                                 says that 70% of aging is affected by negative behaviors and      7. Try exercises to increase your range of motion. If
        to our residents                                 simple things you may not know to do.             you find that you can’t reach things you used to, work on
        to remind them of                                   Here are ten of those simple things to remain active and   stretching your arms overhead daily. This will restore your
        our rules concerning                             vibrant as you age:                               ability to reach for things in that overhead cupboard and help
        keeping dogs on leashes and cleaning pet litter. As a      1. Retain a sense of humor. Don’t take things too   you feel more independent.
        resident of Boca Pointe you must: Keep your dog on   seriously, instead continue to see the funny side of life,      8. The importance of strength training. As we age, we
        a Leash. All dogs must be controlled on a leash by an   by enjoying a good joke or comedy, and even laughing at   lose muscle. This process known as sarcopenia can be slowed
        able-bodied person, at all times, whenever the dog is on   yourself sometimes.                     with regular cardiovascular and strengthen training exercise,
        property. Also, you must clean up and properly dispose      2. Focus on positive relationships. As the old rhyme   which strengthens the heart and slows muscle loss.
        of pet waste when your pet relieves itself. Knowing and   goes: make new friends, keep the old, one is silver, the      9. Spend ten minutes every day stretching. Stretch
        abiding by our community’s animal-related ordinances   other is gold. Focus on maintaining positive and supportive   before you get out of bed. Even if you are not physically
        will help make our neighborhood a better place for   relationships. Too much time alone can lead to isolation and   able to do any other exercise, regularly stretching of all your
        everyone. Thank you!                            loss of social skills making you appear older.    muscles can ward off atrophy.
                                                            3. Watch what you eat. It’s easy to get in the mindset      10. Give back. Don’t buy into the myth that because
                                                         to question, ‘what difference does it make at my age?’   you’re a senior you’re incapable of making an important
                                                         Remember what you eat affects not only your weight, but   contribution to society. Many of our residents volunteer at
                                                         your mood, sleep and sense of general well-being.  the local public schools, food pantry, and here within the
          On behalf of The Club at Boca Pointe we           4. Learn something new. Sign up for a course at FAU or   community. Having meaningful purpose and a sense of
        would like to remind our residents that NO       take up a new activity. This forces your brain to create new   fulfillment keeps you young!
        walking, running, bicycle riding or dog walking   pathways, and maintain, or increase your mental sharpness.      This month, I would like to challenge you to think of ten
                                                           5. Be aware of your posture. As we age, we have a
        is permitted on the golf course or golf cart       tendency to spend more seated. This causes the upper body   things that you’re grateful for, and at least one way that you
                                                                                                           can give back to this beautiful community we live in. Happy
        paths. For safety reasons, the                   to weaken and the lower body to sag forward. Concentrate   Thanksgiving! 
        paths are for golf carts only.

          Thank you for                                                                                                                          B’H
        cooperating  with The                                                                 Sabra Wall Decor
        Club's policy. 

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