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      Meet Your Next-Door Neighbor!

      Catching up with Boca Pointe                       it when my husband was                            I had this sense of security, safety and peace of mind that

      residents who moved to                             alive and I felt, I just outgrew                  my children never have to worry about me ever again. As
                                                                                                           soon as I got wind of this whole concept of a continuing care
                                                         it. It was much too big for
      Edgewater at Boca Pointe                           me to handle. When the air                        retirement community, that was it. Whatever the future holds
                                                         conditioner stopped working                       for my health, I will be taken care of under one umbrella.
         Former Boca Pointe resident Alice Struhl moved to her   and leaks came, I said, ‘Why,                Long term care? But you’re young! Did your children
      apartment at Edgewater at Boca Pointe two years ago, right   why am I staying here by                support this?
      before the COVID-19 pandemic. We sat down to ask her   myself?’ It is too much of a                     Alice: At first my children said, ‘You’re not going to a
      what she’s doing now and why she made the move when   responsibility.                                nursing home, what are you talking about?’ But as soon as
      she already lived right next door.                    That’s a big decision,                         they visited and became more knowledgeable, it was a signed
         Alice, you lived at Boca Pointe Country Club, why did   isn’t it?                                 deal. They’re so happy and I’m so happy. I have made the most
      you decide to move to neighboring Edgewater at Boca      Alice: I took the leap                      wonderful friends. I have a beautiful life here. I’m so grateful
      Pointe?                                            very easily because as soon                       and I wish it for anyone else to be in that same position too.
         Alice: I was widowed, a few years, living in a big, very   as I walked in the door I                 Couldn’t you have waited?
      beautiful apartment in Boca Pointe Country Club. I enjoyed   knew right away, and it was under construction at the time.      Alice: It’s never too soon. They all say, ‘It’s too soon,
                                                                                                           I’m not ready, I still have things to do.’ I’m independent and
                                                                                                           travel. I have a car and drive. I’m with the children when I
                                                                                                           want to be. It’s only a change of address. That’s all it is. And
         Remaining Relevant In Building                                                                    there isn’t a thing they don’t offer here. It’s not just food that
                                                                                                           they’re serving us, it’s activities and other services. There’s
         Sustainability                                                                                    so much going on. It’s a very enriched life. If you wait, then
                                                                                                           it’s going to be too late and you’re not going to be eligible.
                                                                                                           Go while you can.
                                                                                                              You moved in before COVID-19, tell us about your
         By Steve Handwerker                             soil health, at the foundation of this conservation strategy,   experience.
                                                         reframing soil conservation as a solution is coming to the      Alice: I felt so safe and secure. A group of my friends
            It is always a challenge                     foreground. This means that how the soil and trees and   would  go  outside with  masks  and  gather together to
         for any individual,                             other plantings are cared for in an ongoing maintenance   commiserate. We had each other, almost like a support group.
         and even more so as                             program is significant. Our attention to this issue would   We were all going through it. If I was back in my apartment,
         a community, to build                           serve us well in promoting a sustainable environment.   I would have been totally isolated. We also were among
         in to the day to day                               Other ways of speaking up for our immediate    the first to get vaccinated and it was the most incredible
         maintenance routines,                           environment would include having a voice in the larger   experience. Everyone lined up outside their front door, in
         sustainable ways of caring                      community to promote sustainable practices and to fund   their own apartment, but at the door. Nurses came with a cart
         for our environment. Our                        organizations that do so in the local community. These   and everyone was being vaccinated at one time. My daughter-
         community membership’s                          ideas and actions can make a difference in the short   in-law called it, ‘room service.’ It was absolutely amazing.
         role in this process is also critical. Our voices and actions   and long run! Please dear reader, take to heart these   And with our community clinic, I never had to step outside
         as members of this community MATTER. Do we, as   approaches to conserve what this vulnerable environment   or go to my primary doctor during COVID. They ordered
         individuals, follow more environmentally friendly   needs for our generation and future generations!  medications on the spot and treated me without having to
         practices? Does our community as well?                                                            go anywhere outside. That’s a big, big plus being here.
            Our reasons for hope in relation to sustainable      Steven E. Handwerker Ph.D. D.div, RM         If you’re interested about learning more about
         practices exist within the realms of these two actors.      Board Certified Licensed Psychologist  Edgewater at Boca Pointe call 561-465-7011. 
         Given the nature of our environment, the care of the      50 years experience
         trees, the soil and grassy areas are very important to our REVISED. II
         conservation and care of the environment. To improve      Books and Blogs 

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