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      Caregivers: Communication About Finance

      Submitted by Stratford Court                          • Be prepared. Think the conversation through ahead   the past than on what you decide as a family about your
                                                         of time, research the facts needed for you and your family   future.
         For most families, “don’t ask, don’t tell” seems to be the   to make informed decisions, and bring your knowledge   Representing Your Parents
      accepted approach to financial matters. But as parents get   to the conversation.                       When your parents are ill and can’t attend to their
      older, such reticence can be costly. When financial reserves      • Pick a quiet time to talk. Thanksgiving and other   affairs, you may have to step in and represent them. Here’s
      grow thin, all it takes is a sudden change in circumstance to   traditional family gatherings may be convenient, but   what you can do ahead of time to be prepared.
      upset an otherwise comfortable lifestyle, plunging seniors into   they hardly allow undivided attention on such potentially      •  Fill  out  all  HIPAA  forms  required  by  insurance
      debt and adding to the financial burden of adult children with   emotional and complex issues.       companies and health care providers.
      their own families to support.                        • Share information. Your goal is to build a picture      • Become a joint owner of bank accounts and safe
         With a little tact and understanding, however, such   of your family’s overall finances, so that you can work   deposit boxes.
      conversations are not only possible, but they can bring a family   together as a team.                  •  Have  your  parents  make  out  a  durable  power  of
      closer together. Here are some simple things you can do to      • Be sure to follow up. Everyone should leave the   attorney giving you the right to make financial decisions
      make your conversation more productive:            discussion with a to-do list—and a commitment to meet   if they become ill or incapacitated.
         • Choose your agenda carefully. It might make everyone   again at a specific time in the future.     • Ask your parents to complete state-specific advance
      uncomfortable to discuss assets during an initial conversation.      Most of all, listen carefully and suspend your   directives, such as a living will or a health care durable
      Instead, begin by reviewing the locations of the personal and   judgment. After all, the success of these discussions   power of attorney. 
      legal documents that may be needed in case of an emergency.  depends less on individual financial decisions made in

                                                                                              ª             Boca Pointe Advisor from page 8

                                                                                                            and if done correctly can be extended to the top of
                                                                                                            her navel, thus covering up the area which you are
                                                                                                            concerned about. It does have some potential side
                                                                                                            effects. We suggest you refer to turkeys and iguanas
         Two Boca Raton Offices: 151 N. Ocean Blvd. • 21073 Powerline Rd. #63                               who both have elongated wattles. Be wary after surgery
                                                                                                            if she shies away from Thanksgiving get togethers and
                                                SOutH FLOriDa                                               starts head bobbing and clucking.
                                                                                                               c) Buy your wife cashmere turtleneck sweaters.

                                a great PLaCe tO CaLL HOMe                                                  Even in the extreme heat of South Florida, no one can
                                                                                                            resist wearing cashmere. We feel this problem will no
                          PaSSiONate aBOut tHe SOutH FLOriDa LiFeStyLe, rOBiN                               longer be a concern.
                         SPeCiaLiZeS iN BOCa POiNte aND tHe SurrOuNDiNg areaS.                                 d) Lighten up. Share and share alike.
                                                                                                               5. My village Board has just instituted some very
                                                                                                              stringent  rules with  violations punishable by fines.
                                   CONtraCt                            CONtraCt                             They are no longer allowing rentals to anyone with
                                                                                                            facial hair – men as well as women. I do not think this
                                                                                                            is legal and ask for your advice. Also please advise if
                                                                                                            I am grandfathered in as I have a full beard and have
                                                                                                            been renting for about 9 months.
                                                                                                               a) The Advisor can understand refusing rentals to
                                   6198 PetaLuMa Dr., BOCa ratON       11393 OHaNu CirCLe, BOyNtON BeaCH    women with mustaches. Might not be legal but we will
                                                                              Offered at $649,900
        Robin Donegan                     Offered at $499,000          SOLD   6234 Brava Way                need to check Florida statutes and get back to you.
                                                                                                               b) Is seems like a reasonable requirement as this

        REALTOR                       uNDer                            SOLD   6676 Quiet Wave traiL 55      will eliminate having neighbors belonging to any
                                                                                                            terrorist cells since they  all have facial hair.  We
                                                                       SOLD   7508 La PaZ, aPt. #202
        (561) 451-6615              CONtraCt                           SOLD   11880 SW SaiLFiSH iSLeS Way   actually applaud your boards position placing a priority
                                                                       SOLD   11648 PaMPLONa BLvD.                                             SOLD   7659 CiNeBar Drive            on safety.
                                                                                                               c) A resident with facial hair is only grandfathered

                                                                       SOLD   7635 CiNeBar Drive
                                                                       SOLD   7890 BLaCK ONyX LaNe          in if they in fact are a grandfather, or grandmother as
         i have developed a team of   7293 CataLuNa CirCLe, DeLray BeaCH  SOLD   23265 MiraBeLLa CirCLe N   the case may be.
                                                                       SOLD   6601 HaWaiiaN aveNue
        professionals ready to assist:     Offered at $437,900         SOLD   7233 PrOMeNaDe #302              d) There is a loophole that we have discovered that
                                                                       SOLD   7872 SeviLLe PLaCe #2404
        o  PROFESSIONAL HOME STAGERS                                                                        enables a person to avoid this mandate. Move in clean
                                                                                                            shaven and after you have settled in grow any facial
        o  MORTGAGE LENDERS                                 are you ready to Buy or Sell,                   hair you want. There is a Florida statute 178.1 that
                                                                 call robin Donegan
        o  HOME INSPECTORS                                     (561) 451-6615                               forbids removal of tenants with facial hair. The only
        o  BUILDING/RENOVATION CONTRACTORS                                                                  exception is if mold starts to develop in your beard or
                                                                                                            mustache, the board can hire a mold remediator and
       “dedicated to Results”                                             SOLD 7917 Travelers Tree Dr.      remove you (and your beard) from the community. But
                                                                          SOLD 4776 Sierra Lane
                                                                          SOLD 22991 Clear Echo Dr, #86     we also have a remedy for that. There are facial hair
        Boca Pointe Resident & equity MeMBeR                              SOLD 23291 FeatherPalm Ct.        mold remediators that work on a contingency basis
                                                                          SOLD 22652 Esplanada Circle W.    and have a very impressive success rate. Contact us
                                                                          SOLD 7675 Via Grande              for more details when you are ready.
                                                  SOLD                    SOLD 7880 Travelers Tree Dr         eieio, be, bee, auntbee, unclebee, middlec, someof the above,
                                                                                                               Answers to last month’s column: a, d, kidrock, zztop,
                                                                          SOLD 6670 Villa Sonrisa
                                                                          SOLD 7647 Cinebar Dr. #24U
                                                    Caravelle             SOLD 7460 La Paz #106             any of the above, what was the question, who really cares.
                                                                                                               Keep those comments coming in. We will provide

                                                    3/3 2 car garage      SOLD 7379 Panache Way             feedback from our random street interviews in future
                                                                          SOLD Boca Glades
                                 Selling all         $595,000                                               columns.
                                  of Palm                                   SOLD
                                  Beach &            SOLD                  $10,000 Over aSKiNg!                The author of this Advice Column, Alan Arnold lives
                                  Broward                                                                   in Southwinds, Meridiana, La Paz, and has a seasonal
                                  County                                                                    rental in the Edgewater Estates. 
                                               3/3 1 Car Garage. Stunning!        CoSta Brava

       Ilene Polito                             SOLD                             4 bdrm /3.5 Baths           Lease Renewals
                                                                                    2 Car Garage
                                                                                  Great Floor Plan
       (561) 302-6669                                PaNaCHe                    $625,000 $635,000
                                                                                   Master down
       ILENE@BOCAHOME.COM                             $455,000                                                Renters- If you plan to renew your lease
                                                                                                            at Boca Pointe, please provide the BPCA
       Dedicated to Results                      SOLD                            SOLD                       Management office a copy of your renewal
                                                                                                            lease and vehicle registration prior to your
           I make you feel right at home                                                                    lease expiration date. Both items are needed
          because customer satisfaction                                           3 Bdrms + Den             to ensure that your transponder does not get
              IS my highest priority!               Caravelle                  2 Car Garage $595,940
                                                3/3 Updated $585,000             Golf Course view           deactivated when the lease ends. Please email
                                                                                                              Thank you! 
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