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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 32 NO. 11                                                                         NOVEMBER 2021

      Northern Notes                                                                                        Bill’s Box

      Fall And Winter In Florida
                                                                                                            By Bill Thompson
      By Katie Roundtree,                                                                                   A Story
      Finance Director, Northern                                                                              There was a man who
      Palm Beach County                                                                                     lived alone in a prominent
      Improvement District                                                                                  single-home development.
        Many people come to                                                                                 Due to circumstances, his
      Florida to enjoy its mild                                                                             home fell into disrepair
      fall and winter but miss                                                                              to such extent that the
      the changing seasons and                                                                              homeowner’s  association
      seasonal plant changes that                                                                           Board of Directors had to address violations to its
      the northern regions offer.                                                                           architectural guidelines. The homeowner’s landscaping
      Here in Florida, we have                                                                              was out of compliance, but the worst was the cedar
      our own kinds of plants                                                                               shake roof that was decayed and reduced to splinters
      that bloom during the fall and winter that give our area a                                            through which one could see light. A member of the
      feeling of the cooler seasons up north. During October and                                            HOA Board of Directors looked into the matter and
      November, muhly grass blooms with beautiful pink, red or                                              met with the homeowner a number of times. Having
      purple blooms, creating vistas of color in our landscaped                                             gained an understanding of the seriousness of the
      areas, dry detention areas and road medians. During the                                               situation, especially the well-being of the owner, the
      drier winter months, pusley (also known as “Florida snow”)                                            board member proceeded to consult the Town of Jupiter
      blooms with white or light purple flowers that blanket lawns                                          authorities to assess what they recommended and were
      and sides of roads creating the look of “snow.”    Muhly grass in Abacoa dry detention areas. Photos by   able to do. The home was beyond the owner’s ability
        Muhly grass is a native landscape plant that has found   Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District staff  to save. It would eventually be condemned and raised.
      favor with landscapers for its ease of growth and large                                               The board member continued to pursue an acceptable
      clusters of tall, grass-like appearance. Known scientifically as   Northern Notes on page 2           remedy for the house, the owner, and the HOA. He
                                                                                                            doggedly looked for solutions and took over to the
      Commissioner’s Update                                                                                 owner items he needed.
                                                                                                              Along comes one of the development’s pioneer
                                                                                                            residents who had been a friend of the distressed owner
      Public Input Improves Our                          the eyes and ears that help alert your county officials to   for many years. He was an early builder and had built
                                                         matters needing attention. Whether it is a traffic problem,
                                                                                                            the very house. He was made aware of his friend’s
      Community                                          uncollected trash, missing street signs, or a blocked   circumstance and worked out an arrangement with the
                                                         drainage culvert, we appreciate the assistance residents
      By County Commissioner                             provide in reporting these types of conditions. With a   Bill’s Box on page 5
      Maria Marino                                       county in excess of 2,300 square miles in area, county
        If you have ever wondered                        staff cannot possibly provide enough coverage to drive up
      whether your voice matters,                        and down every street to note items needing correction. To
      let me respond with an                             complement our regular maintenance of facilities under
      emphatic  yes. Many of                             our purview, your participation helps direct our crews
      our public projects begin                          and field representatives to locations needing immediate
      through resident  input.                           attention.
      Your phone calls, emails                             To give you an idea of how resident input matters, the
      and letters about issues                           following District 1 projects are progressing or in the
      you are experiencing in                            process of completion, thanks to information received
      the community  initiate                            from the public:                                               Sunday, Nov. 7
      research, and many times result in recommendations for     • Traffic  counts  taken  at  the  urging  of  neighboring
      improvements.                                      residents indicated the need to install a traffic signal at the
        As engaged members of the community, you serve as   intersection of Toney Penna Drive and Central Boulevard
                                                                                 in Jupiter.
                                                                                   • A traffic study performed
          REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY                                 on Beach Road in the area
                                                                                 of Coral Cove Park resulted
               TO THE JUPITER POLICE DEPARTMENT                                  in a recommendation to
                                (561) 799-4445                                   lower the speed limit and
                                                                                 install marked pedestrian
                      Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.              crossings. After  further
                            Do not leave valuables in the car.                   discussions I held with
                                                                                 Parks and Engineering staff,
                                                                                 we agreed to move forward
                                                                                 with additional parallel
                                                                                 parking improvements.
                                                                                   •  The  installation  of  a
                                                                                 traffic signal at Northlake
                                                                                 Boulevard and Ancient Tree
                                                                                 Drive/Bay Hill Drive in the
                                                                                 city of Palm Beach Gardens
                                                                                   •  Repair/replacement  of

                                                                                 Commissioner’s Update
                                                                                 on page 2
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