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VOL. 22 NO. 12                                                                         DECEMBER 2021

      Holiday Concert

      With Essence Of Motown

          Essence of Motown brings together the excitement of good vocals, choreography and
       genre versatility to any venue. Performing pop, rock, country, oldies, R & B, and of course,
       the Motown sound. As a group, they have performed together for the past 11 years in venues
       all over the state of Florida and beyond. Larry, Stephani, Greg, Michael, Cande, and DiDi
       harmoniously work together to bring the best performance for all.
          This event is a free community concert brought to by Schumacher Automotive.
          Make plans to join your friends on the lawn at the amphitheater on Dec. 18 at 7:30 p.m.
       for this family-friendly event, presented by Bud Light which is proudly distributed by Brown
       Distributing Company who always reminds you to drink responsibly.
          Bring your chairs and blankets for an evening of live music under the stars in the beautiful
       outdoor setting of Downtown Abacoa.

        Abacoa Community Garden

           On Saturday, Oct.                                                             ANNUAL MEETING
        30, our children’s bed
        coordinators hosted a                                                                             NOTICE
        children’s craft event. The
        children enjoyed spending                                                                        Abacoa Property
        time together creating
        DIY mini-scarecrows and                                                                     Owners’ Assembly, Inc.
        dragons from the novel
        series Wings of Fire. They                                                                     2021-2022 Board of Directors
        were excited to plant                                                                                   Travis Chapin
        their creations around the                                                                              Karen Marcus
        community beds so that                                                                                William D. Drake
                                                                                                               David Rendina
        Abacoa Community                                                                                       Wade Kuzmick
        Garden on page 4                                                                                      M. Troy Holloway

                                                                                   There will be no election as additional nominations or Intent to Runs
                                                                                     were not received for the three expiring Board of Director seats.
                                                                                                          Date: December 7, 2021
                                                                                                               Time: 6 p.m.
                                                                                                         Meeting ID: 246 435 7461
                                                                                                             Password: 618983

                                                                                                  All Abacoa Owners are Welcome
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