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VOL. 22 NO.12                                                                           DECEMBER 2021

      Glitter And Glam Gala                                                                                 Mary’s Home To

      A Roaring Success!                                                                                    Present 11th Annual

         The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast                                                        Fashion Show And
      hosted its second Glitter and Glam Gala, a jungle
      safari themed event, at the exclusive Harbour                                                         Luncheon
      Ridge Yacht and Country Club Saturday night and
      it was a roaring success. Guests were greeted by a
      live tiger, zebra and giraffe, not real live animals                                                  By Jackie Holfelder
      but performers Pete, Samantha and Colleen were                                                           It’s time for the “Ladies Who Lunch” to rejoice!
      outfitted and painted from head to toe to entertain                                                      Mary’s Home is delighted to share the news that its
      and take photos with guests upon arrival. As the                                                      11th Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon will take place
      guests continued their entrance they were able to                                                     at Willoughby Golf Club on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022 from
      walk through a jungle themed lush rain forest full                                                    10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
      of plants and trees delivered by Leighton Farms.                                                         One of a kind boutique vendors will offer fabulous
         This year the event had some unexpected surprise                                                   shopping opportunities and the popular silent auction and
      guests! Ashleigh Walters with WPTV Channel 5                                                          ticket raffle items for which the Mary’s Home Luncheon
      News, master of ceremonies, introduced special                                                        is noted will be available.
      guest Stephen Lapore, aka Mr. Hollywood, who                                                             Local fashion icon Lynda Hartley-Urban has
      captured the audience with his personal journey after                                                 coordinated an outstanding  fashion show with the
      being diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Doctors                                                  latest offerings from downtown Stuart and Harbour
      predicted Stephen would never speak but today he                                                      Bay Plaza shops such as Must Boutique, Tootsie’s,
      is an inspiring businessman and entrepreneur. All                                                     Snappy Turtle, Evelyn & Arthur, Cooper’s Treasure
      guests went home with unique handmade animal-                                                         Chest, J. McLaughlin, Kemp’s, So Unique Boutique
      shaped soaps, made by Stephen, a true soap star!                                                      and Golf Gear.
                                                Front: Colleen Joyce, Samantha Stewart, Pete Morello; Back: Bobby      As always, the highlight of the fashion show and
      Glitter And Glam Gala on page 4           Laurine, Kelly Laurine, Carol Reid Cuozzo, Don Cuozzo       luncheon is special host, Kelley Dunn, from WPTV
                                                                                                            News Channel 5 in what is sure to be a bittersweet event
      Whiskers For Whiskey                                                                                  for everyone. This will be Kelley’s last year hosting the
                                                                                                            luncheon before her retirement from her longtime news
      Raises Money For Shelter Animals                                                                      anchor job.
                                                                                                              Alean Timm, interim executive director of Mary’s
                                                                                                            Home, is glad the nonprofit will be hosting the popular
                                                                                                            event once again. “We’re thrilled to be able to hold the
         Dozens of Humane Society of the Treasure Coast supporters      “Following last year’s inaugural success, it soon   luncheon and excited to see everyone again,” she says.
      gathered for the second annual Whiskers for Whiskey tasting at   became evident that this unique fundraiser would become     Tickets are $125 per person and can be purchased
      The Chef’s Table in Stuart. They came together for an evening   the shelter’s newest signature event, and its return was met   online at
      of savory plates and distinctive spirits, all for a worthy cause.   with great anticipation this fall,” said Courtney Zanetti,     The goal of Mary’s Home is to provide pregnant,
      The event raised more than $4,700 for the shelter pets, and one   the humane society’s community outreach director.  homeless women with support and guidance so they
      special guest won dinner for two at The Chef’s Table with a     Michter’s Distillery was the featured spirit during the   can become self-sufficient and make good choices for
      bottle of Michter’s whiskey.                       intimate gathering. Guests were treated to a historical   themselves and their children. They are working to break
                                                                                 oration  of America’s  first   the cycle of poverty for mothers and their babies and
                                                                                 whiskey company while      Save Lives, Two at a Time.
                                                                                 they enjoyed several
                                                                                 flavorful  pairings. The
                                                                                 mouth-watering menu
                                                                                 was just as impressive
                                                                                 with beautifully prepared
                                                                                 porchetta as the main entrée
                                                                                 accompanied by a dark
                                                                                 chocolate mousse creatively
                                                                                 crafted in the shape of a
                                                                                 cigar for dessert.
                                                                                   The humane society
      Vanessa and Tad Jenkins        Rich Kennedy, Tim McCreary and Alexandra Ardila  thanks its sponsors, Stuart
                                                                                Magazine and Treasure Coast
                                                                                Legal, as well as the event’s
                                                                                hosts and partners,  The
                                                                                Chef’s Table and Libations
                                                                                Mobile Catering Co.         Kelley Dunn of WPTV News Channel 5, Jan Lindsay,
                                                                                  For more information visit   founder of Mary’s Home and Gina Thompson, board chair
                                                                                the website,  of Mary’s Home at a previous fashion show and luncheon

                                                                                 Whiskers For Whiskey                          Photo provided by Mary’s Home
                                                                                 on page 4
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