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                                                    Art HAppenIngs

      A Reception Of Gratitude

      By Jackie Holfelder
        Helping People Succeed’s Art for Living Calendar has been
      an eagerly anticipated holiday treasure since 1998.
        Each year, 13 talented artists from our community are
      selected to showcase their work of art on each month of Helping
      People Succeed’s calendar. The artists’ original paintings reflect
      a picture that is representative of life here on the Treasure Coast.
        On Oct. 14, a special reception of gratitude took place at
      the Elliott Museum, at which the 2022 Art for Living Calendar
      artists and underwriters were honored at an event that was
      generously underwritten by Jeanine Webster and Mel Nobel.
        Barbara Essenwine, chair of the Helping People Succeed
      board, individually thanked each artist and underwriter   Rob Steele, president/CEO of the
      and presented them with their own personalized gift. Suzy   Elliott Museum and Suzy Hutcheson,   Otto Vitale; Paul Gargolinski; Michael Borlaug, Helping People Succeed board
      Hutcheson, CEO, also had the honor to thank Rob Steele,   Helping People Succeed CEO  member; and Lori and Jeff Ticker, artist underwriters
      president/CEO of the Elliott Museum, for generously
      accommodating the artwork.                           • Val Lally – Stuart Business Systems, Phil Faherty,     • Don MacIntosh – Southeastern Printing, underwriter
        The event, catered by Philly Down South, was held on   underwriter                                   The 2022 Art for Living Calendar is available signed by the
      the second-floor gallery. There was a festive ambiance     • Susan Clifford – All Creatures Animal Hospital, Mary   artists or unsigned for $40 or $20 each respectively and can be
      with a mood of gratitude.                          Rose and Richard Bressman, underwriters           purchased at Helping People Succeed’s offices at 1601 N.E.
        Paintings will remain on display at the Elliott through     • Dan Mackin – Peggy’s Natural Foods, Peggy Ranger and   Braille Place, Jensen Beach or online at
      April 1, 2022.                                     Premier Therapy & Sports Medicine, Jeff Tucker, underwriters  events-alias/upcoming-events.
      Artists And Their Underwriters                       • Marian Vitale – NisAir, Christine Mulrooney, underwriter    Artwork may also be viewed at the virtual Art for
        • Holly Cannon – Mark Brechbill CPA, underwriter    • Pat Hoshino – Green Design Construction & Development,   Living Gallery found at Helping People Succeed’s website
        • Diane Raymond – Water Pointe Realty, Deb Duvall,   John Creswell and Shaun Kogut, underwriters
      underwriter                                          • Julia Kelly – E.W. Consultants, Ed Weinberg, underwriter          Photos by Helping People Succeed
        • Pam Patterson – Mary Kay Buckridge, underwriter    • Sue Ann Mosley-Saleeby – Dave’s Plumbing and Corporate
        •  Patrice  Scott  –  Sandhill  Cove  Retirement  Living,   Furniture Options, underwriter
      underwriter                                          • Laura DeBerard – Ross Mixing, underwriter

                                                                                                           Barbara Essenwine, Helping People Succeed board chair;
                                                                                                           Mel Noble and Jeanine Webster, event underwriters; and
                                                                                                           Suzy Hutcheson, Helping People Succeed CEO
      Christine Mulrooney, artist underwriter and Marian   Suzy Hutcheson, Helping People Succeed CEO and Julia
      Vitale, artist                                     Kelly, artist                                     Art Happenings on page 7

       Laura De Berard, artist; Diane Raymond, artist; and
       Paul Willis

                                                                                      Do You Have An Old Fur Hanging
                                                                                      In The Closet Not Being Worn?

                                                                     102 Year Anniversary
                                                            Restyle Your Old Fur Hanging In Your Closet           Come By During Our
                                                                                                                   Recycle Fur & Mink
       Richard and Mary Rose Bressman, artist underwriters and   To A Beautiful Vest, Jacket, Or Teddy Bear            Restyling Event
       Susan Clifford, artist
                                                                                                                  Brought to you by Restyle Your Fur,
                                                                                                                Restyle Division of LaBelle Furs since
                                                                                                                  1919, and
                                                                                                                          Start thinking
                                                                                                                       about this Winter!
                                                                                                                January 28th and 29th
                                                          Embassy Suites by Hilton Palm Beach Gardens PGA            Friday & Saturday
                                                          4350 PGA Boulevard, 4th floor Hospitality Room
                                                                                                                   10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
                                                                                                                      for Additional Information or Questions
      Eddie Schilling, Val Lalley, artist and Geri and Phil Faherty,
      artist underwriters                                                                                                 call (407) 341-4740
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