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VOL. 31 NO. 12                                   FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                     DECEMBER 2021

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                                of Pallo can be seen at the POA office and on the reverse   to hear back from you. Drop us a note via mail or come
      PGA POA                                            side of this letter; you will find information about the   by the POA office to see mini-Pallo. We hope you are as
                                                         artist and Pallo.                                 excited about it as we are!
      TO ALL  PGA  NATIONAL                                 This is a large undertaking as the sculpture is 20 ft tall                            Sincerely,
      RESIDENTS:                                         with engineering to meet hurricane codes so it will take                    The Board of Governors,
         You  should  have                               quite some time before the piece is finished. We’d like        PGA Property Owners Association, Inc.
      received a letter regarding
      the  PGA  POA’s  plans  for
      the community entry. Below
      is a copy of the letter and
      a rendering of the planned
      sculpture. This work is being
      done with NO SPECIAL ASSESSMENT to the property
      owners and is part of the continuing enhancements and
      improvements  planned  by  the  PGA  POA  Long  Range
      Planning Committee and Board of Governors.

      Dear Property Owner,
         PGA  National  was  one  of  the  first  planned  unit
      developments in South Florida. With appreciation to the
      developer and all who have served on the POA and HOA/
      Condo Boards, we were the model that the other communities
      followed and we have all worked hard to ensure that the
      community is well maintained and updated regularly.
         After the development of PGA National, communities
      began creating unique and stately monuments, fountains
      and other enhancements at their entries. You may recall that
      several years ago, we made changes to the Northlake entry
      taking it from the “back gate” to another “main gate” to the
      community and also replaced the entry monuments at the
      PGA Blvd/Ryder Cup entry and Ave of the Champions (the
      “main” entry). It’s now time to create a centerpiece for your
      main entrance.
         For a number of years, your Board of Governors
      have been funding capital improvements to allow these
      improvements and enhancements to continue WITHOUT
      A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT. Over the past couple years,
      we have mentioned the plans to modify the ellipse (f/k/a the                   City Of Palm BeaCh Gardens
      traffic ‘circle’) and lately your property manager has dropped
      hints about this in the C.A.N.! newsletter. Well, it’s time to                  POliCe and fire dePartments
      share PALLO!
         We know that everyone views art differently and a lot                                  hOliday JOy drive
      of thought went into the decision about the ellipse. It is
      a large parcel of land so we needed a piece with impact,                  Please help us spread the word and make the holidays a fun time again!
      not just another fountain or some landscape. Because our                       New, unwrapped toys can be dropped off in the POA Lobby
      well-known and well-respected golf community is also
      the place for tennis, pickleball, croquet and other similar                                       (LA Fitness Plaza #29)
      sports, the challenge was to find an artist with the vision                       From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. - Fri. until December 17th
      to design a ball that isn’t “just” a ball and isn’t specific to
      one particular sport. We feel that the design captures this                    Gifts are needed for boys and girls, 2 through 16 years old.
      and signifies the unity of our diverse community; created                  (Please remember the teens and ‘tweens’ as well as the little ones!)
      in stainless steel, it also represents our resilient nature.
         Pallo, created by metal sculpture artist Peter Garaj,                          Thanks for making someone’s holiday really special!
      will once again make the PGA National community the
      model that others try to emulate. A small-scale sculpture
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