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        VOL. 16 NO. 1                                                                            JANUARY 2022

      Broken Sound Club Opens                                                     Western Kentucky Tops

      Tennis Season with 20th Annual                                              Appalachian State, 59-38 In 2021

      “St. Andrews Challenge,”                                           Boca Raton Bowl

      Pro Tennis Exhibition                                                         record-breaking performance
                                                                                    Western Kentucky had a

                                                                                  to win the eighth RoofClaim.
            New Pickleball Courts Bring America’s                                 com Boca Raton Bowl,
                Hottest New Sport to Members                                      defeating Appalachian State,
         A record turnout of 500 Broken Sound members at the                      59-38 on Saturday, December
      club’s tennis stadium helped launch their season’s first                    18th at FAU Stadium. Western
      weekend in high style on Friday, December 3rd.                              Kentucky quarterback Bailey
         First on the multi-event schedule was a doubles match                    Zappe had a standout game
      that displayed the skills of four professionals: world-ranked               and was named the Most
      Stefan Kozlov and Tommy Paul, and Broken Sound’s own                        Valuable Offensive Player
      pros Sergio Sanchez and Guilherme Scarpelli.                                after totaling a Boca Raton
         In 2014, Kozlov made history on the pro tour, becoming                   Bowl record six touchdowns
      the youngest American to break the top 500 since Michael                    and 422 yards on 33-of-47  Beverlee Schnellenberger, County Mayor Robert Weinroth,
      Chang in 1989, and the youngest U.S. finalist at an ATP                     passing.                 Boca Raton Mayor Scott Singer, Bailey Zappe (2021
      Challenger since Chang and Andre Agassi that same year.                        With those six touchdowns, Boca Raton Bowl’s Most Valuable Offensive
      At the age of 14, he was ranked top 10 in the World Junior                  Zappe surpassed LSU  Player), Yvette Drucker, Andy Thomson,
      rankings, the first American player to reach that honor.  Broken Sound Club Tennis   quarterback Joe Burrows’s  Director of Operations Ashlee Dietrich.
         Tommy Paul captured his first Top 10 win at the ATP  Director Greg Wheaton (left)   all-time single-season passing
      500 level in 2019 and cracked the Top 100 for the first  and St. Andrews Tennis Director   touchdowns record of 60 touchdowns in 2019. Zappe first broke the yardage record, which
      time. Two years later, he won his first ATP singles title,  Aaron Krickstein have been   was held by former Texas Tech quarterback B.J. Symons. The historic moment came on a
      and during that tournament defeated Andy Murray, former  friendly competitors for the   42-yard pass to Jerreth Sterns late in the second quarter. Zappe finished with 5,967 passing
      number 1 in the world.                          annual trophy for twenty years.   yards on the season. Jerreth Sterns tied the Boca Raton Bowl most touchdowns receiving

      Broken Sound Club Opens Tennis Season on page 4                             Western Kentucky Tops Appalachian State on page 4
      11th Annual White Coats-4-Care Scholarship Event Raises

      $600,000 to “Dress and Equip” FAU’s Newest Medical Class

         Generating a record-breaking $600,000 in scholarship funds to support the newest class      “Recognizing that raising medical scholarship funds is an essential mission, it was
      of medical students at Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt College of Medicine, the   especially poignant and inspiring to gather again as a community after nearly two years of
      College’s annual White Coats-4-Care (WC4C) major scholarship fundraiser was hosted in   pandemic impact,” shared Co-Chair Bonnie Kaye, who with Kaye Communications (KCOM-
      mid-December at the new Schmidt Family Complex for Academic and Athletic Excellence.  PR) partner Jon Kaye, has co-chaired WC4C for 11 consecutive years since its inception.
                                                                                     With the average cost of a medical education reaching $250,000 in-state to $400,000 out-
                                                                                  of-state, 80-85% of the College’s talented students require financial assistance. Heavy debt
                                                                                  often impacts both a student’s choice of medical school as well as their medical specialty
                                                                                  based on its income potential to repay loans.
                                                                                     “Scholarship monies raised through the annual White Coats-4-Care initiative give
                                                                                  students the ability to follow their hearts, not their debts, into lifelong medical careers,”
                                                                                  noted Co-chair Jon Kaye. Since its inaugural reception, White Coats-4-Care has raised
                                                                                  more than $1.5 million.
                                                                                     This year, Ann and John Wood committed $400,000 to support 10 medical students in
                                                                                  the Class of 2025 as part of the inaugural year of the Robert A. Wood FAU Medical Scholars
                                                                                  Fund. This visionary fund will support these deserving students through all four years of
                                                                                  medical school. At the reception it was announced they will be doubling their commitment
                                                                                  for next summer’s incoming class of 2026 to total $800,000 to support 20 medical students
                                                                                  for all four years.
                                                                                     “It is because of the generosity and dedication of our community, we can continue to
                                                                                  attract the best and brightest medical students from a diverse array of backgrounds, and
      2021 White Coats-4-Care Host Committee; Co-Chairs Jon and Bonnie Kaye (seated, center)  deliver on our mission of advancing the health and well-being of our community by training
                                                                                  future generations of humanistic physicians,” shared Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
                                                                                  Interim Dean Sarah Wood, M.D.

                                                                                  11th Annual White Coats-4-Care Scholarship Event on page 8

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