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               From The Professionals’ Desks

      Healthy Answers–A Guide to Healthy Living:

      “Why Diets Don’t Always Work!”

      By Dale Brown, B.S., M.A., C.E.C.                    The first is the 16/8 method, which suggests you restrict   loss is one to two lbs. per week, so if you have two months
      Dale is a motivational speaker who                eating to an 8-hour window. This can easily be done by not   before the big day, the goal may be impossible to reach.
      has spent many years as a Certified               eating anything after dinner and eating a late breakfast. This      The Diet Crasher – Does a steady diet of cabbage soup
      Life Coach and has written numerous               is not for everyone, but I for one find it easy to do because   sound good to you? Maybe not, but if it helps you lose those
      articles and e-books relating to self-            I’m not a morning person. If I finish dinner by 8 p.m. and eat   50 lbs. you might. This type of diet promises you’ll lose
      improvement and ways to build a                   by 11:00 a.m. the next day, I’ve easily met the requirement.   weight by reducing your calories to 1,000 a day. This slows
      high-performance team. She is the                    The second concept is the 5/2 diet, which involves   your metabolism down to a crawl and teaches your body to
      author of the recently published book,            breaking up the week between eating normally and eating   burn calories at a slower pace. So, once you’ve had your fill
      “Small Steps...Big Changes:The                    fewer calories two days a week. For example, you may   of cabbage soup, you’ll likely gain back the weight once
      Personal Stories of a Life Coach.” Her education and years   choose to eat small meals on Mondays and Thursdays (250   you get back to normal eating.
      of experience in physical fitness and training of elite athletes   calories for women and 600 for men) and eat as usual the      The Meal Skipper – “I haven’t eaten a thing all day
      has enabled her to sharpen her knowledge in many health-  rest of the time. This type of fasting seems to work better   so I can afford to chow down on chicken nachos and a
      related areas. The following introduces a new approach to   for those whose main meal of the day is a hearty breakfast.  couple beers. It all evens out at the end of the day!” Wrong.
      Ms. Brown’s series of columns devoted to many topics that      While coaching athletes and counseling them on proper   Don’t skip meals unless you’re following a specific fasting
      deal with the mind/body connection and the importance of   nutrition, my mantra was always and still is: “Calories in,   program. Your body stores fat, holds out for the next meal
      living a healthy lifestyle. Dale, a Bocaire resident, can be   calories out!” It’s as simple as that. If you eat more than your   and that is counterproductive to losing weight.
      reached at           body burns, it ends up as fat somewhere on your body. You      The Snacker – Snacking isn’t always a bad thing to do,
         Are you one of the millions of Americans looking to   hear people say, “Oh, I tried that diet, but it didn’t work for   but it has to be nutritious. Eating several small meals a day
      the new year to make changes in your life for the better?   me.” I’ve noticed some people seem to always be on some   is more likely to control hunger and keep your metabolism
      Whether it’s about losing weight, exercising more, or simply   sort of diet, but end up right back where they started.   in high gear. Nuts are a good choice, but consider apples,
      trying to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s the time of year when      Why don’t diets work?          trail mixes, carrots and celery; need I say more?
      gym memberships soar and new diets emerge on the scene.      This is the 64-thousand-dollar question. The answer is      The Low-Fat Expert – “I only buy low-fat items, which
         Throughout my life I have seen diets come and go,   that most diets do work if you make the commitment to   helps keep my fat content down.” Whoops! Low-fat does
      each claiming to be the perfect solution to quickly shed   practice the designated regimen. Diets don’t work when   not translate to low-calorie. Check your carbs, fat, sugar,
      unwanted pounds. There are many “fad” diets you may   you sabotage your own efforts to succeed and blame it on   and calories on the nutritional label for a real eye opener.
      remember or maybe you’ve tried, such as Atkins, South   the diet. In my coaching practice I have identified types of      The Drinker – Did you know that some shakes, coffee
      Beach, Paleo, Cabbage or Ketogenic, to name only a few.   behavior that are responsible for failing to reach a desired   drinks and alcoholic beverages contain more than 500
      Maybe you’ve subscribed to one of the flexible food plans   weight loss goal.                        calories? Not only that; liquid calories don’t fill you up, so
      with fresh ingredients delivered to your door, or followed      The procrastinator – This person is good at telling you   you won’t eat any less after a high-calorie drink.
      already prepared meals from Jenny Craig or Nutrisystems.   what they’re going to do, load the weight watchers app to      Dieting is hard, eating and drinking is easy. Don’t blame
      Take your pick, the offerings are endless!        keep track of calories, join a fitness class, walk 10,000 steps   the diet on your inability to lose weight. For best results,
         One of the most popular diets high on the leader board   every day. Sounds like a plan, but six months later you find   finding a healthy way of eating that you enjoy and can follow
      these days is the concept of intermittent fasting. While other   them still sitting on the couch, explaining that their busy   for life is the answer to a healthy lifestyle. Combine good
      diets outline what foods to eat, this type of diet prescribes   schedule got in the way.             nutrition with daily exercise along with a diet that works
      when. Fasting has been found to be effective for losing      The Overachiever – These folks set goals way beyond   best for you. Always check in with your health professional
      weight while protecting against muscle loss. There are   what’s realistic. Have a class reunion coming up, a child’s   before starting any diet; your health depends on it.
      several different ways fasting might be beneficial for weight   wedding, or some other big occasion? Okay, you want to
      loss. Here are two of the most common.            lose 50 lbs. by whatever the date may be. A healthy weight
      Medical Matters: Elder Abuse in America

      By Richard Nagler, M.D., a member                 Other important signs are a pattern of hospitalization for the   the elder could not have made; there are cancelled checks and
      of Broken Sound Club and retired                  same or similar injury, delayed medical care for any injury,   bank statements that go to the perpetrator’s home and eviction
      physician. After graduating from the              visible discomfort exhibited toward a care-giver, trips to   notices, unpaid bills and utilities being turned off are ignored.
      University of Pennsylvania and New                different ERs to avoid suspicion, and withdrawal of the elder   Fraudulent signatures on financial documents, unusual changes
      York University’s School of Medicine,             from usual activities and socialization. Belittling, verbal and   in normal spending patterns and changes in wills and other
      Dr. Nagler served his internship and              physical threats, the use of power and control are common. In   financial documents are typical. In addition, there is a rampant
      residency at Baltimore City Hospital              addition, there is a serious problem with self-neglect as many   pattern of missing belongings such as jewelry, various devises
      and Johns Hopkins. He followed that               of these elders struggle with letting go of their independence   and other belongings perpetrated, especially by nursing home
      with a Fellowship in Gastroenterology             or admitting that they are not able to care for themselves.   staff personnel.
      at Yale University School of Medicine, and was then Chief   They often are unable to provide for themselves with a gaunt      Sexual abuse is another serious form of elder abuse
      of Gastroenterology at Fitzimmons General Army Hospital   appearance and significant weight loss due to insufficient food   perpetrated by staff, other health care facility residents, in-
      in Denver. He returned to the Yale Medical School for one   for proper nutrition and adequate fluid for hydration. They wear   home care takers, friends and family members. Clues that
      year as an Assistant Professor of Medicine before opening   unclean clothing or dress inappropriately, sleep poorly, exhibit   sexual abuse is present include bleeding or pain from the
      his own successful private practice in Internal Medicine   poor hygiene, have unpaid bills and untreated infections or   anus or genital area, bruises in the genital area or inner thighs,
      and Gastroenterology. During that time, he also served for   injuries. Concerned family members should recognize these   panic attacks, pain walking or sitting, social and emotional
      ten years as Chief of Medicine at Huntington Hospital in   features and take appropriate action before it is too late.  withdrawal, torn bloody or stained underwear, pelvic injury
      Huntington, N.Y.                                     There is willful deprivation exposing elders to the risk   and suicide attempts.
         The over-65 population in America is increasing rapidly   of physical, mental and emotional harm. Physical abuse is      There are a variety of risk factors involved with elder
      every year and with it a rise in the abuse of these seniors   very common and involves inflicting physical pain or injury.   abuse: Functional dependence, physical disability, poor health,
      nationwide. At present, over five million cases are being   Body bruises, cuts, pressure marks, broken bones, abrasions   cognitive impairment, low income, mental illness, substance
      reported annually, which represents one in 10 adults over 65.   and burns should be looked for by loved ones as they may   abuse and dependency, family financial conditions, ageism,
      However, the situation is certainly much worse as it is estimated   be deliberately hidden by clothing or bedding. Withholding   the current normalization of violence, lack of social support
      that, due to unreported cases, only one in 24 incidents are   food and fluids with weight loss and dehydration, missing   and living alone.
      reported to authorities.                          daily living aids, unsanitary living conditions and unattended      There are things that can help prevent elder abuse. Educate
         Elder abuse is defined as a single or repeated act or lack of   medical needs occur, which can be life-threatening.  seniors, professional care-givers and the public about abuse.
      appropriate action in any relationship with the expectation of      Emotional abuse is a devastating problem manifested   Seniors must take care of their health, seek professional help
      trust causing harm or distress. It is a violation of human rights   by unexplained withdrawal from normal activities, insults,   for drug, alcohol and depression with the family involved,
      with physical injury, premature mortality, depression, cognitive   isolation, terrorizing, humiliation, intimidation, harassment,   attend support groups for spouses and learn about domestic
      impairment, sexual molestation and psychological, emotional,   name-calling, threats, confinement, isolation and denial   and violence services. It is very important to plan for one’s own
      financial and material components including abandonment   of access to resources, which result in a variety of serious   future with power of attorney and having an up-to-date living
      and neglect resulting in a serious loss of dignity and respect.   consequences. Unusual depression, unexplained withdrawal   will, and to seek independent advice from someone trusted
      The incidence of abuse is highest in nursing homes and long-  from normal activities, unusual changes in behavior and sleep,   before signing any documents. One should stay active in the
      care facilities, with 66% reporting it having increased during   strained or tense relationships, frequent arguments with a care-  community and connected with friends and family in order to
      the COVID-19 pandemic. This results in an estimated annual   giver, fear and anxiety, attempts at hurting others, avoiding eye   avoid social isolation. It is important to always post and open
      loss of 36 billion dollars for the abused and their families and   contact, difficulty eating and sleeping, isolation from friends   one’s own mail, give no personal information over the phone,
      a threat to the lives of these vulnerable seniors. Over 60% of   and family, low self-esteem and mood swings are involved.  direct deposit all checks and have their own phone.
      cases involve adult children or a spouse.            Financial abuse is extremely costly, resulting in an average      If a loved one appears to be in imminent danger, the best
         The most common form of elder abuse is neglect with   of 3 billion dollars in losses annually. This form of abuse   option is to call 911. Otherwise, one should call the adult
      care-givers’ failure to provide life’s necessities. Manifestations   involves the illegal, unauthorized, improper use of elder’s   protective service office or a long-term care omnibundsman,
      include bed sores, poor hygiene, failure to provide proper   resources by someone in a trusted relationship. In this scenario,   or even the police. Most states have penalties for those who
      hydration and nutrition, unclean clothing, unusual weight loss,   the elder usually doesn’t understand their financial situation.   victimize older adults. They are trained on elder abuse and use
      unattended medical needs, dislocated joints, sprains, loss of   There is unusual interest by individuals (usually family) on   criminal and civil laws to bring abusers to justice.
      teeth, sudden unexplained hair loss and self-treated injuries.   what the elder is spending. ATM withdrawals are made which
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