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               A Word from the Editor

      A New Year Resolution Recommendation from the Editor

         If it’s true that “a word to the wise is sufficient,” then I      For those of you who think of the library primarily as
      shouldn’t have to run this kind of message too often. After   a place from which to borrow books in either traditional,
      all, what does it take to convince people to take advantage   audiobook formats, think again...and again...and again.
      of the biggest bargain in all of Boca?            From film and music DVDs and videos to thousands of
         If you don’t already know by now that I am referring to   movies on streaming services you can watch on your home
      a free library card for every member of your family, from   TV (that work like the ones you pay for such as Netflix
      toddlers to the most senior, then you haven’t been reading   or Amazon Prime); from special appearances by famous
      the articles we have been running almost every month in the   authors to art shows; from classes in technology to foreign
      pages of Boca Club News. As one whose career included 15   language lessons; from special programs for getting a high
      years in the book publishing industry, some of it working   school diploma to starting a new business...and for the
      with libraries, and have personally edited more than 20   youngest among us, help in learning to read right up through
      books. I am literally awed by the extraordinary range of   help with homework. And how about the collection of cake
      services offered by the Boca Raton public library system...  pans in different shapes you can borrow to help you prepare   BOCA RATON FREE LIBRARY CARD
      essentially free of charge.                       baked goods for special holiday events!
                                                                                                              And that’s only part of the story! Read on...
                                                                                                              Discover the Digital Library, available 24/7. Read
                                                                                                           popular books and magazines online in OverDrive. View
                                                                                                           thousands of streaming movies on Kanopy and Hoopla. Read
                                                                                                           New York Times, Washington Post, and Palm Beach Post
                                                                                                           online. Play New York Times games online, including word
                                                                                                           games, Sudoku, and the NYT Crossword, anytime. Develop
                                                                                                           work skills, learn new software, and earn job certifications
                                                                                                           online with LinkedIn Learning and Universal Class. Learn
         Do you know a family member,                                                                      new crafting techniques from quilters, cake decorators,
                                                                                                           painters, and other hobbyists with Craftsy. Learn a new
         friend or a neighbor in need of                                                                   language for travel or work with Transparent Language.
                                                                                                             Explore amazing programs and events. Babies, toddlers
         Home Health Care?                                                                                   and beginner readers can enjoy interactive storytimes
                                                                                                           and early literacy classes, including 1,000 Books Before
                                                                                                           Kindergarten. Tweens and teens are invited to participate
                                                                                                           in Book Clubs and Graphic Novel Clubs, Anime Nights,
                                                                                                           Super Smash Tournaments, and other exciting activities.
        Home Health Aides / Certified Nursing Assistants / Registered Nurses  to assist you with:          Families have fun every year at the library’s annual Touch-a-
                                                                                                           Truck, Summer Reading Kickoff, and Mad Hatter Tea Party
             • Personal Care      • Companionship     • Respite Care      • Alzheimers & Dementia Care     programs. Adult classes and programs include technology
                      • Medication Management     • Transportation     • Meal Preparation                  training, genealogy, Italian and Spanish language learning,
                       • Light Housekeeping      • Grocery Shopping      • Post Surgery Care               Storytelling Slams and speakers, author talks and book
                                                                                                           signings, Socrates Café, and more.
                                                                                                              Imagine the possibilities. The Boca Raton Public
                                     Complimentary In-Home Consultation                                    Library offers more than 800,000 popular books, audiobooks,
                                                                                                           magazines, newspapers, music, movies, and TV shows, as
                        Care provided in the comfort of your Home, Hospital, or Facility                   well as hundreds of items in our special collections, such
                                                                                                           as jigsaw puzzles, chess sets, cake pans, mobile hotspots,
               We accept All Long Term Care Insurance Policies and Private Pay – Affordable Rates          Citizen Science Kits, STEM and Early Literacy Kits, and
                                                                                                           Playaway preloaded audiobooks. Build a business with
              Family owned and operated. Boca Resident for 30+ years and Boca Pointe Members.              Creative Startups, a 5-week small business accelerator
                                                                                                           workshop. Complete a high school diploma free with
                            CALL TODAY:  561.740.8667                                                      Career Online High School. Book a Librarian for 30-minute
                                                                               appointments for research or device assistance. Sign up with
                                    Florida Licensed and Insured NR# 30211558, NR# 30211706                NextReads newsletters to receive special interest reading
                                                                                                           recommendations delivered to your email inbox.
                                                                                                              Connect at the library. The Boca Raton Public Library
                                                                                                           has two beautiful facilities with public computers and printers,
                                                                                                           free WiFi, quiet study spaces, and comfortable reading chairs.
                                                                                                           The Downtown Library branch and the lakeside Spanish
                                                                                                           River Library branch offer art galleries with the work of local
                                   General Dentistry                                                       artists and students. Indoor and outdoor space can be rented
                                                                                                           for special events such as weddings and meetings. Visit the
                                    Cosmetic & Laser                                                       Friends of the Library Bookstore at Downtown Library for
                                                                                                           quality, hand-selected used books and DVDs. Rushed for
                                                                                                           time? Try curbside pickup service, available at either library.
                                                                                                              So that’s why I am recommending that you make your
                                                                                                           New Year resolution today to sign up for a free Boca Raton
                                                                                                           Public Library card for everyone in your family. Then do it!
                                                                                                           For more information about the Boca Raton Public Library,
                                                                                                           visit or call (561) 393-7852.

                                                                                                              Editor ........................................................................   Nils  A. Shapiro
                                                                                                            Photography By ........................................................   Jon Ricco

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