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             SOLD                               SOLD                                                                   SOLD

                Bent Creek $495,000                  Banyans $295,000                    Your Home                          Banyans $330,000
                2485 NW 53rd Street                 6676 NW 26th Way                          Here                       6638 NW 24th Terrace

            RENTED                              SOLD                                SOLD                               SOLD

                 Banyans $350,000                 Grand Oaks $1,060,000              Fairway Pointe $725,000           Fairway Landing $550,000
               6696 NW 25th Terrace                 2530 NW 63rd Lane                  2558 NW 63rd Street                2199 NW 57th Street

             SOLD                               SOLD                                SOLD                               SOLD

               Laurel Pointe $230,000                Banyans $275,000                  Bent Creek $540,000               Tanglewood $1,150,000
                5335 NW 26th Circle                6681 NW 25th Terrace                2410 NW 53rd Street                6368 NW 23rd Court

                            Broken Sound Residents Want To Swap!!

             I am working with several homeowners in Broken Sound that are looking to sell and move

                 within the community. As you are aware, the inventory is extremely tight and finding

             available homes has never been so challenging. My latest customer has a large 4 bedroom

                  home in Broken Sound and is looking to downsize to a 3 bedroom house within the

           community. If you are interested in selling or trading up to a larger home, please let me know.

                This may be an excellent opportunity to do a swap, saving you aggravation and money.
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