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        VOL. 22 NO. 1                                                                            JANUARY 2022

       Boca West Children’s Foundation And Boys & Girls

       Clubs Of Palm Beach County Made Holiday Dreams

       Come True For 150 Local Kids

         Boca West Children’s Foundation (BWCF), the Boys &
      Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, and volunteers from Boca
      West Country Club held the 12th Annual Adopt a Family/
      Home for the Holidays Project at Old Navy on Dec. 18 for
      150 local kids age 6 to 13 in Boca Raton.
         Each child received a $50 gift card to purchase clothing
      for themselves at the store.
         Younger siblings received gift cards for $25 and teens
      not at the event received $50 gift cards to Old Navy.
         The kids were each accompanied by a Boca West Country
      Club volunteer who helped them during the shopping trip.
      After shopping, the kids were taken by bus to Boca West

                                                         Country Club where they enjoyed a spectacular holiday      Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) was the
                                                         brunch and activities. Spiderman, Chase and Skye from Paw   sponsor. Deputy Lisa Brown was on hand to speak with the
                                                         Patrol and Daisy Duck entertained the children during the   kids and to give out crayons and coloring books with the
                                                         breakfast. Each child returned home with a toy from Santa   theme, “Don’t talk to a Stranger.”
                                                         and a food basket filled with a turkey, a ham, fresh vegetables
                                                         and all the fixings for a holiday meal.           Holiday Dreams Come True on page 2

      Annual Boating & Beach Bash For People With Disabilities

      Brings New And Returning Performers To The Stage

      Nation’s Largest, Free, Fun Festival                  New! Coming to the stage for 2022 will be the following
      Celebrating Diversity And Inclusion For            lineup of performers:
      People With Disabilities – Both Seen And           Mason Pace (

                                                           From his origins in Boca Raton, Florida, Pace has opened
      Unseen – Returns To Boca Raton On Feb. 20,         for and headlined with acts like Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Vince
      After A Pandemic-Related Pause                     Neil, Ace Frehley, and Phil Collins. He released his debut
                                                         album, Whateverland, in 2018. He is now performing his second
         The Annual Boating & Beach Bash for People with   release, King of Hearts, released in late 2021. Mason has also
      Disabilities – the nation’s largest, free, one-day event for   recently opened his home studio for business and offers his
      people with disabilities, both seen and unseen – will welcome   services as a producer under Mason Pace Productions.
      its audience back to an in-person event at Spanish River   Kendra Erika (
      Park. Presented by the American Disabilities Foundation,      Erika, a South Florida-based rising star with multiple
      the event became an inclusive Spring Break event, drawing   top ten hits on the Billboard Dance music charts, is a siren
      people from across the country.                    whose voice is her superpower. Tone deaf as a child, she   Kendra Erika   Mason Pace
         The 2022 Annual Boating & Beach Bash for People with   was determined to do the work necessary to overcome this
      Disabilities will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday, Feb.   setback. She spent years in classical training to learn how to   “We will be performing secular and modern music, along
      20, at Spanish River Park, 3001 North Ocean Blvd. (A1A),   sing on key. Today, her songs are streamed across the globe   with gospel, to get the crowd moving.”
      Boca Raton, FL 33431.                              on Amazon, Spotify, and Apple with hits like Self-Control.      View them in action:
                                                                                 Miami Lighthouse United   watch?v=h-retEqmcfE.
                                                                                 Voices Choir              What Else Is New For 2022
                                                                                   Returning to the stage will      Enjoy new food trucks with tastes from around the globe,
                                                                                 be 10 to 12 vocalists who are   including Greek, American, and Mexican. Organizers are
                                                                                 visually impaired or blind, and   seeking sponsorships, vendors, exhibitors, entertainment and
                                                                                 who sing with great passion   local boat captains. After a two-year pause, the organization
                                                                                 and  energy.  “The  Miami   committee is working to re-establish relationships and
                                                                                 Lighthouse group is excited   welcome new organizations to participate.
                                                                                 to rejoin the Bash lineup of      Designed as a Spring Break festival of inclusion and
                                                                                 featured entertainers,” said
                                                                                 new director Zachary Brown.   Annual Boating & Beach Bash on page 2
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