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      Travel: Post Cards From Jessica

                                                            Jordan is so easily                            wonder via a narrow canyon called Al Siq. It earned the
                                                         accessible by road, and to                        nickname of the “Rose City” because it contains tombs and
                                                         miss their UNESCO sites                           temples carved into the pink sandstone cliffs.
                                                         and  beautiful  terrain  is  a                       As you make your 40-minute journey through the stone
                                                         mistake. Most cruise ships                        maze either by foot or by donkey cart, you’ll come up to
                                                         moving through the Red                            the “big” reveal! Passing into the massive opening you’ll
                                                         Sea will likely make a port                       witness the famous Treasury. This towering structure was
                                                         stop at Aqaba for a day, or                       majestically carved into the cliffside. Don’t worry, there
                                                         overnight for excursions                          are plenty of opportunities to collect photographs for your
                                                         to Petra and  Wadi Rum.                           Instagram or Facebook. Don’t pass up on the chance to ride
                                                         Also, most all luxury tour                        the camels directly in front of this biblical structure.
                                                         operators will either include                        Travel Tip: Mövenpick Resort Petra is located directly
                                                         or offer extensions to Jordan.                    at the entrance to the historic Jordanian city of Petra. This
                                                            I assure you that once you get to Jordan you’ll feel   5-star resort with an oriental flair features 183 luxury hotel
                                                         transported to a terrain and culture that will have you   rooms and suites plus a wide variety of restaurants for your
                                                         feeling like you’re a true Bedouin living a biblical life!   culinary cravings.
                                                         From Amman to Petra to the Wadi Rum desert, this will be      On To The Wadi Rum Desert. Like Lawrence of Arabia,
                                                         a life-changing adventure.                        you’ll venture into the rose-tinted mountains and marvel at
                                                            Your Trail Map: Your first stop to Jordan will hopefully   the desert vistas. Spend the day traversing the desert sands
                                                         be the Dead Sea, so be sure to pack your swimsuit for a dip   on four-wheel drive vehicles as you comb the landscape in
                                                         into the saltiest body of water on the planet, with around 34   search of a Bedouin village. Once there, you will be treated
                                                         percent salinity. Floating has never been so easy.  to a traditional Middle Eastern lunch under the tents of this
                                                            Also, we have to be reminded that the Dead Sea is   ancient habitat. Or you can be offered a short ride via camel
                                                         “dying,” and with its waters vanishing at an alarming rate   to roam like the locals. This is an experience you’ll never
                                                         each passing year the possibility of enjoying a visit to its   forget.
      To: All Wandering Nomads In Search Of              shores keeps receding. For accommodations, many of our      From One Sea To Another. You might end your trek
      Ancient Treasures                                  clients raved about the luxury Mövenpick Resort & Spa   with a stop at the Red Sea. If you have the opportunity to
                                                                                                           visit the port city of Aqaba on the Red Sea, you won’t be
                                                         Dead Sea.
      From: The “Valley Of The Moon,” Wadi Rum              Whether you’re arriving in Jordan independently or   disappointed as a snorkeler or diver. The Yamanieh coral
      Desert                                             with a tour group, you’ll most likely start your adventure   reef that’s found in the Aqaba Marine Park is world known
                                                         in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Even though it might not   for the best views of marine life.
      By Jessica Flores. Jessica has worked in the travel and tourism   be the most glamorous of cities, the hilly topography and      Wheels Down: It was the famous view of the Treasury
      industry for well over a decade. She holds both Bachelors and   the flourishing art and design scene will remind you of San   at Petra seen through the rock corridor of the Siq in Indiana
      Master’s Degrees in Hospitality & Tourism Management. As   Francisco.                                Jones and the Last Crusade that initially sold me on the idea
      owner of AWAY Travel in Boca Raton, Jessica and staff bring      Travel Tip: A great place to park your camel would   of visiting Jordan. And it was the world-class archeological
      25 years of personal travel experience to an exclusive clientele   be the Four Seasons. Perfectly located, this hotel delivers   sites, the incredible desert scenery, the friendliest people,
      looking for luxury travel planning. Ready for your own journey   stunning accommodation and service. Even the standard or   most delicious food, and abundant sunshine that had me
      to begin? Visit: Email me: jessica@  deluxe rooms are beautiful.             confirming that my decision was well made. So, while you or call: (877) 493-AWAY.           Next Stop: Petra. This ancient Nabataean civilization   may not find any of Indiana Jones’s treasure while you’re
         Pack Your Camel: I have a lot of clients who visit Israel,   was carved completely out of rock. Dating back to 300 B.C.,   there, I promise just visiting this gem of a country is the
      and I totally agree this is one place you need to get on your   this city originated when the Nomadic tribes-turned-traders   best treasure indeed.
      bucket list. But I often recommend that while they are there   settled here for security, enabling them to control trade       Wishing You Safe Travels,
      not to miss visiting Jordan.                       routes. Today, there’s only one way into the archaeological                                Jessica

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