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      Dining Out: If You Can’t Get To Italy…

      Then Let Italy Come To You!

      By Alan Serinsky of Bocaire                        perfect in both seasoning and temperature. Light-charred      Louie’s version was spot on with the right infusion of coffee
      Country Club. Hungry Al’s love                     on the outside and moist on the inside, it was then finished   flavors, good imported savoiardi (lady fingers) and the perfect
      for food started very young.                       in a sauté pan in a bath of citrus wine, herb, and heirloom   texture of the whipped eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese.
      Never satisfied with his Mom’s                     cherry tomatoes. Nice job!                           We also selected Louie’s Nonna’s Cheesecake ($9.50)
      dishes, he started to cook his                        Hungry Al went on a more traditional path with one of   to share. By now I’ve tasted hundreds of variations of
      way through her “Betty Crocker                     Louie’s freshly made in-house pasta dishes. I love a good   cheesecakes and baked a few myself. This one was a real
      Cookbook.” During the years                        Carbonara Spaghetti ($24) made the classic way, without the   winner. I believe it had to do with the blend of both cream
      to follow he spent many hours                      addition of heavy cream. Here Louie includes diced house-  cheese and ricotta in the filling that gave it a light but rich
      working in restaurants, both as server and cook, attending   cured pancetta, eggs and the key ingredient – good Parmigiano   taste. Not too sweet … not too cheesy.
      cooking classes and traveling the world in an effort to expand   Reggiano cheese. All that’s needed is a ladle of the starchy pasta      Check Please: By now you can easily assume that our
      his palette. As a professional writer, Hungry Al offers his   liquid and you have a thick but light creamy sauce. Well done!   dining experience here at Louie Bossi delivered excellence.
      perspective on current food trends and guides you through      Side Note: It would be a disservice if I didn’t mention   These are tough times for restaurateurs to handle the onslaught
      your local restaurant options.                     that, with the Bistecca, this beef is hand selected and   of patrons returning to dining out post-COVID, the difficulties
                                                         dry-aged on premises, served bone-in with roasted garlic   of securing good personnel, and the sourcing of ingredients
      Louie Bossi                                        and rosemary. As an indirect testimonial of popularity,   to satisfy the demand of our well-educated eaters. But Louie
      Hyatt Place Boca                                   the table alongside us were all served the same Ribeye   answered his loyal fans with keeping his kitchen in order, his
      100 E. Palmetto Road                               Steaks ($38). Gotta be good!                      waitstaff vigilant, and his Nonna’s smiling in pride knowing
      Boca Raton, FL 33432                                  From The Dessert Cart: I was wondering at this point   he is utilizing her recipe in the effort
      (561) 336-6699                                     if there was room for dessert, but with everything going   to satisfy others.                                     so well we couldn’t refuse, and happy that we didn’t. Not      The Hungry Squad is delighted to
                                                         a big fan of Tiramisu, I was hesitant of this choice until   round out his pizza dough with four
         Food For Thought: Having been to Louie Bossi only   our excellent waiter convinced me it was going to live   huge golden slices of perfection.
      twice before tonight, I was certain that I had written a previous   up to Hungry Al’s expectations.
      review. To my surprise I discovered that had never happened.
      In retrospect, it seemed that my initial visit was about two
      not to visit a new restaurant until they have gotten off the  Boca Public Library’s Photography
      weeks after their grand opening. Usually, I caution myself

      starting blocks with enough time to iron out the wrinkles in
      a new operation. This was obviously a miscalculation of my   Exhibit Takes You On ‘A Walk
      first handshake with Louie.
         So here I am back again after a six-year hiatus, wondering
      singles crowd that pushed me toward calmer pastures. Maybe  Through Cuba’ Until Feb. 14
      why the return visit was so delayed. Maybe it was the huge

      it was the early misfires of the few items I initially sampled,
      or maybe I simply got distracted to other dining destinations.      The Boca Raton Public  Library  presents a  new   recognized widely
      Regardless, it left me scratching my head as to why I left all   photography exhibit, “A Walk Through Cuba” by Brian   for her astute “eye”
      the good meals on the table.                         and Lorie Bibbee. This exhibit captures the local feel of   f o r   t h e   p e r f e c t
         There are all kinds of restaurateurs, ranging from small   Havana and several outlying small towns. From the back   photo. She has
      mom and pops, to corporate restaurant franchises, to an array   streets of Havana to the tobacco fields in the mountains,   had experience in
      of local food trucks – all the way up to the latest concept of   these photos capture a diverse view of Cuba off the   darkroom techniques
      restaurant groups.                                   beaten path. The metal prints shown in the exhibit are   and photojournalism
         Louie Bossi falls in the latter category within the   made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated   and contributed
      framework of the Big Time Restaurant Group. You might   aluminum sheets for a magical luminescence, which   several photos for
      recognize these names: City Oyster, City Cellar, Rocco’s   creates a durable, waterproof and brilliant print.   this exhibition.
      Tacos, Elisabetta and Big City Tavern. The good news is,      Brian, a Florida native, has been photographing      “A Walk Through
      Big Time … delivers big flavors.                     Florida and international locations for the past 40 years.   Cuba,” a free exhibit
         First Impressions: First, you’ll need to know that Louie   From Australia to Switzerland, he has traveled the   on view now, will
      is located directly on Palmetto and Federal Highway, sharing   world to capture the local scenery, people, and beautiful   run through Feb. 14
      the space with the Hyatt Place Hotel. The parking is tight, so   landscapes. Recently, the Palm Beach Photographic   at the Art in Public
      I highly recommend splurging the five dollars for the valet   Institute displayed his work in a juried photography   Places area of the Downtown Library, 400 N.W. 2nd
      service and save your energy and time for the good eats inside.   competition in their West Palm Beach gallery. Lorie is   Ave. It is open during regular library hours.
         Louie does a great job making you feel like you’re
      actually dining in a ristorante in Italy. Wooden floors,
      brick walls, open kitchen, Parma bar, tufted upholstery
      booths, open beef-hanging fridge, and tasteful hanging
      photos address the Italian ambiance.
         You’ll also find a huge bar area for socializing, and an
      abundance of outside seating for perfect al fresco dining in
      the beautiful cool ocean breezes.
      starting off your lunch or evening with a huge array  NoN-Toxic cancer immunotherapy

         Prime Your  Taste  Buds: Louie Bossi is great at
      of pizzas, appetizers and antipasti. I would certainly
      consider on my return visit (yes, there will be one!) to
      simply work my way through these smaller plate options   Available NoW
      as an alternative to the full Monty.
      their Sicilian Olives and Provolone ($8.50) to enhance  Safe and Effective!
         Hungry Al decided to open up with a small dish of

      the enjoyment of my glass of Orin Swift Abstract blend.
      Nothing beats authentic Italian olives.              This is the Original Immunotherapy that
         Hungry D. gave immediate thumbs up after hearing the
      description of the special appetizer of wine poached pears,   balances and optimizes your immune system to
      freshly sliced Di Parma Prosciutto, and probably the best   fight almost any type of cancer.
      Mozzarella Di Bufala that both of us quickly devoured. This
      dish hit on all cylinders: sweetness of the pears, saltiness of
      the ham, and the richness of the creamy cheese.      Hundreds of successes over the years.
         I also decided to sample the very popular Arancini Con
      Tartufo ($13.50), which is comprised of crispy rice balls filled   Continuously available since 1977
      with fior di latte cheese and a hint of truffle aioli. These little
      bocce ball delights will scatter from the table so fast you might   in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
      want to consider a take-home box.
         Side Note: Don’t miss their excellent Neapolitan
      wood-oven pizzas.                                                                 See our website for more info:
         Straight From The Kitchen: Some will state that the
      menu at Louie Bossi is limited in the offerings of entrees.
      I would say it’s better to have fewer good plates than a
      Greek dinner list of run-of-the-mill options. As for our   or call for more information: Toll-free number (561) 766-0878
      selections this evening, Hungry D. chose the market fish
      of the day, Grilled Branzino ($32).                                           Email:
         I was impressed that the grill master got this one
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