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VOL. 30 NO. 1                                                                            JANUARY 2022

      Chairman’s Corner                                                            Annual Hospital Town Meeting

      The New Year 2022                                                            Tuesday, February 1, 2022 –

      By Barry J. Haberman, BPCA Chair and President

         We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, a Happy                           5:30 To 7:00
      Hanukkah and a Healthy and Happy New Year.
         A whole year has gone by and 2022 is here. Hopefully, the                 By Arthur Dermer, Volunteer – DRMSL
      COVID-19 Pandemic will decline with the available vaccines
      and we can get back to the Great Boca Pointe Lifestyle.                         The Boca Pointe Community Association and the
         This year our new Holiday Lighting Program is fantastic.                  Club at Boca Pointe invite you and your neighbors
      It creates an uplifting feeling in these trying times.                       to  our 13th  annual  Boca Raton  Regional Hospital
         During this New Year, please take time to thank those                     Town Hall meeting in the clubhouse at Boca Pointe.
      who volunteer on many Boards and committees. The staff and volunteers work extremely   This extraordinary program will include a state-of-
      hard to effectuate the many changes that have occurred in Boca Pointe.       the- Hospital presentation about Emergency Medicine
         My wife, Gail and I look forward to the good changes in this forthcoming year and wish   and  the  updates  to  the  emergency  room  facilities.
      everyone Happy and Healthy Holiday Cheer for this New Year.                 The  keynote  speaker  will  be  Dr.  Evan  Goldstein,
                                                                                   the  managing  partner  of  the  Emergency  Medicine
                                                                                   Group  at  Boca  Regional  Hospital.  He  also  serves
        High Season Traffic At Gates                                               as Vice President/Vice Chief of Staff of Emergency Medicine and is an affiliate
                                                                                   professor  at  the  Charles  E.  Schmidt  College  of  Medicine  at  Florida Atlantic
                                                                                   University. Throughout  his  career,  he  has  held  leadership  roles  in  numerous
        By Justin Mocha, Director of Security                                      MedTech  companies.  He  will  talk  about  the  latest
                                                                                   life-saving advances in Stroke and Heart Treatments
           We are officially entering the height of “the season” in South Florida—while   and the plans to make the Hospital into a world-class
        compiling our monthly security report for November, I noticed that Boca Pointe   Emergency Medicine center.
        guards logged in 74,427 vehicles for the month. An all-time high for November.      Lincoln Mendez, President and Chief Executive
        While the COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down our traffic at first, we have   Officer,  Boca  Raton  Regional  Hospital,  will  give
        seen the frequency of home deliveries (meals, consumer goods, etc.) explode at the   an update on COVID-19 in our community and the
        gates, and that is continuing into the season.                             ongoing plans to expand Boca Regional to meet the
           I’d ask that residents and guests please be patient while in line at the gatehouses.   ongoing needs of our community. Mr. Mendez joined
        I’d also like to offer some best practices to ensure that we can process your guests   Boca  Regional  as  President  in  2019.  His  30  year
        and vendors as smoothly as possible.                                       career  in  hospital  administration  included  holding
        • Make use of Fast Pass! Guests who have a Fast Pass and Photo Identification ready   the Presidency in many major hospitals in Florida.
        when they approach the gate are quickly processed. All the guard has to do is scan the   He  is  currently  a  Board  Member  of  the  Florida
        pass, verify identification, and they can process the entry. You can send your guests passes   Atlantic University College of Medicine. This must  Lincoln Mendez, President,
        directly using or the GateAccess mobile app. Or, your guests can obtain   attend event will also keep you informed about Boca  BRRH
        one at the gate when they enter. It is a huge timesaver.                   Regional’s plans to transform the landscape of the
        • Put your guests on the list! The most common cause for backup at the gates is guests   campus area.
        or residents who are not on the list. Courtesy phone calls are just that—a courtesy.      Mark  Larkin,  CFRE,  President,  Boca  Raton
        Guards are instructed not to place courtesy calls if the line of cars is backed up to   Regional  Hospital  Foundation,  will  deliver  the
        a point where it could be dangerous.                                       opening remarks.
           I’ve been told by some residents that they don’t put their guests on the list because they      This presentation will be of great value to us all.
        want a call to let them know when they enter. You can register to receive texts or e-mails   The program is open to ALL RESIDENTS of Boca
        when your guests enter instead. GateAccess mobile app and both have   Pointe. Non-Club members in particular are welcome
        the option to do so in the “Contact Information” settings. This way you will be notified   to attend. Please try to attend and bring a friend or
        when a guest enters without slowing down the gatehouse with making phone calls.  neighbor. A wine and cheese reception will be held
           Errors do occur, and sometimes we have to follow up on performance issues with   at 5:30 pm to be followed by the feature program at
        the security staff. Please reach out to me if you experience any issues. We have long   6:00. There will be NO solicitations of any kind.
        established processes in place to re-train, coach, and—if it comes to it, discipline      Please RSVP to Mark Easton at 561-955-4642 or
        security staff. This works optimally when we are informed of any problems our              Dr. Evan Goldstein
        guests or residents experience as soon as possible.
           I can be reached at (561) 672-3309 or at
           If you see something, Say Something. 
                                                                                    Please Help

                                                                                       It’s a New Year! Now is the time to clean out your closets!! The homeless
                                                                                    shelters are accepting used clothing. Please bring any clean, gently used
                                                                                    clothing that you would like to donate. The drop off location is at the BPCA
                                                                                    office located at 6909 SW 18th St., Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping
                                                                                    plaza. The donations are distributed to local churches and homeless shelters.
                                                                                    Help make a difference to those less fortunate.
                                                                                      Thank you!! 
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