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      Neighborly Is As Neighborly Does

      By William A. Gralnick                             his hat to every female neighbor who was out and about.   had a dog who I walked. I would meet in passing the many
                                                         “Evenin’ to ya!” went with the tip of the hat.    others who had the same chore. And yet, we knew little
         I am exploring through                             There were a lot of children on the block. Everyone was   about one another, often not even names. I would refer to
      my own perception what                             always in someone else’s house. We all went to the same   people by the dog they owned. “I saw the guy from around
      I call neighborliness. I                           elementary school and clumps of us walked there together.  the corner with the Collie or I saw the lady with the two
      read an article in the local                          When a family had a life cycle event, good or bad, most   Bedlington Terriers (It’s the dog that looks like a small
      Coral Springs newspaper                            everyone on the block acknowledged it in some way or   lamb). I would say I’d been on the inside of only two of
      (Tap In To Coral Springs) about a stranger who helped   another. It was, in sum, a real neighborhood.  the houses these many people lived in, maybe three. And
      out a woman who was in danger of losing her house. It      It seems to me that has changed and the suburbanization   of those three two visited in my house. I knew little about
      brought the subject to the fore once more.         in America was the beginning of it. I think as the ‘50’s   the people on either side of my house and nothing about
         When I was a kid in Brooklyn I lived on a dead-end   became the ‘60’s, the ‘60’s became the ‘70’s the increasing   the guys across the street on the corner who I actually had
      street that had fourteen houses. While I wouldn’t say   number of women in the work force left fewer and fewer   suspicions of being a Syrian spy or terrorist. (I was working
      everyone was everyone’s buddy, everyone knew a lot   people around during the day. The term “latch key” child   at the Sheriff’s Department then. He wasn’t a spy).
      about everyone else. Neighbors chatted on the street.   entered the vocabulary of the sociologists. To have a      We’ve moved a whole three miles to Boca Pointe and
      One gentleman with four daughters would get off the   conversation, at least if one is mentally stable, it takes two   again live on a cul-de-sac. Again, I am referring to people
      subway, stop at the Irish bar about 50 yards from where   people. No longer having people home had a direct hit on   by their dogs or at this stage of life, their infirmities. There
      he alighted, and had a few. He intimated that’s what was   neighborliness.                           have been two breaks in silence between neighbors, actually
      needed to go home to house of five women, a cat, and a      For 23 years I lived on a cul de sac in Boca Raton. I   three. When we moved in the charming, grandmother
      dog. When he got to the head of the street, he would tip   knew way more people in the development because we   to everyone next door, baked us cookies. She makes
                                                                                                           homemade applesauce. We watch out for each other, collect
                                                                                                           each other’s mail when one of us is away, and now we
                                                                                                           function as old-time neighbors.
                                                                                                              Another time when I was walking the dog I walked
                                                                                                           past a gentleman who was pretty rocky on his pins. I later
                                                                                                           learned he was in the hospital for over a month after open
                                                                                                           heart surgery. One moment he was in motion towards his
                                                                                                           car, the next he had pitched over backwards, hitting his head
                                                                                                           on the pavement. I assisted physically and with first aide
                                                                                                           advice. They now go out of their way to say hi and ask about
                                                                                                           me and or the dog. For my part, I wave to everyone when
                                                                                                           I either pass them in my car or they me in theirs. ‘seems
                                                                                                           like a nice thing to do. I think I shame them into waving
                                                                                                           back; most of them do. I never miss a chance to peek into
                                                                                                           a baby carriage or pet someone else’s dog. This is mostly
                                                                                                           the doing of my dog who gets insulted if he’s not given due
                                                                                                           attention. He seeks it out. He is a “blow in my ear, follow
                                                                                                           you anywhere” dog.
                                                                                                              Sometimes amazing things happen. A caretaker who is
                                                                                                           in love with my dog, hailed us down. She was pushing a
                                                                                                           wheelchair. She wanted to introduce me to the woman for
                                                                                                           whose family she had worked over the past three decades.
                                                                                                           She and her charge had just moved in. She’s blind and
                                                                                                           infirm, but strong of voice. She too likes the dog. She’s one
                                                                                                           hundred and two years old, yes 102! To her I don’t wave.
                                                                                                           I call out greetings.
                                                                                                             Something is separating Americans and it is not distance.

           BUYER?                                  Call Joe Young         SELLER?                          This brings us the long way around to the good Samaritan

                                                                                                           who helped out with a check to get a woman he did not know
          THIS IS THE MARKET YOU                                          YOU NEED EXPOSURE &              over a hump that could have been a precipice in her life. He
                                                                                                           wasn’t Bill Gates nor was he a noted philanthropist here or
          HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!                                         AGGRESSIVE MARKETING!             anywhere. He was just a guy who was touched by the story
         (561) 756-8508                                                 (561) 756-8508                     about another person and decided to do more than just sigh
                                                                                                           over the misfortune. Nor would what he did have been any
         Hope everyone is doing okay during these challenging times. I am here to assist any way I can.    less worthy if he had bought her groceries, filled up her car
                                                                                                           with gas, paid her electric bill, or just introduced himself
                                                                                                           to her and say, “It sounds like you could use someone to
                                                                                                           talk to and I’ve got plenty of time to listen.”
               SOLD                                           CLOSED                                         of a do-gooder, we have a model for the doing of good.
                                                                                                             Through this Tap In story, we have more than the story
                                                                                                           Instead of putting up political signs, maybe we should be
                                                                                                           posting the Golden Rule.
                                                                                                              Columnist  and  author  Bill  Gralnick  was  born  and
                                                                                                           raised  in  Brooklyn,  NY.  He  is  writing  a  three-part
                                                                                                           humorous memoir. The first is “The War of the Itchy Balls
                                                                                                           and Other Tales from Brooklyn.” Just published is the
                                                                                                           sequel, “George Washington Didn’t Sleep Here.” Both are
                                                                                                           available on Amazon. You can find his writing at https://
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