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      More Than A Classroom: How You’re Providing

      The Support Students Need To Excel

         As the pandemic evolves, so does the support available      For  additional  information  on  JFS’  Counseling  &      Deepest  thanks  to  Boca  Pointe  Federation
      to local students, as they navigate new challenges to achieve   Mental Health Services, call 561.852.3333 or email info@  Campaign Chairs:  Jane  and  Dan  Fishkoff,  and  to
      their academic goals. To help students focus, mental health                          Committee Members: Rhoda Berkow, Allen Brayer, Si
      professionals are there to help them, virtually and in-person,                                       Farber, Daniel Fischer, Richard Glazer & Elaine Kaplan,
      thanks, in part, to your support of the Jewish Federation of                                         Bea  Gold,  Harold  Katz,  Joel  Meisner, Arlene  Penner,
      South Palm Beach County.                                                                             Murray Pitkowsky, Mel Schoen, Doris & Stuart Zeuner,
      Tackling the unseen factors – stress & anxiety                                                       for their continued dedication and leadership.
         Dr. Ashley  Beattie,  psychiatrist  and  FAU  Resident                                               If  you  or  a  neighbor  are  in  need  of  help, please
      Supervisor  for  Ruth  &  Norman  Rales  Jewish  Family                                              contact Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services
      Services, oversees a team of FAU psychiatric residents, who                                          at  561-852-3333.  In  addition,  our  main  Federation
      work with students throughout South Palm Beach County,                                               telephone number, 561-852-3100, is monitored regularly
      who may need assistance dealing with chronic stress.                                                 for voicemail messages.
         “There has been so much change for them for the last two                                             Learn more about our Federation and how you can
      years – from not being able to go to school to mastering the                                         help at - or contact Shirley Gross
      online system at home. Now, there’s the back and forth of                                            at  or  561.852.3182  (leave  a
      COVID protocols for exposure and having to go back home,                                             voicemail). 
      if exposed, and losing more classroom time,” Dr. Beattie said.
         “For these kids, who rely on adults for information and
      structure, but even the adults may not know the answers,
      it creates even more stress. Our team provides psychiatric
      evaluations, behavioral therapy, counseling and medicine, if
      it’s deemed to be helpful.”
      Helping teachers and parents help students
         All of our SPBC Jewish Day Schools focus on the health
      and wellbeing of their students and families daily. JFS outreach
      coordinators work with many of them to facilitate access to
      their services. In addition, at Donna Klein Jewish Academy,
      Dr. Ryan Seidman has joined the staff on a part-time basis
      to not only provide psychological support to faculty, but to
      also offer programs for parents and grandparents, specific to
      handling COVID-19, stress and anxiety.
         “Working in a consultative role, I speak to the teachers
      about the mental health of our students and help in facilitating
      more constructive conversations,” Dr. Seidman said. “Some
      behavioral situations that arise in the classrooms are not
      necessarily what they appear to be. Some behaviors can
      be tied to the situation – the stress of dealing with COVID
      and transitioning back to the classroom – not the students
      Assistance when you need it
         Dr. Beattie advises parents to help their students get back
      to normal by acknowledging how things have changed and
      “normalizing” this new reality.
         “The unknown creates anxiety, so be present for your
      kids. Communicate openly about any new changes,” she
      said. “If your child is really struggling, reach out to mental
      health services.”

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        the limit $100. Please obey
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