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      Feng Shui

      Area Of Fame Or Reputation                         as an example, A singer like Elvis Presley was, to name a      FAME: Concept used as a product of standing out in an
                                                         human being well known to all, is a character whose fame   activity, either professional, artistic, social and other settings.
      By Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera, P.H.D.           is indisputable, since he transcends time and in these times      REPUTATION: Reputation is the opinion that is formed
                                                         it is enough to mention and most know who the artist is and   around a person and that they have of it through their actions
         Welcome back to the fabulous ancient science of Feng Shui.  to which world he belongs, which in this case is music, his   in the different scenarios of their performance. in everyday
         Every person aspires to achieve goals in his life project   artistic medium.                      life. It is associated with our role in society, which labels
      in order to go to stages that allow his dreams to come true.      Regarding reputation, things can be said about his life,   us according to the patterns that govern it. Each society or
      The human being is always in search, scope, renewal and   whose opinions are made up of various opinions about his   human group is characterized by following pre-established
      progress in his personal, professional life that allow him to   personal, family, professional life, among others. These   patterns that distinguish it, a behavior in a particular city
      accumulate goals that serve his self-esteem progressively to   characteristics that distinguish him as a person make his   may not be in tune with its customs, but elsewhere it may go
      reach the steps that life and its achievements allow, quality   audience, his followers, have an opinion and configure   unnoticed. Doing a mental exercise, let’s imagine going to
      own life and that of the environment, be better and more   a reputation that unlike fame, the latter is linked to the   a party whose invitation establishes a dress according to the
      dignified. In this journey of life we are configuring two   artistic world.                          type of event, for example an elegant wedding and a certain
      concepts, such as fame and reputation, both apparently the      Analyzing that opinions about a person can be created,   guest arrives dressed inappropriately, for example in diving
      same, whose genesis are different.                 manipulated and even slandered in particular cases, all this   clothes and claps, which will generate looks and comments
         These concepts are often a source of confusion, in the   leads us to discriminate both concepts and use them in the   about it, without the intention of falling into discrimination.
      sense of being used colloquially with the same meaning and   appropriate way to characterize a person, therefore, already   The guests who know the person will think, what happened to
      context. Many people think that being famous has a good   specifying about the concepts of FAME and REPUTATION,   the guest and the reason for their presentation, not respecting
      reputation, a fact that is really incorrect. If we take an artist   we can define each one in the following way:  the required etiquette.
                                                                                                             the student who stood out during his university studies and
                                                                                                             Another example that could illustrate this concept is
                                                                                              ª            continues his career as a doctor, when someone who knew

                                                                                                           him at that time thought “I’ll see this doctor, because his
                                                                                                           reputation at the university was very good,” making the point
                                                                                                           that there have been extreme cases of contrary situations.
                                                                                                              Many people who have excelled in different fields have
         Two Boca Raton Offices: 151 N. Ocean Blvd. • 21073 Powerline Rd. #63                              built FAME AND A REPUTATION FOR QUALITY,
                                                                                                           which is not easy to configure. That combination is not
                       DEFINED BY SERVICE & EXPERTISE                                                      always easy to see because in some cases, both are at the
                         Going Above & Beyond • Long Term Resident & Realtor                                 this millenary science of the  FENG SHUI, minimizes
                                                                                                             Next we will try to help our readers with the cures that
                                    SOLD                               SOLD                                these deficiencies, harmonizes areas of  FAME AND
                                                                                                           REPUTATION, bringing with it an energy that will
                                                                                                           contribute to its balance and fluidity. Regarding the location,
                                                                                                           this area is to the south of the BAGUA map.
                                                                                                              The colors that stimulate these spaces, in which the areas
                                                                                                           discussed here are found, are: red, purple, intense yellow,
                                     6198 PETALUMA DR., BOCA RATON      11393 OHANU CIRCLE, BOYNTON BEACH  deep orange.
                                            Sold at $490,000                   Sold at $665,818               The artistic pieces with which we decorate these areas
                                    SOLD                               SOLD                                must have geometric triangle or pyramid shapes, call them
                                                                                                           frames that frame photos, diplomas or works of art. Display
                                                                                                           everything that connects you with success, such as: diplomas,
        Robin Donegan                                                                                      awards, photographs, trophies, artwork, etc.

                                                                                                             The element that governs these areas is the FIRE element,
        REALTOR                                                                                            hence the aforementioned colors, which can be represented
        (561) 451-6615                    6676 QUIET WAVE TRAIL                6234 BRAVA WAY              in a variety of objects such as cushions, blankets, curtains,
                                                                                                           ornaments, upholstery in general.
                                                                               Sold at $625,000
                                            Sold at $660,000                                                                                    How to stimulate space?
                                      SOLD   7293 CATALUNA CIRCLE        SOLD   7635 CINEBAR DRIVE            Install a fireplace, use candles and lighting, wallpaper and
                                      SOLD   7508 LA PAZ, APT. #202      SOLD   7890 BLACK ONYX LANE       any decorative artifact with intense sunsets, sun and fire.
         I have developed a team of   SOLD   11880 SW SAILFISH ISLES WAY  SOLD   23265 MIRABELLA CIRCLE N
                                      SOLD   11648 PAMPLONA BLVD.        SOLD   6601 HAWAIIAN AVENUE          “I hope these areas bring a little warmth this winter time.”
        professionals ready to assist:  SOLD   7659 CINEBAR DRIVE        SOLD   7233 PROMENADE #302           Until the next installment.
                                                                         SOLD   7872 SEVILLE PLACE #2404
        o  PROFESSIONAL HOME STAGERS                                                                          Author Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera, Feng
        o  MORTGAGE LENDERS                                 Are you ready to Buy or Sell,                  Shui Specialist, is a resident of the Plum. Email:
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                                                   “DEDICATED TO RESULTS”                                                    2022

                                                    BOCA POINTE RESIDENT & EQUITY MEMBER                    Mah Jongg Cards

                                 Selling all  SOLD                         SOLD

                                  of Palm                                                                      – LAST CALL!!
                                  Beach &
                                 Broward                                                                       Orders are now being taken for the 2022 MJ Card
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        Ilene Polito

        (561) 302-6669                              COSTA BRAVA                   CARAVELLE
                                                                                  3 Bdrms + Den
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                                                      2 Car Garage
                                                 Great Floor Plan Master         Golf Course View
        Dedicated to Results                    down $625,000 $635,000

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                                            SOLD 22652 Esplanada Circle W.   SOLD 7379 Panache Way                Frieda Fishman, 7225 Promenade Drive,
                                            SOLD 7675 Via Grande          SOLD Boca Glades                                Boca Raton, FL 33433
                                                                                                                             Tel: 394-9349
                                                                             All cards must be ordered by January 28, 2022. 
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