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               Chad Rollins: NAYS Volunteer Coach Of The Year

        For more than two decades Chad Rollins has been                                                    first-year coaches come to our program I try to tell those
      impacting young lives as a beloved volunteer coach through                                           coaches to make sure it’s all about the kids, because if it’s
      the Jupiter-Tequesta Athletic Association (JTAA) in Florida.                                         not all about the kids then you’re in the wrong profession,”
        Big hearted and humble, with an endless supply of energy                                           Rollins says. “You have to do it from the heart.”
      and enthusiasm for kids, his days are packed with coaching                                             That’s exactly how Rollins has been coaching kids and
      youth football, junior varsity girls basketball and track and                                        changing lives season after season. And he’s genuinely
      field. Plus, this dad of three somehow finds time to volunteer                                       touched when he hears from former players who share how
      to coach young athletes in the Special Olympics, too.                                                much he has meant to them in their lives.
        It’s all these qualities – and many more – that earned                                               “One kid must have had to do a school project on
      Rollins the prestigious Volunteer Coach of the Year award,                                           somebody that they admire, and he wrote about me,” Rollins
      annually presented by the National Alliance for Youth Sports                                         said. “So, I had tears in my eyes. He was like ‘when I was
      (NAYS).                                                                                              5 Coach Chad helped me do this and helped me do that.’
        “Just seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces and seeing them                                         So that’s what it’s all about right there.”
      having fun, that’s what it’s all about,” Rollins said.
        Rollins was selected among hundreds of nominations
      military bases worldwide. Judging is based on how the  Compassion and gratitude enable
      submitted from recreation agencies nationwide and U.S.
      nominee upholds the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches,
      being of players ahead of a personal desire to win; treating  Random Acts of Kindness Program
      which includes placing the emotional and physical well-

      each player as an individual and understanding the range of
      and doing his/her best to provide a safe playing situation for  at La Posada
      emotional and physical development for the same age group;
      all players; among many other key areas.
      Focusing On Fun                                       The holiday season is                          funds for the local Alzheimer’s Foundations to raise
        “With the Jupiter Mustangs, we’re focusing on learning   one of togetherness and                   awareness of the disease.
      the game and also having fun playing the game,” Rollins   thankfulness, allowing                       Such  actions  show  the  heart  of  the  community
      says. “Once you have a kid who’s having fun at a young   friends and family to unite                 but only scratch the surface of how the residents and
      age they will grow up and love sports so that’s my biggest   and reflect on the blessings            associates at La Posada share their blessings with the
      accomplishment is making sure the kids love the sport and   of the previous year. During             greater Palm Beach Gardens community. Many of the
      also learn the sport that we are teaching them.”    this time, many are focused                      community’s  residents  and  associates  are  members
                                                          on how they can give back                        of various boards, as well as volunteers within their
                                                          and show kindness to the                         personal churches, synagogues and other organizations.
                                                          greater community around                           “Perhaps I’m biased, but I truly believe that La Posada has
                                                          them. This mindset of giving                     some of the most compassionate and generous individuals
                                                          is one that La Posada, a Kisco                   who live and work here,” said Brad Cadiere, Executive
                                                          senior living community in   One of the most important  Director of La Posada. “At La Posada, we believe in the
                                                          Palm Beach Gardens, works   elements of what makes  importance of supporting one another and that level of
                                                          to enact throughout the year   La Posada special is the  compassion is something that comes directly from our
                                                          — not just at the holidays.  senior living community’s  people. Having the opportunity to show kindness to those
                                                            One of the most      commitment to serving others.  within our walls and with our neighbors outside these walls
                                                          important elements of what                       is something unique that has enabled us to learn more about
                                                          makes La Posada special is the senior living community’s  one another and appreciate the connectivity we all share.”
                                                          commitment to serving others. Throughout the year, residents    As the community looks toward the beginning of a new
                                                          and associates at the community have participated in a  year, plans are already underway to work together to continue
        One of Rollins’ biggest attributes is his unwavering   variety of “acts of kindness” to serve one another within the  supporting our neighbors and one another. This commitment
      focus on having fun. When he steps on a field, court, or   community, as well as La Posada’s surrounding neighbors.  to community is something that defines La Posada’s enriched
      track, he always brings a big smile and genuine passion   The random acts have enabled the senior living community  lifestyle and one-of-a-kind total well-being programming.
      – and his young athletes latch onto his energy and are   the ability to engage with nearby neighbors, as well as    “At La Posada, we encourage our residents to pursue
      excited to compete.                                 show gratitude to those who come into the community for  their passions. Their kind hearts and grateful attitudes
        “When I start at the beginning of the year I don’t care   short stretches. At La Posada, thankfulness is a mindset that  inspire all of us to take time to think of others and reach
      how old they are, I like to have fun coaching them,” he   has long been ingrained at the community and has been  out with helping hands,” said Cadiere. “Our hope is that
      says. “I think if kids see their coaches having fun they   reemphasized repeatedly over the past few years.  through our random acts of kindness program, we will be
      will follow in their footsteps, and they’ll do the same and     “From the very beginning, our community has been  able to share a bit of the holiday spirit all year long. We
      have fun.”                                          focused on caring for, and supporting, one another,” said  have the opportunity to make a difference and to create a
        Parents love having their young athletes learn from   Paulina Jacobs, Assistant Executive Director of La Posada.  community that is welcoming and cares for everyone.”
      Rollins, too. And while he works with youth – encouraging,   “All of us have learned how important it
      motivating, and inspiring them – he never seeks out attention   is to show those we care for how much
      for his efforts. He’s all about the kids – all the time.   we appreciate them, and that includes
        Rollins was nominated for the award by Brad Caldwell,   our neighbors in the greater community.
      president of Jupiter Mustangs Tackle Football and Cheer.   Over the last year we’ve implemented
      “Chad coaches my son in two different sports, and I’ve   our Random Acts of Kindness as a way
      coached football with him for a couple years,” Caldwell   to give back and showcase what it means
      said. “For the basketball league there’s eight to 10 kids and   to be a part of the La Posada family.”
      he runs around a couple different towns to pick them up.     La Posada’s random acts of kindness
      Most of them have broken homes, and he always puts these   have taken place through a variety of
      kids first. One day, Chad asked if I could step in and coach   venues, encouraging everyone at the
      basketball because he was going to be about 15 minutes   community to find an opportunity to
      late. I was curious why he was going to be late because   participate. So far this year, La Posada
      he’s never late – and it was because he was with the Special   has  done  everything  from  back-to-
      Olympics that day, which is one of his big passions. I never   school-supply drives and dessert special
      knew that he did the Special Olympics on top of coaching   deliveries,  to  appreciation  for  first
      high school and all of the youth sports here at JTAA.”  responders and special birthday deliveries
      Community Commitment                                for all residents and associates, to making
        Rollins is well-known throughout the Jupiter community   snack  bag  distributions  to  delivery
      for his strong commitment for helping all the kids on his   workers and other essential employees
      teams become not only better players but – more importantly   who were visiting our community.
      – better people. While players are stretching at the start of     The  luxury  retirement  living
      his youth football practices he can be seen weaving all over   community  has  also  prepared
      the field, talking and fist-bumping and high-fiving every   donation boxes for the Peggy Adams
      single young athlete.                               Animal  Rescue  League  and  raised
        With Rollins’ engaging personality and kids-first focus,     For more information on how you can participate or to learn more
      it’s easy to see why he is a wonderful mentor for new
      coaches coming into the JTAA program. And a terrific          about Life at La Posada: Call 561-277-0680 or visit
      source for longtime coaches as well.                                                        Paid Advertisement
        “I am the coaching liaison here for this program so when
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