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                                                            BuSineSS SPotlight

                                       Restyle Your Fur – Labelle Furs

        LaBelle is the largest                                                                               Our fur restyling has filled
      full service furrier in                                                                              a void in Southeast Florida
      Florida. Family owned                                                                                created from the local West
      and operated since 1919,                                                                             Palm Beach, Macy’s closing
      four generations of the                                                                              their fur storage facility and
      LaBellman family have proudly served Central Florida with                                            leaving their customers in need
      luxury furs, leathers, cashmeres, and impeccable service.                                            of a solution to their problem.
        The business started as a tailor shop run by LaBellman’s                                             Since there has been a
      great-grandmother. Fur was added to the store’s repertoire at                                        lot  of  interest  and  need  we
      the end of WWII when LaBellman’s father and uncle were                                               decided to do a two-day
      coming home and saw women wearing fur in Dallas. They                                                event every two months at
      thought if Dallas could do it, so could Orlando and they did.                                        the Embassy Suites in Palm
      Today, business consists of new sales, restyling old furs and                                        Beach Gardens, Fla.
                                                         on-site cold storage to maintain pristine conditions of the     Our next  event  will  be  Jan.  28  to  29  – Friday  and
                                                         furs.                                             Saturday at the hotel.
                                                           Here at LaBelle, our restyling division “Restyle Your     Furs can last for decades if properly maintained. We don’t
                                                         Fur” offers a complete line of fur services to all our domestic   want you to stop wearing your favorite fur coat or garment
                                                         and international customers. Our expert furriers personally   because it looks out of style. With years of experience in fur
                                                         handcraft pieces here in our fur studio in Orlando, Fla., where   coats restyling and fur remodeling, we bring proficient styling
                                                         they can also be cleaned and safely stored in our cold storage   and attention that adds years of life to your fur.
                                 102 Year Anniversary    facility.                                           At LaBelle, our exceptional reputation is redefining the
                Do You Have                                The Restyle Your Fur trunk shows have provided us the   paradigm of excellence in this industry. Fur. Luxury. LaBelle.
                                                         opportunity to cultivate lasting relationships with out-of-state
                                                                                                             We are here to answer any of your fur needs and questions!
         An Old Fur Hanging                              clients in addition to our Florida-based customers.     You can reach Alex LaBellman (owner) at (407) 341-4740.
               In The Closet

           Not Being Worn?                                                                         “Service is our number one priority”

                  Restyle Your Old Fur                                                                          561-743-0070
                Hanging In Your Closet                                                             

                                                                                                                                    Expires 1/31/22.

                                                                                                                          State Licensed & Insured
          To A Beautiful                                  Serving Palm Beach County                                     CPC # 1457468 • LPG#30099
            Vest, Jacket,
          Or Teddy Bear

          Come By During Our

           Recycle Fur & Mink
               Restyling Event

         Brought to you by Restyle Your Fur,
        Restyle Division of LaBelle Furs since
          1919, and
                  Start thinking
               about this Winter!

        January 28th and 29th
             Friday & Saturday

           10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

              for Additional Information or Questions
                  call (407) 341-4740

                     Embassy Suites
          by Hilton Palm Beach Gardens PGA
                  4350 PGA Boulevard,
               4th floor Hospitality Room
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