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        $20 Million Campaign Heading To The Finish Line With

                              Fortin Foundation Providing Lead Gift

        The Lord’s Place Is $250,000 Away From Being “Home For Good” And Expanding Services For Unhoused

        The $20 million finish
      line is within reach for The
      Lord’s Place Home for Good
      Campaign. In a bold effort to
      expand services and break
      the cycle of homelessness
      for an increased number of
      men, women, and children
      in Palm Beach County, the
      agency launched its largest-
      ever campaign in 2019
      with a goal of $20 million.
      Understanding the necessity  Diana Stanley, chief executive                                         Exterior rendering of the new 25,000-square-foot client
      of The Lord’s Place’s mission  officer of The Lord’s Place,  (Left to right) Anna Mann de Peyster, Cornie Thornburgh  service building to be built on Australian Avenue in West
      and work in our community,  and Danielle Moore, president  (The Lord’s Place Board chair), Diana Stanley, and Danielle  Palm Beach
      The Fortin Foundation of  of The Mary  Alice Fortin  Moore at the 2019 Ending Homelessness Breakfast where the
      Florida stepped forward  Foundation               Home for Good campaign was publicly launched      Charity Events on page 27


                                Rotorua: Heart Of The Māori Nation

                                                    By Don Kiselewski, MCC, D.S., Palm Beach Gardens Travel Leaders

        When the Polynesian                                                                               ground over these steam outlets, where they quick cook to
      Māori  (Mar-ee)  landed  in                                                                         perfection. Even fresh boiled corn on the cob is enjoyed,
      New Zealand some 800                                                                                cooked directly in mesh bags and dipped into the thermal
      years ago, they were                                                                                pools. Thermal energy from below the ground is converted
      attracted to the unique                                                                             to electricity and heat for many of the homes in the area.
      area on the northeastern                                                                              The  New  Zealand  Māori Arts  and  Crafts  Institute,
      part of the North Island.                                                                           located at Whakarawarewa Thermal Reserve, has captured
      In exploring the area, they                                                                         the heritage of the people and continues to propagate their
      came upon numerous lakes,                                                                           culture. The center contains authentic buildings of the
      the second of which was                                                                             Māori, including the Meeting House, Weaving School and
      named Rotorua, or simply,                                                                           Carving School. Meeting houses have traditionally been
      “the second lake.” Little did                                                                       the center of the tribe and they are used for all tribal affairs,
      they know that this area would become one of the most                                               including the Hangi. Craft schools teach the native arts of
      popular tourist spots in New Zealand. Nine out of ten                                               weaving to the young women and carving to the young
      visitors to the country visit the area, and the local city has                                      men. Each young craftsman is selected from one of the
      grown as a result.                                                                                  14 major Māori tribes located on the islands, and serves a
        The North island of New Zealand is located on the                                                 three-year apprenticeship, after which they return to their
      “Ring of Fire” that surrounds the Pacific Ocean. This string                                        tribes  to  educate  others  in  their  community. An  active
      of volcanoes that tear through the Earth’s crust, forming                                           community of Māori still lives just outside the gates of
      the circle, is perhaps most appreciated in the area around                                          Whakarewarewa, following the same lifestyle they have
      Rotorua. Lake Rotorua has filled the crater of a volcano,                                           practiced for centuries.
      and all roads go up to the edge of the crater that surrounds                                          Mountainous terrain around Rotorua does not lend
      the community. The water in the center of the lake is heated                                        itself to agriculture, with the exceptions of the Chinese
      by the thermal activity. The network of past geological                                             gooseberry, better known down under as kiwifruit.
      activities can be enjoyed through the Waimangu Volcanic  geysers, hot mineral baths and bubbling mud pools are  However, the terrain is perfect for grazing. Holstein and
      Valley with a climb, by foot or four-wheeler, to Mount  found  just  outside  Rotorua  in Whakarewarewa  (Fak-a-  Jersey cows are the most popular for milk production, and
      Tarawera, the culmination. The sides of these volcanoes  ware-a-ware-a). The  Māori  utilized  this  underground  New Zealand claims to be third in the world in exporting
      are covered with rich flora, generated by the high mineral  energy source not only to heat their homes, but also to  dairy products. There is very little doubt that New Zealand
      content of the ash.                               steam and cook their food. Today, the food for the Māori  has the best ice cream in the world … it’s easy to get hooked
        The Māori were attracted to this area because of the  Hangi (banquet) is still cooked by this natural steam. Fish,
      natural thermal condition that occurs in the area. Thermal  meats and vegetables are placed in oven boxes, set on the   Travel on page 26
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