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                                                                                    tamPa general newS
         On Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021 the 89 members of the Spirit
       of Jupiter High School Marching Band were crowned
       State Champions in Class 3A at the Florida Marching
       Band Championships (FMBC) at the Ocala World                       Tampa General Hospital
       Equestrian Center.
         Having worked since summer on its show called “Step
       by Step,” the Spirit of Jupiter High School Marching         Launches Historic Expansion
       Band, directed by Ryan Ross had dealt with uncertainty
       brought on by lingering pandemic restrictions. But
       the band persevered through multiple tense rounds of        With $550 Million Investment
       competition to rise to the top.
         Eighteen bands from throughout the state of Florida
       competed in Class 3A in the FMBC preliminary       As one of the nation’s best
       competition. The Spirit of Jupiter won Outstanding Music,   hospitals and one of Florida’s
       Outstanding Auxiliary and Outstanding General Effect   leading academic medical centers,
       Awards. Drum Major Zoie Kline was also awarded the   Tampa General Hospital’s (TGH)
       John C. Kersten Memorial Scholarship.            launch of its largest master
         In the finals, the Spirit of Jupiter won first place with   facility plan ever will deliver
       a total score of 90.5, the highest score in the history of   the innovations, expansions and
       the Spirit of Jupiter Marching Band.             upgrades needed to continue
                                                        providing world-class care to
                                                        Florida’s growing community.
                                                          “Our vision at Tampa General
                                                        is to become the safest and most
                                                        innovative  academic health
                                                        system in America,” said John
                                                        Couris, president and CEO of
                                                        Tampa General Hospital. “It is
                                                        critical that we continue to bring
                                                        the most advanced technology
                                                        and cutting-edge  care  to  our
                                                        patients in Florida and beyond. This is an investment in     The plan launched in June with the opening of Tampa
                                                        our patients, in our academic health system and in our   General’s new intensive care unit, a $17.5 million project
                                                        community.”                                        that includes 34 state-of-the-art intensive care unit (ICU)
                                                          Tampa General will expand its 25-acre campus’    rooms and approximately 27,500 square feet of space. All
                                                        footprint  and  vertical  profile  between  now  and  2026,   rooms are equipped to become negative air pressure rooms
                                                        bringing improvements and new structures that enhance   to care for infectious diseases patients.
                                                        patient care and increase operational efficiencies,     These rooms allow caregivers to:
                                                        including:                                           • Serve up information needed to enhance patient care
                                                          • New ICU                                          • Provide virtual care where patients can connect with
                                                          • Bayshore Pavilion vertical expansion           their families, loved ones and physicians
                                                          • Regional Burn Center renovation and expansion     • Automate  code  blue  identification  and  support
                                                          • Renovation of main operating room suite        emergency events
                                                          • Creation of free-standing emergency department      “The opening of this ICU is a major milestone in
                                                          • TGH Cancer Institute at Brandon Healthplex     Tampa General’s history as the first step of the master
                                                          • Purchase of Hillsborough Community College Davis   facility plan,” said Phillip S. Dingle, chairman of the TGH
                                                        Islands building                                   board of directors. “This master facility plan is designed
                                                          • Central energy plant expansion                 to benefit our team members, physicians, patients and our
                                                          • Off-site sterile processing facility           entire community. It is our duty to make sure that we can
                                                          • Updated lobby in main campus                   continue to live our shared purpose – to care for everyone,
                                                          “This  $550  million  capital  commitment  allows  us   every day.”
                                                        to invest in innovation and supports the creation of     To learn more, visit
                                                        tomorrow’s TGH. We are truly building into the future,”
                                                        said Kelly Cullen, executive vice president and chief
                                                        operating officer of Tampa General.

                                                                           IV-Free Cataract Surgery

                                                                                in an Office-Based Setting

                                                              How? Before cataract surgery begins, the team at Mittleman Eye will provide patients with
                                                                                                         an oral sedative. This medication is just as
                                                                                                         effective as an IV drug and is absorbed by
                                                                                                         the body more easily. The patient should
       Editorial  copy  appearing  herewith  is  not  necessarily  the  viewpoint  of
       Seabreeze Publications of Central Florida. Most editorial copy is created by                      start feeling the medicine relaxing the body
       the homeowners and is edited by their appointed editor.
                                                                                                         in about 15 minutes. This accelerated pace
                                                                                                         allows the preparation period ahead of the
                                                                                                         surgery to be shorter overall.
                                                                  IV-Free               IV-FREE SURGERY SUITE
         Seabreeze Publications

                          Publisher                   Cataract Surgery                                   We now have in-house office space for IV-free
                          M. Sean Reid                                                                   cataract surgery. This allows our patients to
                            J. Reid                                                                      undergo cataract surgery in the same location
                            Sales                     HOW IV-FREE CATARACT SURGERY WORKS                 they receive their eye care. Although having
              Tom English, Laura Berrio, Bret McCormick  Before cataract surgery begins, the team at Mittleman Eye will provide patients with an oral   an in-house office space is becoming more
                                                  sedative. This medication is just as effective as an IV drug and is absorbed by the body more
                Production Manager   Lee Nostrant  easily.                                               common in top eye care practices across the
                                                  The patient should start feeling the medicine relaxing the body in about 15 minutes. This   country, Mittleman Eye is currently the first and
                     Production Department        accelerated pace allows the preparation period ahead of the surgery to be shorter overall.
           Elaine Donholt • Ruth Nekoranec • Katie Heystek                                               only eye practice in all of Palm Beach County
            Sherry Whalon • Dianne Strout •  Karen Kalisz                                                to offer this for IV-free cataract surgery. Having
                                                   IV-FREE CATARACTSURGERY SUITE
           All rights reserved. Reproduction or utilization of these contents in any                     this facility allows us to provide convenience
        form by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, including xerography and
        photocopying is forbidden without the written permission of the Publisher.  • Minimizes Anxiety  and superb care to our cataract patients.
           The Publisher is not responsible or liable for misinformation or misprints   • Scheduling Freedom
        herein contained and reserves the right to accept or reject all copy deemed                   CONVENIENCE
        unsuitable for publication.                               • Cleanliness                CALL              Minimizes Anxiety. Scheduling
                                                                  • Hassle-free
                           • Quicker Recovery             OR           Freedom. Cleanliness. Hassle-free.
            1102 W. Indiantown Rd., Suite 5, Jupiter, FL 33458               561.500.2020 TEXT                         Quicker Recovery.
                  (561) 746-3244
                                                                                   For more info:
                  FAX (561) 746-2509                FOR MORE INFO CALL/TEXT: 561.500.2020  •  WEB:
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