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      Strolling farther into the culinary social celebration,
      guests enjoyed delectable bites from a variety of top-
      rated local restaurants while sipping festive cocktails,
      and coming nose-to-whiskers with some of the zoo’s most
      fascinating animals.
         Other highlights included live music and exclusive
      access to Zoo Lights, Palm Beach Zoo’s eco-friendly holiday
      lights tradition presented by Florida Power & Light (FPL)
      SolarNow .
         Funds raised at Do at the Zoo help save wildlife in wild
      places and provide care for the zoo’s animal residents, many

                                                         Allegra and Calixto Garcia-Velez

                                                         of which are rare, endangered   Meredith Gregory, Alexandra Daniel, Susan Parson, Maddie Loeffler, Mimi Ryan, Heidi
                                                         or orphaned. Chairmen of this   Bitter, Lulu Ryan
                                                         successful event were Ruth
                                                         Baum, Dr. Dan Comerford,
                                                         and Cy and Lulu Ryan.
                                                           Some of the many generous
                                                         sponsors  of  Do  at  the  Zoo
                                                         included JPMorgan Chase
      Luis, Lillian and Alfonso Fernandez                & Co., Gast Construction,
                                                         Lori Jayne Palm Beach, and
                                                         JEEVZ. Cuisine partners
                                                         were Aioli, Almond, Avocado
                                                         Grill, The Chesterfield Palm
                                                         Beach, Echo, Johan’s jöe,
                                                         Lynora’s, Silver Sac, and
                                                         SSA Group. Spirit sponsors
                                                         included Monkey in Paradise
                                                         Premium Vodka and Fighting
                                                         69th Regiment Imported Irish
                                                         Whiskey.                 Kathie and Dan Comerford  Lulu and Cy Ryan       Michele & Howard Kessler
                                                            Wild days and nights
                                                         continue at Palm Beach Zoo! The zoo is open daily from 9
                                                         a.m. to 5 p.m., with the exception of Christmas Day, and Zoo
                                                         Lights tickets are available for purchase on select evenings
                                                         through Jan. 2.
      Dinah Evan, Don Silpe, Ruth Baum, Linda Silpe        For more information visit

                                                                                                           Niki and Trey Sned      Minot and Julia Amory

                     driveway                                        courtyard

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