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      Business Spotlight: Restyle Your Fur – Labelle Furs

        LaBelle is the largest full service furrier in Florida. Family   end of WWII when LaBellman’s father and uncle were coming   looks out of style. With years
      owned and operated since 1919, four generations of the   home and saw women wearing fur in Dallas. They thought if   of experience in fur coats
      LaBellman family have proudly served Central Florida with   Dallas could do it, so could Orlando and they did. Today, business   restyling and fur remodeling,
      luxury furs, leathers, cashmeres, and impeccable service.  consists of new sales, restyling old furs and on-site cold storage   we bring proficient styling and
        The business started as a tailor shop run by LaBellman’s   to maintain pristine conditions of the furs.   attention that adds years of life
      great-grandmother. Fur was added to the store’s repertoire at the     Here at LaBelle, our restyling division “Restyle Your Fur”   to your fur.
                                                         offers a complete line of fur services to all our domestic and     At LaBelle, our exceptional
                                                         international customers. Our expert furriers personally handcraft   reputation is redefining the
                                                         pieces here in our fur studio in Orlando, Fla., where they can   paradigm of excellence in this
                                                         also be cleaned and safely stored in our cold storage facility.  industry. Fur. Luxury. LaBelle.
                                                           The Restyle Your Fur trunk shows have provided us the     We are here to answer
                                                         opportunity to cultivate lasting relationships with out-of-state   any of your fur needs and
                                                         clients in addition to our Florida-based customers.   questions!
                                                           Our fur restyling has filled a void in Southeast Florida created     You can reach Alex LaBellman (owner) at (407) 341-4740.
                                                         from the local West Palm Beach, Macy’s closing their fur storage
                                                         facility and leaving their customers in need of a solution to their
                                                           Since there has been a lot of interest and need we decided to
                                                         do a two-day event every two months at the Embassy Suites in
                                                         Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
                                                           Our next event will be Jan. 28 to 29 – Friday and Saturday
                                                         at the hotel.
                                                           Furs can last for decades if properly maintained. We don’t want
                                                         you to stop wearing your favorite fur coat or garment because it
                                                         Northern Notes

                                 102 Year Anniversary
                Do You Have
         An Old Fur Hanging                              Snowbirds
                In The Closet                            By Katie Roundtree,
                                                         Director of Finance and
            Not Being Worn?                              Administration, Northern
                                                         Palm Beach County
                  Restyle Your Old Fur                   Improvement District
                Hanging In Your Closet                     Snowbirds (an
                                                         affectionate  name  for  a
                                                         su b sp e c i e s o f   Ho mo
                                                         sapiens) flock to Florida
                                                         each winter from all around
                                                         the  world;  many  can  be
                                                         spotted enjoying Florida’s
                                                         great outdoors as well as shops and restaurants in the area.
                                                         However, there are true migratory birds of the feathered
                                                         species that visit or pass through south Florida during the   as the Pacific, Central, Mississippi and Atlantic. Florida
                                                         cooler months.                                    is the southernmost point within the United States on the
                                                           Annually many bird species migrate as their food   Atlantic flyway. The bird species in these great bird-rivers
                                                         supply disappears, water sources freeze, shelter options   in the sky pass specific spots on the map at more or less
                                                         lessen, and daylight hours reduce. Migration cannot   predictable times. For instance, when spring’s first yellow
                                                         begin, however, until the young birds have fledged in their   warblers, which winter from southern Mexico south to
                                                         breeding range and all birds have eaten extra food for the   Peru and Brazil, return northward each year they reach
                                                         long journey. Many species double their weight to fuel   southern California and southern Florida around April 1.
           To A Beautiful                                their migration. Purple martins, as an example, eat three   By May 1, their “northern front” lies along a line running
                                                         times their weight in mosquitoes in a day in preparation
                                                                                                           between Washington State and New York State. By June
            Vest, Jacket,                                for the trip.                                     1, they’ve reached the Arctic region of northern Canada.
          Or Teddy Bear                                    Generally, birds  migrate when the  weather  and     Enjoy the cooler temperatures of the Florida winters
                                                         atmospheric structure are good.  This means winds
                                                                                                           and get out and try to spot some of these transients. There
                                                         are blowing in the direction that they are headed,   are many preserves and natural areas that attract birds
                                                         and tailwinds are available to increase their speeds.   this time of year. These areas are rich in food sources
                                                         Navigational options for birds include the use of the stars,   and attract birds as either a destination or stopover on
                                                         sun, and internal sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic field   the way to areas further south, like the Caribbean or
          Come By During Our                             as their compass. They also learn routes from other birds.   South America; similar to our cruise ship ports attracting
                                                           Birds using powered flight that involves continuous
                                                                                                           visitors cruising to points south. Happy travels!
           Recycle Fur & Mink                            flapping and a level course through the air are often     NPDES tip: Please pick up after your pet. When pet
               Restyling Event                           nocturnal migrants. At night the air is calmer or more   waste is washed into lakes or canals the waste decays,
                                                         stable and predators are fewer. These can be viewed
                                                                                                           using up oxygen and sometimes releasing ammonia.
         Brought to you by Restyle Your Fur,             with a telescope as they pass by the light of a full moon.   Low oxygen levels and ammonia combined with warm
        Restyle Division of LaBelle Furs since           Soaring birds, on the other hand, prefer daylight when   temperatures can kill fish. Pet waste also contains
                                                         they can ride thermals of rising hot air. (Source: South
                                                                                                           nutrients that encourage weed and algae growth. Overly
          1919, and               Florida Audubon Society)                          fertile water becomes cloudy and green – unattractive for
                              When migrants start moving, they form broad, diffuse   boating and fishing. Perhaps most importantly, pet waste
                                                         waves that merge into great “rivers” of birds. The four   carries diseases that make water unsafe for humans and
                   Start thinking                        main North American “rivers,” or “flyways,” are known   animals alike.
               about this Winter!

        January 28th and 29th
             Friday & Saturday

           10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

               for Additional Information or Questions              Wishing a Happy New Year
                  call (407) 341-4740                       to all Shores Home owners and friends!

                     Embassy Suites                           Looking forward to a fabulous 2022!
          by Hilton Palm Beach Gardens PGA
                  4350 PGA Boulevard,                                                          Call for any Real Estate
                4th floor Hospitality Room                Your Shores Specialist                 questions or needs
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