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      Book Review

       Small Steps … Big Changes:                        addition to other skills,                           The problems discussed here range so widely that
                                                                                                           they are certain to cover virtually everyone’s personal
                                                         which will be touched
       The Personal Stories Of A Life                    upon later here – have                            situation, whether they relate to your own issues or
       Coach                                             provided Dale with a                              those of family members or friends that you wish
                                                         wealth of experience
                                                                                                           could  be  changed:  an  annoying  attitude;  whining  and
                                                         in helping clients to                             complaining; constant blaming; denial of a problem;
       By Nils A. Shapiro                                confront, understand and                          being too judgmental; a negative outlook on life; poor
         Ma ny re a de rs of                             successfully resolve the                          communication skills; inability to cope with crises; the
       Seabreeze newspapers need                         many different kinds of                           need  to  “lighten  up”;  getting  rid  of bad  habits;  aging
       no introduction to Dale                           issues that all of us must                        gracefully; setting goals for yourself ... these topics just
       Brown, the author of this                         come to terms with at                             scratch the surface of 62 sections that are covered in the
       month’s book selection.                           various times in our daily                        pages of this book.
         Dale’s own health and                           lives.                                              You are certain to recognize yourself, or someone you
       wellness column,  Reality                           What’s more, Dale’s                             care about, in a number of the life situations described in
       Check, has appeared from                          writing style is warm,                            these pages.
       time to time in a number of                       friendly and very                                   It is only natural that, when any of us is in one of these
       Seabreeze’s publications.                         personal; you soon have                           difficult personal situations, complex emotions and other
       Her professional training                         the feeling that you are hearing from a very dear and caring   factors block us from thinking clearly enough to deal with
       as a certified life coach and motivational speaker – in   friend.                                   the problem ourselves. That’s why Dale Brown – who
                                                                                                           combines training as a certified life coach with her own
                                                                                                           natural wisdom and caring nature – has drawn on all of
                                                                                                           her many years of experience and success with clients to
                                                                                                           provide here, as in personal private counseling sessions,
                                                                                                           the sensible, small, easy-to-take steps that are so often
                                                                                                           all that is needed to resolve the problem and set one back
                                                                                                           on the path to a happy, more relaxed and fulfilled life.
                                                                                                             Importantly, this is a book you can benefit from reading
                                                                                                           front page to last ... or by turning to any “session”
                                                                                                           whenever you feel the need for advice about a specific
                                                                                                             As an interesting and helpful bonus, Dale has added
                                                                                                           at the end of each chapter a list of “take-aways” – brief
                                                                                                           thoughts to keep in mind from the previous section that
                                                                                                           will help you to stay on the right path.
                                                                                                             After reading Small Steps ... Big Changes, I purchased
                                                                                                           five more copies from Amazon and had them shipped to
                                                                                                           my five grown grandchildren, four of whom are married.
                                                                                                           It was my way of introducing my family to a wise woman
                                                                                                           I had met more than a dozen years ago – and whom I
                                                                                                           know will become a valuable friend-and-advisor-in-print
                                                                                                           to them in the coming years through the pages of this
                                                                                                           wonderful, important new book.
                                                                                                             In addition to being a certified life coach, motivational
                                                                                                           speaker, writer and trainer, Dale has a master’s degree in
                                                                                                           physical education and 20 years’ experience working with
                                                                                                           and training high level athletes in the sport of women’s
                                                                                                           gymnastics, including having worked extensively with
                                                                                                           United States gymnastic teams. I believe that she brings a
                                                                                                           “whole person” approach to her understanding of human
                                                                                                           nature and the issues we all face.
                                                                                                             Long retired now, I devoted most of my own career to
                                                                                                           the publishing industry, including 15 years with a major
                                                                                                           book company. I have brought publishers and authors
                                                                                                           together for books that have sold millions of copies, and
                                                                                                           in recent years have edited the authors’ manuscripts of
                                                                                                           16 books. (I claim no credit for Dale Brown’s book; she
                                                                                                           accomplished that on her own.) Yet I can honestly say that
                                                                                                           I have not read any that will provide wiser, more helpful
                                                                                                           advice and information than Small Steps ... Big Changes.
                                                                                                             I highly recommend it – for interesting reading, and
                                                                                                           for the comfort of knowing it will be there for you should
                                                                                                           you ever need its guidance.
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