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VOL. 30 NO. 2                                                                           FEBRUARY 2022

       Thwarting Criminal Activity

      By Justin Mocha, Director of Security              unlocked, steal what they can from an unlocked vehicle,   the community securing our property, as well, or we will
                                                         and if the keys are located within, they will occasionally   run the risk of developing a reputation we do not want to
         Boca Pointe experiences less crime than the     drive the vehicle off property.                   have.
      surrounding area, but it is not crime free. It is imperative      It does not take much time to commit these crimes.      Our best tool is outreach. It is free, and it is effective.
      that residents, guests and vendors understand that leaving   Although we perform 7,000 miles of security patrol per   Remind your neighbors, guests, and vendors to secure
      property unsecure will create the opportunity for crime,   month, the odds that a patrol officer will stumble upon   their property. We want criminals to know that they will
      and crime will occur under those conditions eventually   one of these crimes in progress is slim.    not find easy scores in Boca Pointe, and that will make
      irrespective of what other security measures are in place.     Security is continually modifying our procedures   it less likely that we are targeted.
         Property crime committed on unsecured vehicles is the   and protocols, introducing new technology, and keeping      If you have any questions or concerns give me a call
      most common both within Boca Pointe and the immediate   abreast of trends in the area in order to stay ahead of the   at (561) 672-3309 or 
      surrounding area. Criminals will target vehicles that are   curve. We require the cooperation of everyone within
      From The Desk Of Mayor Weinroth

      Team PBC goes to Tallahassee                       corporate relocations, expansions and international trade. The   WWII veterans, the nonprofit is recruiting local veterans
                                                         efforts have a lasting and sustainable impact on our county.  to be recognized.
         January 11th was the                               This past year, the BDB facilitated 31 corporate      Interested WWII veterans can contact Conrad Ogletree
      official start of the Florida                      relocations and expansions that created 3,028 high-salary   at
      Legislative Session and Team                       jobs and $150 million in capital investment.
      Palm Beach County was in                              At the same time, visitors continue to flock to the area   History corner
      the house and the senate!                          in record numbers fueling our local hotels, small businesses
         The county was fully                            and restaurants. This is extremely important to our economy      In 1872, Palm Beach’s first permanent settler, Charles
      represented,  including  all                       and the residents who work in the tourism industry.  “Charlie” Moore moved into Augustus Lang’s abandoned
      seven county commissioners.                                                                          house in Lake Worth. Charlie acquired more land on Palm
         It was a whirlwind of                           New area code in Palm Beach                       Beach and across Lake Worth, near Lake Magnolia.
      meetings with many state                                                                                As word spread northward of the paradise the pioneers
      leadership members to discuss                      County                                            had discovered, family, friends and other new settlers
      the needs important to our                                                                           followed in increasing numbers from many states.
      county and its residents. On our agenda were a number of      Palm Beach County was recently assigned 728 as a new      The Lake Worth Pioneers Association was organized
      proprietary issues such as affordable housing, food resources,   area code (in addition to 561).     in 1894, early enough to record arrivals from first-hand
      water quality/storage and transportation.             Anticipating that phone numbers starting with 561 will   knowledge; those who did not stay long were left off
         Additionally, we continued to advocate for home rule   run out by 2023, the new number was assigned by the Florida   the roll. Descendants of the original members still hold
      since the state has preempted local governments from   Public Service Commission.                    annual picnics and share stories handed down through
      regulating local issues such as vacation rentals, tree trimming      It will serve the same geographic boundaries as the 561 area   the generations.
      regulations and pet sales.                         code and will be assigned to new telephone numbers and/or      If you require assistance, please contact our office
         As always, we are grateful to our state partners for their time   additional lines. All existing 561 numbers will not be affected.  at 561-355-2204 or email 
      and effort. Session will continue through March 11, and a full      For more information, visit
      complement of the county’s lobbyists will remain in Tallahassee                                                        The BPCA
      to monitor bills and appropriations important to our residents.  PBI welcomes its 13th airline
      Business Development Board                            Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is pleased to welcome   Management office
                                                                                                                         will be closed on
      Palm Beach County                                  Breeze Airways with service starting on February 19.
                                                           Some of the destinations include New Orleans, Louisiana;

                                                         Akron/Canton/Columbus, Ohio; Charleston, SC; and               Monday, February
         It’s been a successful year for economic development with   Norfolk/Richmond, VA.                              21st in observance
      a record-breaking number of new companies and families      PBI serves more than 6.7 million passengers annually
      moving to the area. We were the #1 county in Florida for   and offers 200 nonstop flights daily with 13 airlines!  of Presidents’ Day. 
      growth in 2021, and 2022 looks even better!           For more information, visit
         As mayor of Palm Beach County, I have the opportunity
      to serve on the Business Development Board of Palm Beach   Nonprofit highlight: Veterans
      County (BDB) Executive Committee.                                                                     Please Help
         The BDB is the county’s official economic development   & Homefront Voices
      organization that attracts and retains business investment through
                                                                                   Veterans  &  Homefront      It’s a New Year! Now is the time to clean out
                                                                                 Voices is a local nonprofit   your closets!! The homeless shelters are accepting
                                                                                 that connects our veterans   used clothing. Please bring any clean, gently used
                                                                                 with Junior ROTC cadets to   clothing that you would like to donate. The drop off
                                                                                 capture, preserve and share   location is at the BPCA office located at 6909 SW
                                                                                 the veteran’s legacy.      18th St., Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping plaza.
                                                                                   In addition, this year   The donations are distributed to local churches and
                                                                                 marks the 80th anniversary   homeless shelters. Help make a difference to those
                                                                                 of  WWII.  In  preparation   less fortunate.
                                                                                 for several upcoming          Thank you!! 
                                                                                 celebrations honoring local
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