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        VOL. 25 NO. 2                                                                           FEBRUARY 2022

                       TequesTa sPoTlighT                                                           TequesTa ProFile

                            Vita Nova’s                                                West Palm Beach Artist

            Manatees And Martinis                                                       Tracy Guiteau Selected

                        Scheduled For March 19                                         As The 37th ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival
            Proceeds To Benefit Homeless Youth In Palm Beach County                            Commemorative Poster Artist

        Vita Nova will host the Fifth Annual Manatees and Martinis on               With her passion for art guiding her, this year’s ArtiGras
      Saturday, March 19 at Manatee Lagoon, a Florida Power & Light               Fine Arts Festival commemorative poster artist Tracy
      (FPL) Eco-Discovery Center in West Palm Beach. The nonprofit’s              Guiteau has forged an impressive collection of work which
      main fundraising event will raise money for the homeless young              includes being hand-picked by the top tennis player Naomi
      adults Vita Nova serves in Palm Beach County.                               Osaka and iconic athlete LeBron James’ digital media
        Beginning at 6 p.m., guests of Manatees and Martinis will                 company for an art collaboration during Coachella Valley
      experience an exhilarating evening on the water featuring an array          Music and Arts Festival.
      of culinary delicacies, exotic beverages, live music and possible              “I’m grateful and honored to be chosen as the ArtiGras
      manatee sightings. They will also have the opportunity to bid on            poster artist this year,” said Guiteau, who lives in West
      unique auction items, party in paradise with “Jimmy Stowe & The             Palm Beach and has been showing her artwork at shows
      Stowaways,” and so much more.                                               for a few years, but this will be the first time she has been
        Serving over 400 youth in Palm Beach County, Vita Nova is a  Chairpersons Nicole and   selected as the official poster artist for an event. “This  Tracy Guiteau
      safe bridge to independence for former foster care, LGBTQ, and  Charles Kowanetz   will expand my artistic perspective with new
      other homeless youth through supportive housing, education,                 experiences as well as to offer important
      employment, and life skills training. As the voice of homeless young adults, Vita Nova aims   representation that will encourage artists
      to end homelessness for youth ages 18 to 25 years old in Palm Beach County.  within our community to pursue their artistic
        Chairpersons of the event are Nicole and Charles Kowanetz. Rand Hoch is honorary   vision.”
      chairman of the event. Sponsors to date include FPL, HSS Florida Hospital for Special     The commemorative poster is based on her
      Surgery and GEO Group.                                                      colorful acrylic painting titled Blossoming You
        Tickets to Manatees and Martinis are $175 each. To learn more, become a sponsor or purchase   which was born from Guiteau’s experiences
      tickets, visit, or call (561) 472-0035.                     during the last two years.
                                                                                    “The idea for the poster came from
                                                                                  experiencing the pandemic alone,” said
                              Fundraising                                         Guiteau, who has many geographical and
                                                                                  cultural influences in her work from her own
                                                                                  Haitian heritage as well as her experiences
                                                                                  studying art across the country and abroad.
                                                                                  “The journey of ‘Blossoming  You’ into
                   Believe With Me’s                                              who you are is embedded with obstacles
                                                                                  and hardship, but overcoming each struggle
                     Freedom 4 Miler                                              reveals new growth.”

                                                                                  Tequesta Profile on page 3

        The Freedom 4 Miler is  your                                                        Cupid Aims HER Arrow at YOU in 2022!
      opportunity to help support Believe
      With Me’s mission to bring hope and                                                         The Revolution Dating Team of Cupids have been working around
      help to America’s Gold Star Families!                                                      the clock this month for obvious reasons. This Dating Club has been
      This race is an annual live event in                                                        bringing more and more couples together for Valentine’s Day every
      Tequesta, Fla., but you can also join us                                                     year! Whether you are a male or female, age 25 or 85, this club is
      virtually if you are not in town!                                                              the answer to your dating dilemma. Research shows that 90% of
                                                                                                     Revolution Dating clients are reporting a positive experience from
      Fundraising on page 3                                                                                  finding happiness to marriage. If you haven’t started
                                                                                                               your revolution yet, this is the MEGA MONTH to
                                                                                                                start. With half of the adult population being single,
                                                                                                               divorced, or widowed, it’s tough to find “the right
                                                                                                    one” at the “right time,” and this well-respected firm is here to help.
                                                                                                    Please find Kelly’s article “The Singles Scene” in this issue and learn
                                                                                   how to rule February like a winner! It really is ValenTIME! If you don’t know already,
                                                                                   you will learn firsthand why Florida singles love this introductions club. Stay tuned for
                                                                                   more fun and love in this issue as you turn the pages to find YOUR person. Thank you
                                                                                   for following THE Florida Matchmaker year after year! From our office to your heart, we
                                                                                   wish YOU a Happy Valentine’s Day! See you in a few pages! We are waiting for YOU!
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