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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 33 NO. 2                                                                          FEBRUARY 2022

      Ireland U.S. Experience Entertainment                                                                 Bill’s Box

      Presents Jupiter Irish Fest                                                                           By Bill Thompson

                                                                                                              Winter in south
        Ireland U.S. Experience Entertainment            Fund.  Proceeds  from  a                           Florida. On Jan. 18,
      presents the Second Annual Jupiter                 silent auction will benefit                        the Weather  Channel
      Irish Fest, taking place at Abacoa                 Firefighters on a Mission.                         reported at about 7
      Amphitheater in Jupiter, Florida on                  Ticket Prices: $10 is the                        a.m., the temperature
      Friday, March 11, from 4 to 10 p.m.                cost of general admission;                         was 51  degrees  and
      and Saturday, March 12 from 11 a.m.                children, 12 and under, are                        with projected 40s for
      to 10 p.m. featuring authentic Irish food,         free when accompanied by                           evening. That’s  plenty
      drink, culture, entertainment and live music.      a parent. Whiskey tasting                          cool for me. Staying put.
        Live music is by Rogue Theory Band, Tracy Sands   is $10; pull your own pint                          2021 was not our proudest year. The alienation
      Band, Blessed Irish Band, Gaelic Brew, and Sionna Band.   is $25; and the full Irish                  segment of society, those against everything, continues
      Irish dancing is by the Tir Na Greine Irish Dancers. Pipes   experience is $65.  VIP                  to encourage unrest in uncivil ways. But good will
      and drums battle is between The Palm Beach County   reserved seating and private                      prevail. Good is love. Love conquers fear and hate. A
      Firefighters Pipes and Drums and the Boston Pipes and   Irish cottages for 10 guests                  path not always easy but navigable. We have a new
      Drums. Hurling demonstrations are by the Orlando Gaelic   are also available. Go to                   year in progress and hope is eternal.
      Athletic Association. Authentic Irish food is by McCarthy’s                 When I sat at my desktop computer to begin Bill’s
      Irish Pub and The Bistro. There is also whiskey tasting, pint   To show our thanks for                Box, much to my dismay, the monitor is blank, and the
      pulling, and a costume contest for adults and children.  all they do, veterans, first                 keyboard does not function. Has the modem died; its
        Charities: Ireland U.S. Experience Entertainment will   responders and teachers get in for free with proper   little lights are on? Reboot. Reset. Long unsatisfactory
      be raffling off a trip for two to Ireland. Proceeds benefit   identification.                         communications with Comcast. Alas. Composing now
      the  Southeast Florida Honor Flight. Proceeds from a                                                  on iPhone. Helluva way to be greeted by the great
      50/50 cash raffle will benefit the Wounded Veterans Relief    Irish Fest on page 2                    world of technology in my hour of need. As the saying
                                                                                                            goes, “oh well.”
       Solid Waste Authority News                                                                             Lots of couples have dinner out on Valentine’s Day.
                                                                                                            A very busy day for restaurants. Make reservations
                                                                                                            now! And over the table, lovers look into each other’s
      Resolve To Recycle Right In                          Surprisingly, they are the least recycled item in Palm Beach   eyes and quietly say, “I love you.”
                                                         County. However, a recycled can may be back on the shelf in
                                                                                                              Copy deadline for March is Feb. 13. My my, time
      2022                                               as little as 60 days.                              surely has a way of slipping away. Think I’ll reread
                                                         2. Never place a plastic bag in your blue or yellow recycling   Animal Farm.
        Does Palm Beach County recycle?                  bin.
      You bet it does. The Solid Waste                     Plastic bags are perfect to reuse as liners for smaller garbage
      Authority of Palm Beach County                     cans, but they wreak havoc in the recycling facility. If you want
      (SWA) invites you to join your fellow              to recycle them, take them back to your local grocer or other big
      residents in this eco-conscious effort by          box store, or one of seven SWA Home Chemical and Recycling
      resolving to Recycle Right in 2022.                Centers.
        In  the  last  fiscal  year,  county             3.  Recycle all your cardboard boxes.
      residents placed more than 100,000                   Many families are ordering more products online, so people
      tons of recyclables in their blue and              are left with lots of cardboard boxes at their homes. You can
      yellow recycle bins. That’s more than 200 million pounds of   place that cardboard in the yellow bin. But be sure to break the
      recyclable waste that would have otherwise been trashed.   boxes down and take out the packaging. There are also hundreds
        The top items by weight sent to mills and factories to be   of yellow community drop-offs if you have oversized cardboard
      used again were:                                   boxes. Find your nearest one at
        • Mixed paper – more than 33,500 tons            4.  Plastic caps can stay on plastic bottles, but take metal lids
        • Glass – more than 21,000 tons                  off of glass bottles and jars.
        • Cardboard – more than 18,700 tons                This will help when materials are separated by type at Palm
        • Plastic – more than 4,100 tons                 Beach County’s recycling facility.
        • Aluminum – more than 1,000 tons                5.  When in doubt, throw it out.                                President’s
        The SWA understands that it can be confusing to know     Trying to recycle things like holiday lights, garden hoses and
      what goes in your yellow recycling bin, what goes in your blue   children’s toys can contaminate recyclables or even damage   Day
      recycling bin, and what should be tossed in the trash – we’re here   recycling equipment.
      to help. Use the search tool found at to   Household Hazardous Waste Items To Take To One Of
      see if an item is recyclable. If it is, we’ll even tell you which bin   The SWA’s Seven Home Chemical And Recycling Centers   Monday,
      to put it in.                                      (HCRCs)
      Here Are Some Recycling Tips To Help You Get Started.     1. Many people know that different types of batteries are   February 21
      General Recycling:
      1. Definitely put aluminum cans in the blue bin.       Solid Waste Authority on page  3

                                                                                     REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY

                                                                                          TO THE JUPITER POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                           (561) 799-4445

                                                                                                 Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                                                                                                       Do not leave valuables in the car.
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