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VOL. 30 NO. 3                                                                              MARCH 2022

       Chairman’s Corner                                                                          

      By Barry J. Haberman,                              Pointe has been vaccinated including the booster shot.
      BPCA Chair and President                           functioning for all essential services. Our staff is doing  And Mobile App

                                                           The Boca Pointe Community Association is open and
         I hope that you all had                         a phenomenal job in these trying times.
      a very lovely Valentine’s                             Once again, please follow all of the CDC guidelines.   By Justin Mocha, Director of Security
      Day. When celebrating the                          Please socially distance yourselves and wear a mask.
      holidays with family and                              May there be some semblance of normalcy in the near allows residents to have more
      friends, please be careful.                        future.                                            control over their guest lists—you would be surprised
         We are anticipating                                Please stay safe and healthy.                  at the number of residents who have permanent guests
      a silver lining to the                                                                                listed who have not visited in 10+ years. Some of these
      COVID-19 crisis. I hope                                                                               may be guests you no longer wish to have access to
      that everyone in Boca                                                                                 property. Logging into and clicking
                                                                                                            the ‘Guest List’ tab allows you to view your list in its
      From The Desk Of Mayor Weinroth                                                                       entirety and remove guests who no longer visit.
                                                                                                              While viewing your Guest List you may click on the

                                                                                                            ‘View/Send Voucher’ button to send a Fast Pass to one
      Bridge/Rail safety                                  in the trunk                                      of your guests. A Fast Pass will make processing your
                                                           • Secure purses, laptops, backpacks and shopping bags
                                                                                                            guests much faster at the gate, and you can disable a
         The tragic pedestrian                             • Don’t leave your keys in the car               Fast Pass at any time by simply removing the guest.
      death that occurred during                           If your vehicle is broken into, report it to law also allows you to  update your
      the  opening  of  the  Royal                      enforcement even if nothing significant was taken   contact information. Clicking on the ‘Contact Info’ tab,
      Park Bascule Bridge (owned                                                                            you may update e-mail addresses and phone numbers
      and operated by FDOT) is                          A Must-See: Green Cay                               associated with your account. It’s important for BPCA
      extremely rare.                                                                                       and security to have reliable ways of contacting
         However, the county’s                          Wetlands                                            residents in the event of an emergency. Additionally,
      Engineering Department                                                                                you can set up Entry Notifications on this page that
      is taking extra preventive                           I recently toured the county’s Southern Region Water   will automatically e-mail or text you a message when
      measures for the eight county-                    Reclamation Facility and the adjoining Green Cay    an officer logs an entry to your address. You can even
      operated bascule bridges.                         Wetlands and Nature Center in Boynton Beach. The site   review entries on the ‘Entry Logs’ tab.
      This includes inspecting all                      is a unique collaboration of two facilities resulting in a      All of these functions are also available on the
      vehicular and pedestrian warning devices to ensure they meet   state-of-the-art wetland and nature reserve open to the   GateAccess mobile app for iPhone and Android!
      all safety policies and procedures.               public.                                                Although our operators are always here to assist you,
         Additionally, all county bridge tenders are regularly      The wastewater treatment process starts with   I encourage everyone to log-in to or the
      required to complete refresher training that involves safety   wastewater being filtered and disinfected. Biosolids are   Gate Access mobile app at least once to review your
      protocols, including visually checking spans for vehicles/  removed and sold to the Solid Waste Authority to burn   Guest List and Contact Information. After navigating
      pedestrians and verbally announcing “Clear the span” in the   for energy!                             to using an internet browser, you can
      direction of the bridge.                             Over two million gallons of treated wastewater are   log into your account using the following credentials:
         To make matters worse, there were three major accidents   pumped into the surrounding wetlands to create valuable      Community Code: 2722
      involving cars circumventing safety gates at a railroad crossing.  wildlife habitats for many Florida species.     User Name: Primary 10-digit Phone Number on
         Trains can’t stop quickly, and most need a mile or more to      Green Cay  Wetlands and Nature Center features   Account (no dashes or spaces, with area code)
      come to a full stop. These fast-moving Brightline trains are   various activities including an elevated boardwalk for bird      Password: Access Code
      traveling about 80 miles per hour, and are closer and faster   and wildlife watching, interactive educational activities      These same credentials also work for the Gate
      than perceived!                                   and more.                                           Access mobile app.  When using  the app select
         Moreover, it’s illegal to bypass the safety gates once lowered.      For more information, visit https://discover.pbcgov.  ‘Remember Me’ so you do not have to log in every
         These trains only take seconds to clear the crossing and urge   org/waterutilities/Pages/Reclaimed-Water.aspx.   time.
      everyone to pay attention. Look, listen, live!                                                           If you have problems logging in you can call Access
                                                        Nonprofit spotlight: The                            Control or the BPCA Office to assist you. I encourage
      Rise in car theft                                 Florida Guardian ad Litem                           everyone to make use of this tool. 

         Law enforcement agencies have reported an uptick in car
      break-ins. Here are some tips on avoiding a car break-in:  (GAL)
         • Never leave valuables out on your seat, dashboard or floor                                       Please Help
         • Always lock your door even at home, where most unlocked      The Florida Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Program is a
      vehicle burglaries happen                         local nonprofit that collaborates with community advocates
                                                                                 and professional staff        Spring is here! Now is the time to clean out
                                                                                 providing a powerful voice   your closets!! The homeless shelters are accepting
                                                                                 for abused and neglected   used clothing. Please bring any clean, gently used
                                                                                 children in our community.  clothing that you would like to donate. The drop off
                                                                                   GAL volunteers work      location is at the BPCA office located at 6909 SW
                                                                                 with a multi-disciplinary   18th St., Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping plaza.
                                                                                 team that includes a lawyer   The donations are distributed to local churches and
                                                                                 who advocates  for  each   homeless shelters. Help make a difference to those
                                                                                 child’s services and support.  less fortunate. A grateful Thank You goes out to all
                                                                                                            that have recently donated!!! 
                                                                                 From The Desk Of on page 2
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