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VOL. 32 NO. 3                                                                                MARCH 2022

      Firefighter Chili Cook Off

        The Retired Firefighters of Palm Beach County hosted
      their Firefighter Chili Cook Off on Saturday, Feb. 5 at
      Abacoa Amphitheater. Decorated chili booths represented
      firefighters from local departments, restaurants, hospitals,
      and organizations. It was the responsibility of the celebrity
      judges to finally determine the “best” chili and “theme”
      booths. This event was a huge success and Abacoa proved
      to be the perfect secure venue to gather the family for cold
      drinks, hot chili, and live music.
        The Retired Firefighters of Palm Beach County are a
      combination of firefighters from local fire departments                                              benefited two organizations: Firefighters on a Mission
      that  have  combined  to  maintain  the  brotherhood  by                                             and Firefighters to the Rescue.
      supporting  the  health  and  welfare  of  local  firefighters                                         Firefighters on a Mission has partnered with a variety
      as well as the community we fought so hard to protect.                                               of organizations that specifically focus on finding a cure
      They  are  a  charitable  501(c)(3)  organization  that  aids                                        for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Money raised will be
      fire-related  agencies  while  continuing  to  support  our
      community. This year the Firefighter Chili Cook Off event                                            Firefighter Chili Cook Off on page 2
      Dionne Warwick, Rita Rudner, And Marilyn McCoo

      And Billy Davis, Jr. Headline LIFE’s 28th Annual

      Lady In Red Gala

      Event Raises More Than $1.5 Million With                                                             award-winning couple, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis,
      Proceeds Benefiting “Pups4patriots” At                                                               Jr., kicked off the night with a rousing set featuring both
                                                                                                           their biggest hits, from Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In to
      American Humane And “Lois’ Food4kids” At                                                             Wedding Bell Blues and Up, Up and Away, to tunes from
      Palm Beach County Food Bank                                                                          their new album, including the title track, Blackbird.
        Lois Pope, founder and chair of LIFE’s Lady in Red                                                   Then, after a surf and turf feast of Maine lobster and filet
      Gala, told the sold-out audience at the 28th annual event                                            mignon, comedian Rita Rudner, who has the longest running solo
      at The Breakers on Sunday, Jan. 9, that the hallmarks                                                act in Las Vegas history, had the audience roaring with laughter.
      of  the  much-anticipated  affair  are  always:  fabulous                                            This was the side-splitting comedian’s third “Lady in Red” gala
      entertainment, important causes to support, great food,                                              and it was easy to see why, as she compared the differences
      music and dancing, and no long speeches.                                                             between women and men, getting older, and how the world has
        And,  as  always,  this  year’s  gala  fulfilled  each  of                                         changed over the past few years because of COVID-19.
      these  hallmarks  in  magnificent fashion. The  headliner
      entertainment was spectacular. The seven-time Grammy   Dionne Warwick                                Dionne Warwick on page 3

      Hannah’s Home To Expand Capacity After Successful Fundraiser

        After  raising  over  $400,000  at  its  10th  annual   property  with  four  new
      fundraising  gala,  Hannah’s  Home  of  South  Florida  is   cottages. This extra housing
      moving to expand capacity to meet the needs of the single,   will  give  us  the  ability  to
      pregnant young women in the home’s care.           bring hope to so many more
        Every year, Hannah’s Home must turn away nearly 200   young  women  and  their
      women due to a lack of capacity. “I felt that the event this   children.”
      year was filled with celebration and anticipation for the     The annual gala, which
      future of Hannah’s Home,” said Carol Beresford, founder   featured  cocktails,  dinner
      of Hannah’s Home. “We look forward to expanding our   and  a  live  auction  at  the

                                                                                                           Rauch, Florida Power & Light’s vice president of external
                                                                                                           affairs and economic development.
                                                                                                             Tania  Rogers  of  WPTV  made  a  special  guest
                                                                                 Pelican Club in Jupiter, was   appearance  as  hostess. The  event  was  coordinated  by
                                                                                 cochaired  by  MaryLynn   former mayor of the Village of Tequesta, Abby Brennan.
                                                                                 Magar, former Florida state
                                                                                 representative, and Pamela   Hannah’s Home on page 2
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