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          Cleveland CliniC MarTin healTh neWs

      Cleveland Clinic Martin                            techniques from inside the                        patients in the United States in 2011. It has since gone through

      Health Uses Advanced Device                        blood vessel,” says Miller.                       a series of advancements to improve patient outcomes.
                                                                                                           Miller is the first neurosurgeon in Florida to use the newest
                                                         “Instead of going home with
      To Treat Brain Aneurysms                           a shaved scalp and large scar,                    generation of the device. It was approved by the FDA last
                                                         many patients go home with                        year and is designed to reduce the potential development of
        An estimated 6.5 million people in the United States, or 1 in   a small bandage on their           stroke-causing blood clots, making it safer for patients.
      50 people, have an unruptured brain aneurysm – a weakening   groin or wrist.”                        Aneurysm Symptoms
      of a blood vessel wall that allows it to balloon out. If an   Treatment Innovation                     While most aneurysms are symptomless, some become large
      aneurysm ruptures, the bleeding in the brain can cause stroke,     One of the newest treatment       enough to press on neighboring brain structures. This can cause
      coma, brain damage and death. Ruptured brain aneurysms   options for aneurysms is a                  headache, dilated pupils, blurred or double vision, loss of balance,
      are fatal in about 50 percent of cases, while the majority of   minimally invasive technique         and speech problems. Symptoms of a ruptured aneurysm include
      survivors suffer some permanent neurological deficit.   called flow diversion, in which              a sudden, debilitating headache along with nausea, vomiting, a
        Caring for patients with an unruptured brain aneurysm has   blood flow is rerouted to take pressure off the bulging vessel wall.  stiff neck, and loss of consciousness. This is a medical emergency
      advanced significantly in the past decade, according to Jeffrey     “We use a catheter to place a soft, flexible mesh tube   and requires an urgent call to 9-1-1.
      Miller, M.D., an endovascular neurosurgeon with Cleveland   at the base of the aneurysm,” explains Dr. Miller. “This     Cleveland Clinic Martin Health is home to a
      Clinic Martin Health, largely due to the development of new   immediately lessens some of the blood flow, but over time   multidisciplinary team specializing in the treatment
      medical devices and minimally invasive techniques that provide   new cells grow on the stent, sealing off the aneurysm from   and management of cerebrovascular disease, including
      an alternative to traditional open surgery.        circulation and allowing it to shrink naturally.”  brain aneurysms. Call (844) 630-4968 or visit
        “Today we can treat most aneurysms using catheter-based     The original flow diversion device was approved to treat to learn more.

                                                    Tip of The Tail

      Pet Nutrition
                                                         immunocompromised people. The American Veterinary Medical   focuses on compassionate care in surgery, physical therapy and
                                                         Association (AVMA) strongly discourages feeding raw diets.   rehabilitation, preventative medicine, extensive diagnostics, and
                                                           It is important to involve your veterinarian in choosing the   emergency service, Palm City Animal Medical Center combines
                                                         appropriate diet for your pet. Proper nutrition will help ensure   exceptional medical care with a caring philosophy for pets and
                                                         your pet lives a long, healthy life.              their owners. For more information, call (772) 283-0920, visit
                                                           Established in 1981, Palm City Animal Medical Center is or find us on Facebook
                                                         dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pets. With   at

                                                                                 ChariTy neWs
        Providing pets with proper nutrition is one of the most
      important aspects of pet ownership. With the extensive variety
      of commercially available diets, home cooked diets, and raw
      diets, the choices can become overwhelming. Your veterinarian  Piper’s Landing Giving
      can assist you in selecting the best diet for your pet, based on   Tree Donations Awarded To
      their age and lifestyle, while also considering health conditions
      that may affect your pet.                          SafeSpace
        When choosing a commercial diet, it may be best to choose
      a company that also develops veterinary therapeutic diets.   By Joan Amerling
      These companies generally use the same standards of quality     The Piper’s Landing  Women’s Golf Association
      in their over-the-counter diets as they do in their therapeutic   (PLWGA) does more than get together for fun on the golf
      diets. Their diets are formulated to meet standards established   course. Every year since 2009, they have organized a “Giving
      by Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO),   Tree” during the holiday season.
      which is an organization which provides recommendations for     2021 was no exception. They set up a tree in the dining
      pet food composition to ensure nutritional adequacy. Verify that   room area where Piper’s residents would be sure to see it
      your pet’s food meets the AAFCO standards.         and fill out a tag with whatever amount they’d like to donate
        The World Small Animal Veterinary Association Nutrition   to a worthy nonprofit in Martin County.
      Toolkit developed by the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee     “The Giving Tree gives us a chance to give back to the
      provides many useful nutrition resources for choosing your   community we all love so dearly,” said Diana McCabe,   Leslie Robinson, PLWGA President Diane McCabe, Michelle
      pet’s food. This document lists eight concerns you can ask   chair of PLWGA’s Executive Committee. “It is difficult to   Bragg, Lolly Brooks, Rosemary Burns and SafeSpace CEO
      about when comparing pet food manufacturers to help evaluate   choose the recipient of the donations,” she added, “as there   Dr. Teresa Albizu
      their suitability:                                 are so many worthy causes in Martin County. But for me the                       Photo by SafeSpace
      • Employment of a full-time qualified nutritionist  important criteria was that the cause helps local women. So
      • Diet formulations and the credentials of those who formulate   SafeSpace seemed the right choice.”    SafeSpace is the only state certified domestic violence
      the diets                                            This is the second year that SafeSpace was chosen. On   center serving Indian River, Martin and St. Lucie counties.
      • Location of food production and manufacturing    Feb. 1, the Executive Committee of PLWGA presented a   It not only offers a 24/7 hotline and an emergency shelter;
      • Method of substantiating complete and balanced claims  check for $2,530 to Dr. Teresa Albizu, CEO of SafeSpace.  it also provides services including legal assistance, mental
      • Quality control measures                           Prior to the pandemic, Diana noted, “Several of us were   health counseling, financial literacy training, and prevention
      • Availability of complete nutrient profile        given the opportunity to tour the SafeSpace facility, to learn   strategies to help victims of domestic violence become safe
      • Calorie content                                  its history and find out about all the work SafeSpace does to   and stable members of the community.
      • Availability of any product research             help victims of domestic violence. I was both touched and     For more information, visit or call
        If you decide to cook your pet’s food, the diet needs to be   impressed by the brave and strong women we met and by   (772) 223-2399. Help is available 24/7 by calling the Hotline
      formulated with the help of a veterinary nutritionist. A veterinary   the work SafeSpace does.”      at (772) 288-7023.
      nutritionist will ensure that the diet has appropriate ingredients
      for a balanced diet. Home cooked diets may be beneficial for pets
      with certain health conditions or food allergies. Some owners
      elect to feed home cooked diets to healthy pets, as an alternative
      to commercial diets.                                                             Aligned
        Feeding raw food diets should be considered carefully. One of                    with
      the main concerns with raw food diets is bacterial contamination
      or exposure to parasites. Salmonella and E. coli are two of the
      most common bacteria isolated from raw food. Pets may develop   Home • Auto • Boat • RV • Life
      foodborne illness after consuming animal protein contaminated   Flood • Business • Commercial
      with these bacteria. These bacteria may also be transmitted to
      humans, and are of particular concern for children, elderly, and
                                                                            Mary-Beth Zipsir
                                                                           Agent in Charge

                                                                           O: (772) 233-4444
        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
        Palm Beach County and is a privately                     
        owned and managed company.
        Captain’s is committed to providing
        dependable, reliable and professional                                It's our policy that you know yours
        ground transportation to and from all
        South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
           To reserve your vehicle:
       561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890
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