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                                                          Good Works

      United Way Of Martin                               build learning critical for school
                                                         readiness. A series of signs
      County Launches Born                               offering educational games
      Learning Outdoor Trails To                         (approved by experts) guide
                                                         adults on specific ways to create
      Promote Early Childhood                            learning games outdoors and
                                                         suggest tips to use at home.
      Learning And Family Fun                              “The Born Learning  Trail
                                                         promotes fun and games –
        Learning happens everywhere a child goes, but parents,   important components of early
      grandparents and caregivers may not always know how   childhood learning,” said Carol
      to support that learning.                          G. Houwaart-Diez, president/
        That won’t be the case at three parks in the city of Stuart   CEO of United Way of Martin
      – Flagler Park, Shepard Park and the Guy Davis Sports   County. “Children are literally  Carol G. Houwaart-Diez, United Way of Martin County; Commissioner Becky Bruner,
      Complex. United Way of Martin County in partnership   ‘born learning,’ and we know  city of Stuart; Angela Aulisio, Cleveland Clinic Martin Health; Amy Bottegal, SouthState
      with the City of Stuart, Cleveland Clinic Martin Health,   that what happens in a child’s  Bank; Mayor Merritt Matheson, city of Stuart; Mary Anne Cannon, Pratt & Whitney;
      Pratt & Whitney and SouthState Bank, created outdoor   early years matters for success  David Dyess, city of Stuart; Commissioner Eula Clarke, city of Stuart; Vice Mayor Troy
      interactive early learning trails to help parents and   in life and for school readiness.” McDonald, city of Stuart
      caregivers turn excursions into fun learning moments.
        The Born Learning  Trail is a fun, easy way for
      parents, grandparents and caregivers to use outings to

                                                         Natalie Desmangles painted the trail at Flagler Park.

      David Ellis and Deborah Davis paint the trail at Shepard Park.    According to the most recent data, only
                                                         47 percent of Martin County children are
                                                         considered ready for kindergarten, lower than   A team from Cleveland Clinic Martin Health painted the trail at Guy
                                                         the state average of 57 percent. Additionally,   Davis Sports Complex. Back row left to right: Maggie Ross, Amy Longar,
                                                         only 52 percent of Martin County students are   Janie Toney, Alicia Mackenzie. Front row left to right: Angela Aulisio,
                                                         reading on level by third grade, lower than the   Karen Raymond, Diane Grant, Debbie HettZaugg, Kenny Mofield
                                                         state average of 54 percent. The Born Learning
                                                         Trail is designed to help adults interact with children to   About United Way
                                                         boost language and literacy development.            United Way of Martin County’s mission is to improve
                                                           The city of Stuart is a strong supporter of the Born   lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community.
                                                         Learning Trail. “Early childhood learning is so important   Since 1972, the United Way has been working to create
                                                         and the Born Learning Trails will help our community   long-term social change and provide support to Martin
                                                         do even more to get kids off to the right start,” said city   County residents by investing in programs that strive to
                                                         of Stuart Mayor Merritt Matheson.                 enhance healthy living, improve education and support
                                                           For more information about the Born Learning Trails,   financial stability.
                                                         visit or
                                                         UnitedWayMartin.                                  Good Works on page 7

      A team from Pratt & Whitney painted the trail at Shepard
      Park: Deborah Davis, David Ellis, Chris Padrick, Cindy
      Cahill, Dan Murphy, Michael Counos, Mary Anne Cannon,
      Frances Ferguson.
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      A team from SouthState Bank and other community groups
      painted the trail at Flagler Park. Left to right: Juliette Foster,   Continuously available since 1977
      Marissa Glynn, Beverly Brinkley, Natalie Desmangles,
      Brandon Febres, and Amy Bottegal                     in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

                                                                                        See our website for more info:


                                                                or call for more information: Toll-free number (561) 766-0878

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