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VOL. 12 NO. 4                                                                                  APRIL 2022

      Community Leaders Participate

      in Mission Trip to Ukraine Border

      By Susan Shulman Pertnoy, Betsy R. Sheerr,
      and Michael Hoffman
         It’s been nearly two months since Russia’s invasion of
      Ukraine. While the harrowing images we’ve seen on the
      news are on our minds, we continue to be inspired by the
      outpouring of solidarity from our community with the people
      of Ukraine – including the 200,000 Jewish Ukrainians
      impacted by this crisis.
         In March, community leaders Susan Shulman Pertnoy
      (Federation’s Board Chair-Elect), Betsy R. Sheerr (Board
      member and Chair of the King David Society), and Michael

                                                        Hoffman (President & CEO) participated in a leadership   month to see firsthand what is happening on the ground. We
                                                        mission to the border of Poland and Ukraine, led by Jewish   were the first delegation of leaders from the North American
                                                        Federations of North America.                      Jewish community to visit the border with Ukraine.
                                                           You cannot help but see the images coming out of      The moment we arrived; we witnessed the unimaginable.
                                                        Ukraine and wonder what you can do. In times of great need,   We saw lines of people as far as the eye can see. The tension
                                                        communities like ours are looked to for support. As part of   and fear are almost palpable. And the stark reality that there
                                                        this, we were among a small selection of North American
                                                        communities asked to have representatives in Poland last   Mission Trip to Ukraine Border on page 2
      Emanu-El Donates $20,000 to JFS

      to Support Food Insecurity Program

         Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach presented a check                                                   said. “I agreed,
      for  $20,000  to  Ferd  &  Gladys Alpert  Jewish  Family                                             and it quickly
      Service (Alpert JFS) and the organization’s food                                                     became  a  weekly
      insecurity program on March 17. The money, which was                                                 tradition.”
      raised through a unique partnership between the temple                                                  “Alpert JFS
      and nonprofit, will provide food to vulnerable Jewish                                                is com mitte d
      individuals and families in Palm Beach County who                                                    to ending food
      face food insecurity. Specifically, the money will fund                                              insecurity  and
      the Alpert JFS Kosher Food Pantry, and overall efforts                                               hunger  in  our
      to reduce food insecurity in Palm Beach County. Since                                                community,” said
      January 2013, when the program was launched, Temple                                                  Marc Hopin, Chief
      Emanu-El has donated a total of $81,000 to Alpert JFS.                                               Executive Officer
         According to Rabbi Michael Resnick of  Temple                                                     at Alpert  JFS.
      Emanu-El, it is customary at many synagogues for the                                                 “The generosity
      congregants to sponsor flowers that are displayed on the                                             of Temple Emanu-
      bimah for Shabbat. Instead, Temple Emanu-El of Palm   Steven Horowitz, President, Temple Emanu-El; Zelda Mason,   El congregants
      Beach encourages those who wish to give to donate a   President & Board Chair, Alpert JFS; Marjorie Feldman,   allows us to give
      “Food Basket” in lieu of a flower arrangement. The money   Chair, Alpert JFS Kosher Food Pantry Committee; and   food throughout
      collected for the food basket is then donated by Temple   Belinda Lasky, Director of Volunteer Service, Alpert JFS, with   the year to
      Emanu-El directly to Alpert JFS to help feed the many   the food basket that replaces flowers on the bimah.  individuals and
                                                                                                           families who are
                                                                                 families in Palm Beach    struggling with food insecurity.  The face of food
                                                                                 County who are in need of   insecurity can be homebound elderly living on meager
                                                                                 supplemental nutrition.   incomes but can just as easily be young families facing
                                                                                   “In 2009, a member of our   financial challenges, setbacks, and job loss. No matter
                                                                                 congregation approached   who they are, we are committed to helping.”
                                                                                 me and asked if, instead of      To sponsor a “Food Basket,” please visit www.tepb.
                                                                                 flowers, could we collect   org/giving/kiddush-flowers-and-food-baskets/.
                                                                                 funds to be donated to       If you know anyone who could benefit from the Alpert
                                                                                 Alpert JFS for holiday food   JFS Kosher Food Pantry, please call 561-684-1991 or visit
                                                                                 baskets,” Rabbi Resnick
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