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VOL. 14 NO. 4                                                                                APRIL 2022

       Supermodel Christie Brinkley                                                                         Jack And Barbara

       Was The Cover Girl Of Cancer                                                                         Nicklaus Children’s

       Alliance Of Help & Hope’s 2022                                                                       Legacy Fund

       Shop The Day Away Luncheon                                                    ™                      Reaches Milestone

                                                                                                              Jack and Barbara Nicklaus and the Nicklaus
      $850,000 Raised To Assist Local                                                                       Children’s Health Care Foundation have made
                                                                                                            significant strides toward their $80 million goal to
      Families Affected By Cancer                                                                           help children in need of life-changing medical care.
                                                                                                            Two years after the launch of the Jack and Barbara
        Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope’s (CAHH) 2022 Shop                                                   Nicklaus Children’s Legacy Fund, the endowment is
      The Day Away Luncheon  was another sold-out event with                                                at the halfway mark.
      nearly 500 supporters in attendance. This exciting event                                                “Jack and I have had the honor to play a role in
      took place at The Breakers Palm Beach on Feb. 24 with                                                 some amazing  success  stories by helping children
      keynote speaker supermodel Christie Brinkley, one of the                                              receive the medical treatments they need to live healthy
      most recognized faces around the world.                                                               lives,” said Barbara Nicklaus, founder and chair of
        This spectacular event began with Palm Beach’s most                                                 the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation. “It’s
      fantastic silent auction, featuring more than 500 new luxury                                          been a joy to see the community step forward to make
      designer items from the world’s finest brands, including                                              sure these kids get vital care.”
      Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Brunello Cucinelli. Items                                             Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation
      included a fabulous selection of new handbags, accessories,                                           established the fund in honor of Jack and Barbara’s
      jewelry, evening merchandise, home, beauty, men’s                                                     80th birthdays to create a secure future for sick
                                                                                                            children locally and globally. Thanks to a $1.5 million
       Supermodel Christie Brinkley on page 2            Soula Rifkin, Christie Brinkley and Janet Levy     donation from The Frank DiMino Foundation, the fund
                                                                                                            has surpassed the $40 million mark. Darren Bardell and
      Tampa General Hospital                                                                                family from the Wellington-based foundation recently
                                                                                                            presented the check to Jack and Barbara.
      Joins The Honda Classic                                                                                 “We believe in Jack and Barbara’s vision to help
                                                                                                            children receive lifesaving care and are thrilled to be
                                                                                                            a part of these second chances,” said Darren Bardell,
      In Support Of Children’s Charities                                                                    Executive Director of The Frank DiMino Foundation.
                                                                                                              Jack and Barbara Nicklaus founded the Nicklaus
                                                                                                            Children’s Health Care Foundation in 2004 to provide
                                                                                                            world-class, pediatric care to children in Palm Beach
                                                                                   Tampa General Hospital   County and beyond. The foundation supports Nicklaus
                                                                                 (TGH) has joined the Palm   Children’s Hospital, which has helped children from
                                                                                 Beach County community     every state in the union and 119 countries. For more
                                                                                 in support of  The Honda   information on how you can support the Jack and
                                                                                 Classic. Since its inception   Barbara Nicklaus Children’s Legacy Fund, please visit
                                                                                 in 1972, The Honda Classic or call (561) 630-0025.
                                                                                 has raised more than $55
                                                                                 million to support over 100
                                                                                 South Florida charities and
                                                                                 helped tens of thousands of
                                                                                   Tampa General Hospital
                                                                                 welcomed  hundreds  of
                                                                                 prominent  residents and
                                                                                 physicians to its chalet in
                                                                                 Nicklaus Village on the 18th
       Bobby Hendel; Leslie Gillman; John Couris, president and CEO of Tampa General Hospital;   hole of the PGA National
       Suzanne Niedland; Nicollee Inguagiato                                     Champion Course. TGH is
                                                                                 proud to support Nicklaus
                                                                                 Children’s Health Care
                                                                                 Foundation, the primary
                                                                                 beneficiary of The Honda
                                                                                 Classic, in its work to
                                                                                 advance and enhance the
                                                                                 diagnosis, treatment, and
                                                                                 prevention of childhood    Annie-Laurie and Darren Bardell and their children with
                                                                                 diseases and disorders.    Barbara and Jack Nicklaus
                                                                                                                         Photo by Tracey Benson Photography
                                                                                 The Honda Classic on page 4
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