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      february breakfast

        Our Networking Breakfast
      was  held Wednesday,
      February 23 at Monarch
      Country Club. Members
      and guests were treated to a
      wonderful buffet breakfast
      from the chef and staff of
        We were educated about
      our local waterways by
      Nyla Pipes with One Florida
      Foundation. Nyla shared a
      terrific and understandable  President Christina Franco, Hampton by Hilton  Nyla Pipes, One Florida Foundation  Jay Kacprowicz with Guaranteed Garage Repairs and Robin
      overview of the current                                                                              Hall, Out2News
      situation with our local waters.
        Our second speaker was Family Promise Executive   network providing
      Director Madeleine Bozone, which was sponsored by   temporary assistance,
      David Bradford with Edward Jones. Family Promise   hos pitality, and cas e
      of Martin County is a non-profit, interfaith hospitality   management for families
                                                         with children experiencing
                                                           C on g r atu latio n s  to
                                                         Celeste Mckeefery, with
                                                         Personal Training  by
                                                         Celeste, for being our
                                                         Ambassador of the Month.
                                                           We are pleased to
                                                         recognize Peter Sicoli,
                                                         with Sailfish Insurance, as
                                                         our Board Member of the
                                                                   Photo credit to
                                                             Members of the Family Promise Board

                                                         Caroly Leibowitz, Cruise Planners,  Ambassador    Missi Campbell, Executive Director of the Palm City
                                                         Chairwoman and Celeste Mckeefery, Personal Training by   Chamber of Commerce and Peter Sicoli, Board Member of
                                                         Celeste, our Ambassador of the Month              the Month, from Sailfish Insurance
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