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      Northern Notes

      Living With Sandhill Cranes                           Two  subspecies  of  sandhill  crane  occur
                                                         in Florida. The Florida sandhill crane (G. c.
      By Katie Roundtree,                                pratensis), numbering 4,000 to 5,000, is a
      Director of Finance and                            nonmigratory year-round breeding resident. They
      Administration, Northern                           are joined every winter by 25,000 migratory
      Palm Beach County                                  greater sandhill cranes (G. c. tabida), the larger
      Improvement District                               of the two subspecies. The greater sandhill crane
         Sandhill cranes are long-                       winters in Florida but nests in the Great Lakes
      legged,  long-necked  gray,                        region.
      heron-like birds with a patch                         Sandhill  cranes  mate  for  life  and  attract
      of red skin on their head.                         mates using an elaborate dance. These cranes
      They are distinctive looking                       nest during late winter and early spring on mats
      birds standing almost 4-feet-                      of vegetation found in shallow water such as
      tall  and  can  be  seen  near                     preserves or marshes. Sandhill chicks can leave
      preserves and wetlands, in parking lots and walking across   the nest as early as eight hours after hatching and can swim      They have been
      roads oblivious to danger. They travel in small groups or   if necessary. Juveniles stay with their parent from 9 to 10   around  for  a  very
      pairs sometimes with young in tow.                 months after hatching.                            long time.  The first
                                                                                                           known  sandhill  crane
                                                                                                           fossi l  wa s found
                                                                                                           in  the  Macasphalt
                                                                                                           Shell  Pit  in  Florida.
                                                                                                           It was estimated to
                                                                                                           be about 2.5 million
                                                                                                           years old.  They are
                                                                                                           not endangered but
                                                                                                           due to loss of habitat,
                   Upscale Resale                                                                          their populations
                                                                                                           can  be  of  concern  in
                                                                                                           certain areas. They are
         Experience The Difference                                                                         attracted to open areas
                                                                                                           in urban settings such
                                                                                                           as golf courses, parks
           New and consigned furniture, unique lighting, accessories and gifts.                            in subdivisions and
              Complete wallpaper and fabric library for all your design needs.                             undeveloped land in
                                                                                                           commercial areas.
                                                                                                              Sandhill cranes are
                    New 23,000 sq. ft.  Location                                                           omnivores, which means that they eat plants as well as
                                                                                                           small animals like snails, frogs, worms and grubs. They
                                                                                                           provide natural biological control for their grazing areas as
                                                                                                           they eat these common pests of turf. Sandhill cranes have
           Consign and Design has EXPANDED! They have moved to a new, much                                 an abundance of natural foods and do not need handouts
           larger location at 7700 N Military Trail. The previous “Golf Store” has been                    from humans.

                                                                                                             People  inadvertently  put  them  in  harm’s  way  when
           redesigned  and  it’s  gorgeous!  Consign  and  Design  has  been  the  place                   feeding them, thinking that they are being kind. It is never
           to buy and consign for the last 20 years. They specialize in working with                       a good idea to feed wildlife. In fact, in 2002, the Florida
           high-end  homes,  upscale  designers,  and  luxury  model  homes.  Multiple                     Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) made
           celebrities and sports legends have used their services and shoppers have                       it illegal to feed sandhill cranes (Florida Fish and Wildlife
           purchased incredible pieces as a result. With wait times for furniture at                       Code 68A-4.00(3). Why was this done? Cranes can become
                                                                                                           aggressive when fed by people. When they are used to a
           more  than  a  year  in  some  instances,  luxury  consignment  brings  great                   free meal, they will continue to return and demand it when
           value. They also carry fabulous new artwork, lighting, and accessories. If                      it is not offered. Cranes returning to a yard where they
           you haven’t experienced Consign and Design, check it out soon! You won’t                        have been fed are prone to injury by cars as they cross the
           believe the buys. At least 5 trucks roll in weekly and it goes out fast!                        street to get to the yard. They are also more vulnerable
                                                                                                           to predation by dogs or cats, especially the young cranes.
                                                                                                           Occasionally, birds have been known to cause damage to
           Nanci Smith, the owner, has had a fabulous store in Wellington for years                        property as a territorial defense behavior upon seeing their
           but decided to expand in the Gardens 5 years ago. She couldn’t be happier                       reflection in cars or window screens. Pesticides in yards
           with  that  decision.  She  states,  “I  knew  we  would  do  well  because  our                and urban areas can also be of concern as they forage for
           Wellington clients expect a certain level of service and I felt we could deliver                food in the ground.
                                                                                                             Look around and enjoy these beautiful birds as they
           that in a different way than others in the Gardens, Jupiter, Stuart area. Our                     interact within our Florida environment. Many of them can
           store was well received here and the time has come to expand. We also                           be found in the preserves and marshes in our area. Give
           fill a void for well curated artwork and accessories. Art is one of our top                     them their space if you come across them and be mindful of
           categories, and it’s hard to find in the mid range price point. It’s either very                them crossing or walking in our roadways. Finally, please
           cheap or super expensive. People want original and unique pieces without                        do not feed them for the good of the cranes and Florida’s
           purchasing a name. We offer new and consigned items at a fraction of the                        delicate ecosystem. For  more  information, please  visit
                                                                                                           the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
           price and you can take it home today!”                                                          website at
                                                                                                              NPDES tip: Safely use and dispose of pesticides. If
                                                                                                           all of the pesticide cannot be properly used, check with
                                                                                                           your solid waste management authority to find out when
                                                                                                           and where to properly dispose of this type of hazardous

                                                                                                              Garage sales/yard
                                Call us to sell. See us to buy.                                                      sales are

        31,000 total sq. ft. in 2 locations to serve you!                                                      NOT allowed in

        PALM BEACH GARDENS:                                                                                     PGA National.                 sales
        7700 N Military Trail • 561.694.0964
        WELLINGTON: Wellington Marketplace
        13857 Wellington Trace • 561.798.5222
                                                                             Nanci Smith, CEO
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