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        VOL. 33 NO. 4                                                                                APRIL 2022

      Solid Waste Authority                                                        Bill’s Box

      Household Hazardous                                                          By Bill Thompson

      Waste Tip                                                                    The Shores Of Jupiter
                                                                                     The Shores of Jupiter’s Homeowners Association held
                                                                                   its annual meeting on March 15. It is an opportunity for
                                                                                   homeowners to catch up on the operations of the Board of
      Put Some Spring In Your Clean By Recycling                                   Directors and our property management company, Realtime
                                                                                   Property Management. Individual board members report on
      Home Chemicals                                                               landscaping, irrigation, signage, financial year-end ending on
                                                                                   Dec. 31, 2021. Association members in attendance are given
        Save your shelf this spring by cleaning out home hazards from sheds, garages and under sinks!   the floor to asking questions and receive answers from board
      But remember that any cleaners, paints, pesticides and automotive products you may want to get   members who have responsibilities and/or expertise in the nature of the question.
      rid of don’t belong in the regular trash or down storm drains where they can expose people, pets     Meeting attendance was much higher than usual, due, in part, to the board’s stepped-up
      and our environment to harm.                                                 attention to many long-standing infractions at homeowners’ properties. Many noncompliance
        Instead, Palm Beach County residents can dispose of their unwanted chemicals at any of the   cases were oversights by owners. Some were violations cited and in corrective process. Others,
      Solid Waste Authority (SWA) seven home chemical and recycling center         very few, present problems by refusal to correct or simply ignore the violation notice. All 599
      drop-off locations for free!                                                 homes have been inspected from streetside. The focus has been largely failure to maintain the
        One of SWA’s locations is:                                                 appearance of our homes fitting of our upscale development. By keeping up to standards set
      Jupiter                                                                      forth in Shores official document, Architectural Control Guideline, we do our best to protect
      North County Transfer Station                                                property values.
      14185 N. Military Trail (SWA Road) in Jupiter                                My Letter
      Monday through Friday: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                        I received a letter from RealTime Property Management on behalf of our ACC. It brought
      Saturday: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.                                                   to my attention four standards needing attention. I promptly responded agreement with each
        Other locations can be found on our website at                of the issues and said I would address each. I’m waiting to hear from my pressure cleaning
        Commercial quantities of items that contain mercury may require special disposal. Call (561)   service for the driveway and sidewalk, if needed. That company can also address the removal
      687-1100 for details on disposing of or recycling any hazardous wastes from your business.   of mold and discoloration on some portions of the CBS external structure visible at street level.
        In the last fiscal year, Palm Beach County residents recycled more than 45,500 pounds of     The letter prompted me to take a critical look at my property at street level. Then I realized
      cleaning solutions. Each year, the SWA’s home chemical and recycling centers either recycle or   that improvements should be made, e.g. additional plantings and mulch. The appearance of
      safely dispose of more than 4.9 million pounds of household hazardous wastes.   my house now is not up to standard, compared to close-by neighbors. That is embarrassing. I
        Remember, pollution prevention starts at home. A full list of household hazardous wastes can   will seek guidance from landscapers on appropriate and attractive plantings. I like color, if it
      be found at or call (866) SWA-INFO, [(866) 792-4636] to learn more about the   is perennial. I see it as an overhaul long overdue.
      Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County’s Home Chemical and Recycling Centers.   Dates To Remember
                                                                                     Palm Sunday is April 10.
      Solid Waste Authority on page 2                                                Good Friday and beginning of Passover is April 15.
                                                                                     Easter is April 17.
                                                                                     Earth Day is April 22.
                                                                                   Copy Deadline
                                                                                     For May 2022, it is [can you believe it?] April 13! My, my, how time does fly.
                                                                                     “The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” – William James
                                                                                     “The courage to speak must be matched by the wisdom to listen.” – William Cowper
                                                                                     “Wise people sometimes change their minds—fools, never.” – William Cowper


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