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       Travel: Postcards                                  Medical: Are Wives’ Tales About

       From Jessica                                       Skincare Still Accurate?

      By Jessica Flores. Jessica has
      worked in the travel and tourism                                                                     Letting The Wound Breathe
      industry for well over a decade.                                                                       Cuts and scrapes need oxygen to heal, right? Yes,
      She holds both Bachelors and                                                                         technically, but it’s not just about oxygen anymore,
      Master’s Degrees in Hospitality                                                                      it’s about creating the perfect environment for optimal
      & Tourism Management. As                                                                             healing. You might have heard that wounds need air to
      owner of AWAY Travel in Boca                                                                         heal, so it’s best to clean it up and let it air out. But, as
      Raton, Jessica and staff bring                                                                       much as that may have made sense years ago, we’ve
      25 years of personal travel                                                                          learned that leaving a wound uncovered can actually slow
      experience to an exclusive                                                                           down the healing process, can be more painful, can pick
      clientele looking  for luxury                        By Siperstein Dermatology Group                 up dirt from the air, and can create a worse scar. A scab
      travel planning. Ready for your                         Every mom and grandmother has the best advice,   in the middle of a wound is like a big boulder, preventing
      own journey to begin? Visit: Email   right? Maybe that comes in the form of manners,   the healthy skin cells underneath from migrating over
      me: or call: (877) 493-AWAY.  baking, travel tips and party planning. However, when   the wound to heal it. It’s best to clean the cut with gentle
                                                           it comes to skincare, there are certain tips and tricks   soap and water, apply Vaseline, cover with a bandage, and
                                                           that have become outdated. We are here to help you   repeat this process at least daily. Keeping the wound clean
                                                           and your family take the very best care of their skin.   and moist will create the perfect environment to heal.
                                                           Hydrogen Peroxide For Cleaning Cuts             Cold Water For Pore Reduction
                                                              Hydrogen peroxide has been used as an antiseptic   Tired of large pores on your nose, cheeks and chin?
                                                           since the 1920s, and applauded for its germ fighting   Just splash some cold water on your skin to reduce their
                                                           properties. If you grew up at any point in the past   size! False. Unfortunately, pore size is determined by
                                                           hundred years, you have no doubt come firsthand   genetics, sun damage, hair follicles and sweat glands.
                                                           with the burning and fizzing experience of hydrogen   Pores cannot be treated with a cold – or hot, for that
                                                           peroxide when a parent was pouring it over your   matter – wash. If you’re interested in reducing the size
                                                           open wound. However, while this fizzing response   of your pores, it’s best to focus on unclogging pores with
                                                           does remove bacteria from an open wound, it actually   the help of exfoliants and moisturizers, and use retinoids
                                                           impairs our body’s purposeful and quick response to   to tighten skin and shrink sebaceous glands. If all of this
                                                           healing. When the body experiences a cut, multiple   sounds foreign to you, just ask your dermatologist and
                                                           cells help to manage the healing and repair process.   he/she will be happy to recommend a skincare regimen
                                                           If used, hydrogen peroxide’s cleaning properties don’t   that will work best for you.
      Destination: Malta                                   discriminate between bacteria cells and skin cells, so   For tried and true tips and tricks for taking the best
      To: Luxury Travelers                                 cause corrosive tissue damage and significantly impair   care of your skin, reach out to a dermatologist who has
                                                           the healing process. While it may be OK to clean an
                                                                                                           years of training and experience! He or she has literally
                                                           initial cut with hydrogen peroxide, we recommend   seen it all and is happy to be your go-to skincare guru to
         Pack Your Bags: Have you ever wanted to go to a   daily cleaning with gentle soap and water for best   help you get the most out of your skin, today and in the
      place that’s rarely on someone’s radar? A place where   results.                                     future. Please reach out today to schedule an appointment!
      there aren’t hordes of tourists? A place you can relax
      and feel you are one of the local inhabitants? Well, Malta
      should be on your travel bucket list next.             Advertise in This Newspaper! Call 561-746-3244
         This tiny nation has not been on many cruise ships’
      ports-of-call because of its location.  Very few even
      make the flight into this island just south of Sicily’s
      coastline. But in reality, many of you might have visited
      this island virtually. For decades, Hollywood celebrities
      have appeared in various movies depicting this quaint and
      historical land in films. Yes, even James Bond in 1977’s
      film The Spy That Loved Me, visited the city of Valletta,
      Malta. Also, episodes of The Game of Thrones were shot
      here. And for good reasons!
         Imagine an archipelago that resides in the center of the
      Mediterranean and is home to idyllic beaches, Calypso’s
      Cave and medieval dungeons. With over 7,000 years of
      intriguing history, there is plenty to see and do in this
      culturally rich island.
         Your Road Map: Perhaps you want to freelance by
      renting a car, utilizing the island’s self-driving electric
      cars  that  are  GPS  programmed.  Or  maybe  you  would
      prefer an in-depth tour with a local private guide, since
      there is a lot to cover in the island’s 122 square miles.
         Valletta, the capital of Malta, has over 320 historical
      monuments and numerous famous film locations, along
      with quaint cobblestone streets. Don’t miss the amazing
      St Johns Co-Cathedral built in the 1570s as the church
      for Knights of St. John.
         Just 15 minutes from Valletta, you can spend a day
      walking the three cities of  Vittoriosa, Senglea, and
      Cospicua. This fortified trio of villages are like an open
      museum of living history kept alive by hundreds of years
      of preservation and the occasional miracle.
         The next day, take a trip to the island of Gozo. Here
      you can explore the Ggantija temples (older than Egypt’s
      pyramids), or visit the restored town of Cittadella with
      its maze of tiny streets.
         Finally, take a short boat ride to Comino, the tiniest of
      the islands, to see and snorkel the famous Blue Lagoon,
      a bay of crystal-clear Azure water.
         Wheels Down:  Sometimes it’s the smallest of
      adventures that stand out as your biggest travel memories.
      I assure you that Malta – with its unique picturesque
      countryside dotted with medieval towers, wayside chapels
      and local family restaurants – will have you sharing your
      amazing itinerary with family and friends.
         Don’t leave without purchasing some of the island’s
      brightly colored Maltese glass, or their famous delicate
      silver filigree jewelry (which looks more expensive than
      it is). Also, the gelato in Malta will make eating ice cream
      an out-of-body experience!
                                Wishing You Safe Travels,
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