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      Healthy Answers – A Guide To Healthy Living:

      The Most Misunderstood Disease Affecting Millions

      By Dale Brown, B.S., M.A.,                           Researchers believe that people with fibromyalgia   experience fatigue, insomnia, headaches, sensitivity
      C.E.C. Dale is a motivational                      have a lower threshold for pain based on a theory called   to light, dizziness, memory problems, and numbness
      speaker who has spent many                         “central sensitization.” In essence, the lower threshold   or tingling in your arms and legs. In some cases, these
      years as a Certified Life Coach                    is caused by increased sensitivity in the brain to pain   symptoms may include mood disorders such as depression
      and has written numerous                           signals. The brain’s pain receptors actually develop a   or anxiety. It’s understandable that people think their
      articles and e-books relating                      sort of memory of pain and overreact to pain signals.  symptoms must be caused by an underlying problem.
      to self-improvement and ways                         After listening to my friend, I became curious to know      Why go to the doctor if there is no cure? There are
      to build a high-performance                        more about this subtle yet hurtful condition. Through my   many options for managing fibromyalgia pain including
      team. She is the author of                         investigation, I discovered a number of myths associated   medications, lifestyle changes, and complementary and
      the recently published book,                       with fibromyalgia and dug a little deeper to learn more. If you   alternative treatments. You may have to experiment to
      Small Steps...Big Changes:                         or someone you know suffer from fibromyalgia, you might   find what works best for you.
      The Personal Stories of a Life                     benefit from understanding more about this mystery illness.     Some days you feel better than others, so why not try to
      Coach. Her education and years of experience in physical   What Myths Are Associated With Fibromyalgia?  do more on those days to make up for the others? It’s not
      fitness and training of elite athletes has enabled her to sharpen   The myth that Fibromyalgia is not a real condition.  a good idea to try to accomplish more on the days you’re
      her knowledge in many health-related areas. The following   Most doctors agree that your symptoms  are real, but   feeling better. It could cause your symptoms to worsen
      introduces a new approach to Brown’s series of columns devoted   because there is no underlying disease to associate with   and you may be exhausted the next day. Continue to stay
      to many topics that deal with the mind/body connection and the   the condition there is no way to cure it. Fibromyalgia   active because exercise actually aids your condition.
      importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Dale, a Bocaire resident,   produces a list of symptoms that vary depending upon      Fibromyalgia is a degenerative and sometimes fatal
      can be reached at     the individual. It’s important to find a doctor that will   disease. Fibromyalgia symptoms change  over  time
         A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with    listen to you and take you seriously.             from good to bad, or vice versa. However, pain rarely
      fibromyalgia after several months of feeling unwell. At   You don’t look sick, so it must be in your head. One of   disappears. You can learn to manage your condition and
      first, she thought it was due to muscle soreness from   the worst things you face if you suffer from fibromyalgia   it is not life-threatening, nor will it damage your body.
      lifting heavy suitcases during a recent vacation. The pain   is the attitude of others who wonder if you’re faking   What’s The Best Way To Live With Fibromyalgia?
      began in her right arm and soon traveled to her leg, then   your pain. You may appear to look fine and carry on with      Fibromyalgia is a real condition that causes multiple
      to her left arm. As she described it, “I hurt all over and   your daily activities without complaining. This can cause   symptoms. Although pain associated with fibromyalgia
      am exhausted most of the time.”                    tension and more stress on you to constantly explain how   may never completely go away, you can live a satisfying
         After going to several different doctors and undergoing   you’re feeling. Be open and honest about your condition   and productive life. Try to find a balance between the good
      numerous tests, my friend was told she must have   and ask others to learn about the symptoms of fibromyalgia   and bad days. Exercise may improve your condition along
      fibromyalgia. This painful condition occurs in about 2 percent   to better understand what you’re experiencing.  with meditation and visualization. Set reasonable goals
      of the population in the United States and is most prevalent in      When all other diseases are ruled out, why are you   that will give you a sense of satisfaction. Pace yourself
      women. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterized by   told you have fibromyalgia? You should be diagnosed for   in order to accomplish tasks without overdoing it.
      widespread pain in your muscles, ligaments and tendons. It   fibromyalgia based on a set of criteria developed by the      Find a doctor who will work with you to adapt daily
      also causes you to have tender points where even the slightest   American College of Rheumatology. It often takes time   activities to allow for other important things in your life.
      pressure causes pain.                              and there is no single test to determine the condition.   Set your priorities to include family, work, or community
         Fibromyalgia seems to be a condition that has been widely   But tests and procedures are necessary to rule out other   involvement. Find a support group to give you a sounding
      misunderstood. There are many mistaken beliefs about this   diseases and help guide your treatment program. Don’t   board for your concerns. Make time for yourself, join a
      disease that can be confusing and discourage people from   get frustrated when it seems to be taking too long.   hydrotherapy or yoga class, eat a healthy diet, and find
      seeking the help they need to manage their pain. The cause      Something other than fibromyalgia must be causing   time to relax.
      of fibromyalgia involves a variety of factors that include   all those other symptoms. The truth is that fibromyalgia
      genetics, infections, physical or emotional trauma.   causes many symptoms in addition to pain. You may


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