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Page 12, Viewpointe                                                   May 2022

      “Black, White, And Read”

       By Rayna Becker                                      More than 260 ladies arrived at
                                                         The Club on the morning of April
          No, this wasn’t the answer to the old joke, What is-   1st. They shopped and schmoozed
       answer, Newspaper, but rather the best Card Party, Luncheon   with friends who they may have
       and Boutiques that the Boca Pointe Chapter of The Pap   not seen since COVID arrived.
       Corps, Champions for Cancer Research ever promoted.   The majority of the attendees wore
                                                         black, white, or red, which was the
                                                         theme of the day. We welcomed
                                                         some of our regular vendors as well
                                                         as showcased several new vendors.
                                                            Our lunch was one of three
                                                         salad choices, and they were
                                                         all delicious. Thank you Chef
                                                         Terry, Rony and the entire
                                                         serving  staff  at The  Club  for
                                                         making the day so delicious.
                                                            Congratulations to our
                                                         wonderful Co-chairs Gail Meddoff
                                                         and Denise Siegel and their
                                                         amazing committee for the ideas   Primary Card Party Committee
                                                         and following every detail until
                                                         completion! The amazing committee was Rayna Becker, Belinda   the final raffle winner was called the ladies rose and moved
                                                         Coon, Nancy Goldstein, Linda Povlow, Ann Rhodes, Felice   into three (3) separate rooms to begin playing canasta,
      Raffle Sales Committee                             Rosen, Claire Taylor, Karen Tunick, Allan Wickstein and Dee   bridge, and Mah Jongg.
                                                         Zwickau. And no event would be complete without our official      It was a great day and we will be sending a considerable
                                                         photographer, Ronni Ratsprecher. A few of her photos appear   donation to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Miller
                                                         on this page and many more can be found on Facebook.  School of Medicine. And be sure to enter into your 2023
                                                            For the first time in years, the attendees remained seated as I   calendar, the date for next year’s event: Friday, January
                                                         was calling the raffle prizes and the rightful winners. When   27th. See you then… 

      Rayna Becker, Belinda Coon Presenting award to Allan
      Wickstein                                                                           My purpose is for you to be so outrageously

                                                                                       HAPPY with the service that I give you that you

                             BOCA POINTE                                             gladly introduce me to people that you care about,
                                CHAPTER                                                     because you know that they will benefit.

                            THE PAP CORPS
                           CHAMPIONS FOR                                                   Prudence J. (PJ) Carswell
                                                                                                    REALTOR EMERITUS
                         CANCER RESEARCH                                                           Licensed Real Estate Advisor. Licensed CAM
                                                            LoKation Real Estate Brokerage Offices                               Direct: (954) 242-4260
         All events and dates listed are subject to                                                    Resident of Boca Pointe
         the status of COVID-19:                 

         â  NEW Save this Date: May 20, 2022,
            for the next Downton Abbey
            installment. The theater for our
            chapter only and a luncheon at Walt’s
            American Grille.

         â  Have you purchased your calendar
            dates yet? Every month a date will be
            drawn, and a gift card given to
            the winner. At the end of the year the
            December winner will receive a cash
            prize! Contact Nancy Goldstein at 561-
                                                                             Jeffrey S. Fromowitz, M.D., F.A.A.D.
         â  NEW-Afternoon Tea. Date to be
            Announced.                                                  Board Certified Dermatologist         Fellow American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

                                                              Fellow American Society of Mohs Micrographic Surgery  Fellow American Society of Laser Medicine Surgery
                                                                   Fellow American Academy of Dermatology        Diplomate American Board of Dermatology
                                                             • General Dermatology                                    • Chemical Peels

                                                             • Mohs Surgery                                           • Laser Therapy

                                                             • Botox , Juvéderm , Restylane  and Perlane          ®   • Licensed Aestheticians
                                                             • Dysport , Radiesse     ®
                                                                                           Medicare & Most Insurances Accepted
                                                                          All new patients receive a FREE Gift after your first visit!!

                                                                                        *Certain restrictions apply. New patients only
                                                                                             Dermatology of Boca

                                                                                  4601 North Federal Highway • Boca Raton, FL 33431

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