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                                                         Exercise & Physical Exercise
        Would You Like To

        Support The People                               – The Powerful Combination!

        In Ukraine?                                      By Oris Martin, Fitness Director,                 rides, hiking, and walks around the neighborhood to your
                                                                                                           schedule, and if you enjoy gardening try doing it for a short
                                                         Acts Retirement Life Communities, Inc.
                                                                                                           time a couple times a week rather than leaving it for one long
           Here’s how you can help... Below  is  a  list  of      I usually speak a lot about exercise, and not very much   session. Spread out your active chores such as doing laundry
        organizations that are asking for assistance. Donations   about physical activity. What is the difference? Physical   and housecleaning over multiple days rather than doing them
        can be made through the links to their websites or social   activity is any movement that involves moving your muscles   all at once.
        media pages:                                     that requires energy. Simply getting up from a chair or      Time spent watching television or engaging with
                                   dressing yourself are forms of physical activity. Exercise, on   technology can be the most extended inactive time for most.
                                 the other hand, is not accidental movement, but intentional,   Think of some creative ways to move. Keep portable fitness
                                   structured, repetitive, movement performed with a purpose.   equipment such as a yoga mat, exercise bands or balls on
                                     While the current minimum recommendation for exercise   hand that you can use while watching your shows. One of
               is 30 minutes a day, the latest research suggests what you   my favorite things to do at that time is foam rolling. Stand
  (a Better Business Bureau website that lists   do when you’re not exercising is equally important. If you   and move around when using the phone or using your laptop
        credible organizations)                         exercise but then spend the majority of your time sitting, then   or iPad.
                                                         you are referred to as an “active couch potato” - the term      There are numerous ways to increase physical activity, but
                                                         used to describe someone who exercises but is otherwise   it begins with having increased awareness of its importance
                                                         physically inactive.                              to your health. Spend some time reflecting and make note
                    Attention                              risk factor for heart disease. How do you become more   over a 24-hour period of both your physical activity and
                                                           Physical inactivity has been identified as an independent
                                                                                                           exercise. You’ll be able to see if there are any areas that need
                 Boca Pointe                             physically active? Begin by sitting less and standing more.   improvement.

                                                                                                             Omitting one or the other can have a major negative
                                                         If you work in an office that requires you to sit at a desk,
                   Residents!                            stand and move around for one minute every half hour, and   impact on your health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.
                                                         take a five-to-ten-minute walk at lunchtime.
                                                                                                           Include both exercise and physical activity and enjoy the
                                                            Consider adding some leisure time activities such as bike   life changing benefits of being healthier and fitter. 
                Flatten All Your Boxes!
            Our recycling trucks do not pick up your cardboard boxes
         if they are not flattened. Instead, they go to trash and are burned   Halli’s Comments
        with regular refuse....lost revenue for residents of Boca Pointe. 
                                                         May Day                                             airport spent a lot of time at Paris area airports where he
                                                                                                              Frederick Mockford, radio operator at a London

        How To Add Your                                  By Halli Moore                                    heard  local  French  pilots saying m’aider,  they  needed
                                                                                                           help. Mayday is an internationally recognized distress
                                                                                                           signal. Mayday is a Spring holiday and in some places,

                                                           Ma y  Da y  i s
        Guests To The Gate                               an internationally                                a  celebration  of working people. Mayday is  also an
                                                                                                           internationally recognized radio word to signal distress.
                                                         recognized radio word
                                                         used to signal distress.                             In the 19th century, Mayday took on a new meaning in
        By Yvonne Rivera, BPCA Administrative Assistant  Used mostly by aircraft                           the U.S. when May 1st was declared International Worker’
                                                         and boats, most of us are                         Day amid a labor movement for worker’s rights and an
           The Boca Pointe Community Association offers a   happily only familiar                          8-hour workday. So, International Worker’ Day is also
        few different methods to add guests to your visitors   with it through TV and                      known as May Day but is different from the traditional
        list, so please ensure that you add your guest BEFORE   fiction. It appears as a cry               springtime events.
        they arrive. If your guest is not on the list, they may   for help (May Day, May                      May Day is celebrated on May 1 every year and is a
        be denied without a phone call being placed to get   Day, May Day). It is used internationally as a distress signal   celebration of the seasons changing every year, as well
        your approval. Phone calls are placed as a courtesy   in voice procedure radio communications. It signals a life   as a day to celebrate worker’s rights.
        depending on how busy the guard is when they arrive.  threatening emergency primarily by aviators and mariners and      As indicated above, Mayday is used in so many
           To add a guest to your visitor list, you have several options:  in some countries, local organizations like fire fighters, police   different ways and I hope that you and yours never have
           • Website-                 forces and transportation organizations. The word is required   to use it as a distress signal.
           • Cell phone app- Download ABDI/Gate Access from the   to be used three times in a row during the initial emergency
        app/play store                                   to prevent it being used for some similar sounding phrase.     Halli Moore is a resident of The Palms. 
           • Access Control- Call 561-395-3392 or leave a voicemail
        message at 561-395-3369
           The advantage of using or the app is the
        ability to:
           • Add a guest for the day or permanently        Home Health Care
           • Remove a guest
           • Send a pass with barcode
           • Receive notification of guest arrival                You Can Trust!
           If you have any questions regarding access methods,
        please call the Boca Pointe Community Association 561-   Committed to Compassion
        395-7551. 
                                                                   Striving for Excellence
                                                                     Serving Responsibly

                                                                        Affordable Care
                                                                         24 hours a day
                                                                          7 days a week

                                                           OUR SERVICES
                                                           • Personal Care (Bathing, Grooming, Toileting,
                                                             Hygiene, Feeding, Dressing, and Ambulation)
                                                           • Non-Medical Care
                                                           • Companionship
                                                           • Meal Preparation                              Call Today!
                                                           • Medication Reminders
                                                           • Transportation Services                              (561) 888-9443
                                                           • Grocery Shopping and Errands
                                                           • Light Housekeeping and Laundry                 Mention SEABREEZE and receive a discount!
                                                           • Assist with Exercises
                                                           • Assistance Upon Discharge from Hospital or Rehab                  Follow us on
                                                           • Safe transfers and Injury prevention
                                                           • Anyone with Disabilities                     
                                                           • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care                     
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