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       Your Mother’s Voice

      By Judith Levy                                     old you get, you may be an octogenarian or even older, your   candy. I understand, your children’s lives are so busy, but
                                                         immediate reaction to trouble or grief is yearning for some   so was yours when they needed you. Different responses
         Your mother may have                            solace from your mother. You’ll hear her voice telling you,   from different generations.
      left you treasures, money,                         “This too shall pass.” Hearing that brings your mother’s      There are songs written about the devotion of a mother,
      jewelry, clothing, furniture,                      soothing ways reaching out again to comfort you, like no   how she would run through fire for her child, the only thing
      even real estate, but when                         one else could.                                   they don’t tell you about is her voice, the voice that stays
      all is used, spent, and sold,                         Is the umbilical cord never cut? I think not. Your mother   with you forever. You’ll hear it not only on Mother’s Day,
      what will be left forever,                         will always be part of you, excusing your faults, praising   but every day for the rest of your life. I’ve come to treasure
      is the greatest treasure of                        your victories and always expecting the best of you.  that voice and be grateful I had the gift of a wonderful Mom.
      all,  your  mother’s  voice.                          So once a year, in the month of May, Hallmark, the   There goes your phone, I hope someone is calling to wish
      And you will hear it clearly                       flower  industry  and  the  candy  makers  have  booming   you a “Happy Mother’s Day!”
      whenever you stray from the wisdom she tried to impart.  business when gifts fly across this country from children
         “Remember to go with kindness,” “Overlook”, “Don’t go   who want to let their mothers know that they appreciate all      Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling
      to someone’s house empty handed,” “As a mother-in-law,   their mother has done for them. They won’t really know   author of GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS, which has
      keep your mouth shut and your checkbook open,” so many   what it takes to bring up a child till they have children of   sold over four million copies and the mega best-seller
      admonitions swirl around in your head and refuse to go away   their own. Then they too can hope to get an occasional   GRANDFATHER REMEMBERS, both available on
      because your mother’s voice insists on being heard.   phone call or an annual visit, or perhaps some flowers or   Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
         When a child cries, it cries for its mother. No matter how

        Watch Your Speed!

           Speeding fines are being
        enforced! Fine schedule: 6-20
        mph over the limit $50 and
        more than 21 mph over the limit
        $100. Please obey the posted
        speed limit signs and drive
        safely! 

        Lease Renewals

          Renters- If you plan to renew your lease
        at  Boca  Pointe,  please provide the  BPCA
        Management office a copy of your renewal
        lease and vehicle registration prior to your
        lease expiration date. Both items are needed
        to ensure that your transponder does not get
        deactivated when the lease ends. Please email
          Thank you! 

                 I Drive 4 U



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