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May 2022                                                       Viewpointe, Page 7

      Meet Your Next-Door Neighbor                                                                          Wildlife

      Catching up with Boca Pointe residents who moved to   I never thought I’d
      Edgewater at Boca Pointe                           come to a place like                               In Boca Pointe
         “I’m happier than I ever thought I’d be,” said Ruth   this. I imagined
      Axman who moved into her beautifully renovated two-  myself staying in                                Have you captured any
      bedroom Edgewater at Boca Pointe apartment in February.   my house forever.
      Ruth used to live in the Costa Del Sol subdivision of Boca   Now I’m confident                        images of Wildlife in Boca
      Pointe Country Club.                               if anything should
         We caught up with Ruth to ask her what it was like to   happen to me, I’ll be                      Pointe?
      move to Edgewater at Boca Pointe and what she’s up to now.  taken care of.
         Q: Why did you move in?                            The Edgewater                                      We’d love to publish your pictures in our new
         Ruth: I had a four-bedroom apartment at Boca Pointe,   st a f f i s ve ry                          section Wildlife in Boca Pointe!
      and my appliances started getting old, needing to be repaired   accommodating                            Please tell us where the photo was taken. Your
      or replaced. I didn’t need a four-bedroom living alone and   to  every  need!                         photos may be published in The Viewpointe!
      I thought, at my age, why move and move again? My son   The maintenance                                  Send your photos to 
      and grandson came with me to tour Edgewater at Boca   workers hung all my
      Pointe. My son was really pleased. You can feel the friendly   pictures  and TVs,
      atmosphere the moment you walk in. The staff is very, very   everything is really done for you. He was terrific, very
      accommodating. I made up my mind rather quickly, this was   patient and did everything on my list. You have access to a
      going to be my next move and I couldn’t be happier.  storage unit in another area outside of your apartment to store
         Q: Describe what life is like at your new community. What   anything there that you don’t want to keep in your apartment.
      do you enjoy?                                      My home office isn’t completed yet. I’m still having that set
         Ruth: I met very lovely people and I have the nicest   up, so when that’s finished, I’ll bring in my office things in
      neighbors. There are so many activities! I go to exercise   from storage.
      classes and yoga every morning. That is how I start my day      Q: How did your family members feel now that you’ve
      and it makes me feel good! I’m going on a trip in June to the   moved in?
      west coast of Florida for two days. There’s always something      Ruth: My son who toured Edgewater at Boca Pointe with
      going on and everyone is very welcoming. We had a wonderful   me was very impressed by the cleanliness and friendliness.
      Passover Seder here which I was so surprised by how lovely it   My children were always worried about me being alone in
      was! The Rabbi preformed a beautiful ceremony, fresh flowers   a big house. They all live far away. Now they have peace of
      decorated the table and the food was delicious!    mind and they’re very happy I’m happy here!
         I’m staying healthy, much more relaxed, not tense. I feel      Q: Do you have any advice as a new resident of
      like I’m living in a hotel. I get dressed at night and go down   Edgewater at Boca Pointe?
      to dinner being served, it’s so wonderful. I didn’t even want      I didn’t realize until I moved in all the perks of living
      an oven in my new kitchen because I don’t want to cook   at this retirement community! Little by little you learn.
      anymore. I used to love to cook but you know what? That’s   There is a nurse practitioner onsite at the community, if
      behind me now. I want to be served!                you cut yourself, have a minor injury or feel sick. I’m very
         Q: Tell us about your new apartment and the move-in   independent and have my own car, because I like to meet my
      experience?                                        friends in Boca Pointe or go shopping, but you don’t need a
         Ruth: My apartment is lovely and has a great view. It’s   car here. Edgewater provides transportation to doctors, the
      always very sunny and bright and everything is brand-new   supermarket, and stores. It’s a wonderful thing. I’m very
      which I loved! I’m happier than I ever thought I’d be. Honestly,   happy living here. 

                                                       Elite Orthopedic Care Takes                                     A COMMUNITY BUILT ON TEAMWORK
                                               The West Boca Medical Center Team

                  Curtis Kephart, MD  Michael Krantzow, DO  Manish Gupta, MD  David Padden, MD  Georgina Rios, RN  Grace Celocia, PT  Keven Lucas, Ortho Tech  Meisha Ebanks, RN

                When your game is on the                     Some of the potential benefits include:
                line, you need a Most Valuable               •  Less radiation - does not require a pre-
                                                               operative CT-scan
                Provider on your team. The                   •  Fewer doctor office visits to prep for surgery
                CORI™ Surgical System is a                   • Minimally-invasive                                21644 State Road 7, Boca Raton
                robotic-assisted partial and                 •  Freehand sculpting intended to allow for   
                                                               better precision and accuracy
                total knee replacement now at                •  Designed to have less pain and swelling post-  To schedule an appointment with an
                West Boca Medical Center.                      operatively - can lead to faster recovery times  orthopedic surgeon, call 833.828.8902.
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