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      Jupiter Senior Softball

        Three teams won
      division championships
      in the 2022 Jupiter Senior
      Softball Winter  League
      that ended March 30 and
      featured players ranging
      in age from 55 to 89.
        Winning championship
      honors were: the Red
      Division Diamond
      Ringers managed by
      Rick Tuyn that was 18-
      5;  The  White  Division
      Renegades  managed
      by Vic Troiano,  that
      was 19-5; and Duke’s
      Blue Devils of the Blue
      Division managed by  Red Division championship team members are, front row, left to right: Alan  White Division championship team members are, front row, left to right: John
      Duke Barwick, that  Hazard, Mike Parenti, John Cariero. Back row: Tim Brown, Rick Tuyn, manager,  Magill, Joe Klos, Vic Troiano, manager, Artie Katulak. Back row: Bob Fiallia,
      was 18-4.  The league  John Sullivan, Steve Klein, Steve Kurman, Sal Messina, Craig Beisner, Sheldon  Bob Harfenist, Rich Johnston, Jimmy Ficcarra, Johnny Moore, Rich Sewell,
      began Jan. 10 at Jupiter  Isaacson and George Smith.                                  Gary Vitaletti and Allen Adams.

                                                                          Community Park with a record 180   Pickup games are played the remainder of the
                                                                          players competing among 14 teams.   year. Games are every Monday, Wednesday and
                                                                            “Overall, I think the league went   Friday morning at Jupiter Community Park,
                                                                          very well,” said Gary  Vitaletti,   beginning at 8:30 a.m.
                                                                          a member of the Jupiter Senior     The slow-pitch senior softball program
                                                                          Softball Association’s Board of   began in 1988 and is sponsored by the
                                                                          Directors.  Three teams that won   nonprofit Jupiter Senior Softball
                                                                          playoff games following league play   Association in cooperation with
                                                                          earned “bragging rights” for their   the Town of Jupiter.
                                                                          victories. They were: Red Division     For information or
                                                                          Ball Breakers team managed by    to register go to www.
                                                                          Kenny Lees; White Division Fab12
                                                                          team managed by Lewie Bergman,
                                                                          and Duke’s Blue Devils team of the
                                                                          Blue Division.
                                                                            The three-month winter league is
                                                                          the capstone of the Jupiter Senior
      Blue Division championship team members are, front row, left to right: Dick Wendling,  Softball Association’s  year-round
      Ray Miller, Mike Richmond, Lloyd Dropkin, and Jack Bohan. Back row, left to right:  season.  The slow-pitch softball
      George Schedivy, Fred Goller, Ron Bialosky, Lenny Lombardo, Norm Haltrich, Duke  program is open to persons 55 and
      Barwick, manager, and Doug Carr. Photos by Johnny Moore             older. And new players are welcome.

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