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VOL. 23 NO. 6                                                                                  JUNE 2022
      Take A Trip Through The Music

      Of Electric Light Orchestra

         On Saturday, June 18, don’t miss a free concert in Downtown Abacoa!
         Ticket to The Moon will take you on a flight through the music of Jeff Lynne’s Electric
      Light Orchestra (ELO). Incorporating an exciting mix of elements into rock and roll, including
      disco rhythms and electronic studio wizardry, this incredible group pays tribute to the music
      that helped shape a generation. Ticket to The Moon delivers a one-of-a-kind show, both
      sonically and visually, which will make any fan feel like they’re at an actual ELO concert.
      Lead singer and founder, Reggie Fecteau, has assembled a “dream team” of musicians whose
      training and performance history is second to none.
         This event is free and open to the public – bring your chairs and blankets for an evening
      of live music under the stars in the beautiful Downtown Abacoa.

      Abacoa Community Garden

      The Good Thyme Garden Club At Dreyfoos

         It is part of the mission
      of  the Abacoa  Community
      Garden  to  inspire  young
      people to engage in organic
      gardening. With some help
      from our members through
      donations of organic seeds and
      support of school sponsors
      and parents, the Good Thyme
      Garden Club was formed at
      the Dreyfoos School of the
      Arts  in West  Palm  Beach.
      Founded by Aviva Senzon,
      the club has 93 members and has become a strong community in itself.

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